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Editor's note:  One of our "research sharks" found this gem on the internet.  It is certainly worthwhile viewing the link below

What started out as a personal website to expose the victimization of the Daniel J. Bennett Family by the New York and Florida ‘Guardianship Mafia‘, has within the first two weeks of launching quickly spread throughout the world. Hundreds of people, including other victimized families, investigative authorities, governors, civil rights lawyers, law school professors, and the media have expressed interest in helping stop the crimes.

OPERATION GOLDEN GAVEL is now a NATIONWIDE investigation and prosecution of public corruption and racketeering by judges, lawyers, law enforcement officers, government agency personnel, and others who commit fraud upon the court and use the court system as their modus operandi to commit crimes against children and adults through fraudulent guardianship cases.

Editor's note: Alice R. Gore Estate value about 1 million dollars: Alice R. Gore, deceased, a disabled 99 year old ward of the Probate Court of Cook County, Judge Kawamoto’s courtroom was hours away from ending up in the Cook County Morgue. Alice's estate was depleted by probate court parasites and there were reportedly no funds to bury her. Her loving family paid for the burial expenses so that Alice would not have to suffer the indignity of being stacked like an Auschwitz inmate in the Cook County morgue. The judge allowed an easily manipulated mentally disabled granddaughter to be appointed as Alice’s guardian and yet no sanctions were instituted against the judge or court officers for this blatant infraction of the law.

Strangely, 16 of Alice’s annuity checks, two of which show forged endorsements, disappeared. Alice’s daughter has a copy of a check with her signature possibly forged. The daughter’s attorney has been trying to obtain copies of the 16 other annuity checks for two years without success. Even more puzzling is a $150,000 life insurance policy owned by Alice and not inventoried into the estate by the court. The Probate Court of Cook of Cook County refuses to investigate these blatant infractions of the law. Lucius Verenus, Schoolmaster,


  1. I totally agree that what has happened to daniel j. bennett is so so wrong, and I mean how can these people concening those who even would petition frivolous petitions against other people and even against their own family how can they sleep at night? , I myself know how horrible guardianship is, and what's even worse is when it's forced guardianship, which as much as i am competent and very well able to take care of my own affairs and even though my Fther agrees with me and knows that i am smart yet all he is interested in is maintaining his control over me, and the only reason why he petitioned the courts to have me put under guardianship is so that he can maintain that abusive control over me, not because he so-calls loves me but because he thinks that he is still responsible for me and here i am in my 40's and all that I can say is that im living in a nightmare and all i want is to live in peace and be happy by nature I am a very happy individual but i haven't been able to be really happy in a very long time this what he has done to me is the ultimate betrayal, and it was a frivolous petiton and based all on lies and he has committed pejury he and those who are involved they have just dumped me here in a place that I never wanted to be and had I known my father's true intentions yrs ago I would have disowned him to his face. may we all be free again asap. :(

  2. And there is little to NO oversight in the Will county probate courts as well....Annual Ward reports are not enforced.


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