Thursday, July 6, 2017

Junk by Any Name in Illinois

The War against the elderly and the disabled rages on unabated here in Illinois.    Every day it appears that the MaryGSykes blog or some other blog discloses another outrage perpetrated against an elderly person.    The cover-up is so pervasive that it is Standing Operating Procedure and as acceptable to the public as forcing a child to eat spinach.  Indeed, 755 ILCS 5/11a - 1 et seq and in particularly section 3 and 10 are still virtually ignored in Cook County courts, however, a cadre of pay for play criminals with medical certificates now are available to rubber stamp the Gulag procedure and cover for dishonest judges and lawyers.    Mr. Larkin and the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary commission run cover for the criminal enterprise (in violation of 18 USCA 371) and laugh all the way to the Bank with their 'TAX FREE' (by tradition, not law) booty.

Hope was garnered when Seth Gillman was sequestered and charged by the USA, and Philip Esformes indicted in Florida for stealing a billion dollars; however, hope is fleeting when we see that the main perpetrators and 'cover up' artists not only are still getting away with the perfidy, but with the State of Illinois on the verge of Bankruptcy not even being bothered to pay the TAXES due and/or generated by their illegal enterprises that challenge the conscience of the nation (United STates of America).   The holocaust continues as seniors are literally kidnapped, isolated, robbed of their assets and humanity, and used as a commodity to steal billions for Medicare and other Health Care programs.

Hardly a senior who comes under the control of the miscreants is immune.   Chemicals - most irrevocably addictive  - are freely administered = at Government expense - so that no senior exposed to elder cleansing can escape = as a matter of routine and profit.    Political elite campaign to bring all of us under the spell of these chemicals, the media creates a drum beat, and we march in lock step into the hell holes that are government subsidized for us under Obamacare, Trump care etc.    

A Yale Professor (and one of the promulgators of Obamacare) was quite candid when he remarked that the American public was STUPID!     

Do we need an example?     Illinois' fiscal crisis is illustrating the point!    To wit:  

Subject: Junk by Any Name in Illinois

Junk by Any Name in Illinois

Politicians and credit raters form a coalition for tax and spend.
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