Tuesday, December 20, 2016

What Happens to Media Matters in a Post-Hillary World?

Time for a Holiday greeting

kenneth ditkowsky

8:33 AM (20 hours ago)
It was not long ago when Christmas meant something to Christians and the Holiday season of good will meant something to rest of the great unwashed.   It was not uncommon for "enemies" to take a moment off and wonder:  "What the hell were we disputing?"   

Indeed, this was the season when the charities made their annual pitches and actually received donations from the heart.   Strangers went out of their way to befriend other strangers!    This season is quite different!   We just finished an election in which most of us felt that the Political Parties brought forward two candidates who were totally unacceptable and a large portion of the electorate is unwilling to accept the result. Many won't (or can't) accept the result.   But ultimately they will.  

Indeed, it is unfortunate, but we have a cadre of political operatives who are hell bent on spreading discontent and chaos as a general principle.    The two unacceptable candidates did not rise to obtain the nomination through conventional manner - they used cores of people like the unacceptable candidates who ******.

I thought the following article was interesting and demonstrative:

While all of the foregoing is interesting, it is irrelevant as our issue  protection and fostering of the First Amendment and Equality of all.    Our issue is the attack on the Bill of Rights by guardians appointed by corrupt judges and others who prey on the elderly and the disabled.   Our issue is the cover-up of judicial corruption and the fight by the Establishment (and in particular the Lawyer Disciplinary commissions in violation of 18 USCA 371) against an HONEST INVESTIGATION.

Why should government be so against the Elderly?   Why should government conduct a War against the Elderly and the Disabled?      In fact government is not so engaged; however, it establishment has closed its ears, and eyes to the problem.   Thus, we have grandma being guardianized so that she can be isolated from her family and robbed of every dollar possible by clout heavy criminals.   Here in Illinois I cite as examples the Gore and Sykes cases to illustrate the point.   These two cases are so outrageous that in that prior time when The Christ was in Christmas people were shocked and rose up against such terrorism.   Today we have Jerome Larkin in Illinois who is spending public money to prevent an HONEST INVESTIGATION and to attempt to silence any person (especially and attorney) from speaking out and exercising his/her First Amendment Rights.  (No one is the least interested in the fact that the miscreants were so callous that they actually stole the gold from Alice Gore's teeth!)  

Inspite of Jerome Larkin's (and his co-conspirators) success in polluting the well and using his 'fact checking" to silence public awareness of this terrorism there have been five GAO reports submitted but unacted upon by Congress or law enforcement, and some other movement forward.   The biggest event of this year has been the indictment of Philip Esformes for stealing a billion dollars in Medicare funds, and the plea of guilty of Seth Gillman to hospice fraud.   

Thus, some progress is being made and the attempts at censorship are in many case unsuccessful.   The attempts are being reorganized - however, they are still there.   It is amusing to note that when it became public that Seth Gillman (an attorney) was exposed of stealing health care funds from the government in his hospice endeavors and stealing from employee trust funds, Jerome Larkin and the IARDC were totally uninterested.   When the pressure built up - by events such as a plea of guilty -  a benign petition to deprive Gillman of his law license was filed in the Kangaroo court that the Illinois Disciplinary Commission operates (IARDC).    However, when it was disclosed that Attorney Gillman was co-operating with the Federal Law Enforcement, LARKIN and the Illinois Supreme Court immediate went into action - Gillman received a interim suspension of his law license.   (NB.  Apparently the co-operation with the United States of America was Gillman's Illinois ethical breach!) 

Today's headline is the news that several years ago Donald Trump gave $10,000 to a Jewish settlement!   Somehow to our media such is bad!   

Somehow the up is down, right is left, misrepresentations of facts if stated to advance the right cause are truth etc philosophy has gone TOO FAR!    Media Matters is taking a fresh look at itself.   Maybe we ought to also!    Maybe we ought to grab for our roots and our core values and hold them closer - not only in the political sense by personally.    Maybe it is time again to make another HONEST cry for an HONEST INVESTIGATION and an end to War on the elderly and the disabled.   Maybe it is time for all the good people (and some of the not so good) to unite and request as a Christmas (Holiday) present Government stop funding Larkin and his co=conspirators and conduct an HONEST INVESTIGATION of Elder Cleansing scandal.

President Elect Trump has promised an over-hall of the health care system.   Maybe a first start would be to direct law enforcement to do an HONEST INVESTIGATION of the health care fraud, the 700% fraud surcharge, the guardianships for profit robberies of the elderly, and the massive 18 USCA 371 cover-up by people such as Jerome Larkin.
INTERNAL REVENUE instead of targeting political groups could collect the Income taxes clout heavy miscreants owe on the booty that they stole from the Estates of Mary Sykes, Alice Gore ********.   All the co-conspirators (including those engaged in cover-ups like Larkin) owe jointly and severally the taxes interest and penalties.  (NB this would fund infrastructure rebuilding)   

It is a new day - the great unwashed would like to return to the old days when Christmas was a time of joy, good fellowship, and charity.    It is time for the elderly to feel safe in Illinois, Florida, California***** We are not prey!

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