Saturday, July 8, 2017

Dear Gov Rauner Madigan outfoxed you again!

Dear Gov Rauner,

Madigan outfoxed you again!    However, as Governor you are not impotent.    It is time to enforce the Illinois Income tax laws, making it unprofitable for public officials to be corrupt.

I am certain that you are aware of 18 USCA 371 and similar criminal conspiracy statutes.  These statutes are in force not only in Illinois but in all jurisdictions.    18 USCA 371 joins all the miscreants in the prosecution of crimes against the United States of America.   The theft of Government health care funds - such as Medicare funds - is thus a crime not only for the thief, but those who act in concert with him/her. To be guilty of a criminal conspiracy all that a public official has to do is act in knowing concert with the miscreants who actually carry out the criminal action.   Lets take an example.  MARY SYKES 09 p 4585, Cook County, Illinois.

"Elder Cleansing" is fast becoming one of the fastest growth industries in Illinois.   It has been going on for years and there are literally thousands of examples.   The Corrupt Cook County Court system is a hub.     

In early 2009 as an example an elderly woman by the name of MARY Sykes discovered that her older daughter had stolen several thousand dollars from her.   Naively Mary Sykes made application to the Court system.   Her Petition for a Protective order was shuttled to the Probate Division and the Honorable Maureen Connors.    Judge Connors on page 91 of her evidence deposition admitted that she was wired. (fixed)

The comprehensive plan of the Illinois Legislature to comply with the Constitution and the ADA found at 755 ILCS 5/11a - 1 et seq and in particular in section 3 and 10 was ignored.  

An examination of the file 09 P 4585 reveals a tale of corruption, fraud, over-reaching, isolation, exploitation, deprivation of humanity, theft, murder *****.    Worse yet, the 'cover up' was open and notorious.    Jerome Larkin, the Illinois attorney registration and disciplinary commission, and the Illinois Supreme Court were not even subtle in their complicity with the 'elder cleansings!'    The loss to Federal and State Health care programs was in the thousands of dollars - if not millions, and the theft by the miscreants from Mary was well into the 3 million dollar range.

These funds appear to be all TAX FREE by agreement of the Political elite here in Illinois and no attempt is being made to collect either the taxes, interest or penalties.   These Political elite are the very same people who have literally driven Illinois in Bankruptcy and are the very people who you promised to "shake up!"    As Larkin, as an example, was active in the cover up he as a co-conspirator enjoys JOINT AND SEVERAL LIABILITY!     So does ever single participant public participant in the elder cleansing activity.     This is CIVIL and criminal liability.

The Sykes case is not even unique.   Take a look at the Probate Sharks and the MaryGSykes blogs.    Therein you will find the Alice Gore case.   This case is more than unique - it is a travesty and a cogent example of just how venal the corruption in Illinois is!     The miscreants not only stole 1.5 million dollars after isolating, abusing, exploiting, **** Alice Gore, but they were so greedy as to conduct an expedition into Alice's mouth to garner the few grains of gold that he teeth contained!  Of Court a Judge attorned and approved the activity.   Mr. Jerome Larkin, the IARDC, and the Illinois Supreme Court similarly approved thereby breaching their collective public trust.    Today the outrage still continues not only unpunished but the miscreant enjoy the proceeds of their theft TAX FREE!

Governor - I am not asking for criminal prosecutions for the tax evasion by Larkin and his co-conspirators.    Why incur the expense as in a civil prosecution the burden of proof is on the taxpayer.    The Breach of Trust committed by the public officials and their criminal co-conspirators is devastating to State economy; however, there is no reason why the public officials =such as larkin= should be given a pass, especially when they and their ilk are the very people who are bankrupting the STate!    

You campaigned on the promise to 'SHAKE UP SPRINGFIELD!'    Indeed making these public officials who breach their trust pay STate Income taxes on the booty would go a long way.

Elder Cleansing is not the only activity in which the public trust is being breached.   The Sun=Times pointed out some highly unusual activities of JB Pritzker.    It seems that he obtained a benefit from some fast and loose activities relating to his personal REAL ESTATE TAXES.    The gain is TAXABLE INCOME!     As this gain was due to his hiring the right ATtorney - possibly Mr. Madigan - here again their are INCOME TAXES due jointly and severally from the miscreants.   With interest, and penalties this sum would be substantial.   

Ditto - for other activities.    Judge Connors' actions in ignoring 755 ILCS 5/11a - 3 and 755 ILCS 5/11a - 10 were rewarded.    This breach of the trust revealed on page 91 of her evidence deposition is a taxable event for not only Judge Connors, but Mr. Larkin (who covered it up) and Mr. ***** who provided the extraordinary compensation.    Each of these individuals is also liable for interest and penalties!

The People of the STate of Illinois are entitled to HONEST GOVERNMENT!    We also are entitled to your keeping you campaign promises --- collecting the taxes promulgated by the Breach of the public trust would go a long way toward keeping your promises

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