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Government attorneys implicated in ethics scandal (IL)

Government attorneys implicated in ethics scandal (IL)

November 5, 2013
A scandal is brewing in Chicago which threatens to make Operation Greylord look like a dress rehearsal for a cotillion. Starting with a seemingly innocuous question, tendered to press liaison Jim Grogan at the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission (ARDC) in Illinois, a boil of corruption got inadvertently pricked, which threatens now to reveal a subterranean cancer in the legal system in Illinois.
For those who are unaware of Greylord, here is a bit of history: back in the eighties, a collaborative effort by the FBI, IRS and a couple of outraged judges and attorneys resulted in one of the biggest takedowns of public officials in the history of Illinois. At the end of the 3 1/2 year undercover operation, a total of 92 people were indicted, including 17 judges, 48 lawyers, ten deputy sheriffs, eight policemen, eight court officials, and state legislator James DeLeo.
The extent of the takedown might have mitigated further predatory acts by those in the legal system. Thirty years later, however, the corruption that was supposedly expunged by Greylord has simply become systemic.
Back to Jim Grogan. Grogan, who is an attorney as well as ARDC press liaison, declined to reply to questions from this reporter as to why no statements of economic interests could be found for the attorneys who work for the ARDC. The law governing economic interests reporting is in place to ensure that those working in government capacities are not being influenced by financial lures and temptations. These statements are mandated by 5 ILCS 420 to be filed every year for nearly everyone who works in a government capacity.
Here are relevant clauses from the law, with pivotal sections underlined:
When Grogan failed to respond to the query, Press Secretary Jim Tybor at the Illinois Supreme Court was contacted and astoundingly told this reporter that this law did not apply to the judicial branch. (See 6 and e, above).
Michelle Burton, a paralegal at the ARDC assured this reporter that the ARDC employees are not state employees. However, the website for the ARDC announces that the Commission is an arm of the Illinois Supreme Court.
The ARDC is in a particularly pivotal position. As the Commission responsible for disciplining attorneys, the ARDC functions as a gatekeeper. In that sense, the ARDC defines the legal climate in Illinois. Right now, the ARDC has taken upon its shoulders the regulation of an attorney’s right to free speech. Attorney Ken Ditkowsky, who has been practicing law in Chicago area since 1961, is facing disciplinary proceedings for sending emails to federal authorities asking for an investigation of corrupt practices in Illinois courts.
Shades of Greylord . . . Except this time, the feds are turning a deaf ear to evidence of legal malfeasance in Illinois. And Ditkowsky may in fact lose his license to practice law, due to his incisive perceptions and requests for investigation.
Attorney Ken Ditkowsky’s concerns about judicial and attorney misconduct began with the adult guardianship of Mary Sykes, an elderly woman who was placed under a guardianship without due process. Another Illinois attorney, JoAnne Denison, is also under disciplinary proceedings due to her maintaining a blog about the Sykes guardianship. (Source)
Ditkowsky soon realized that the phenomenon of what he is calling “elder cleansing” is going on nationwide. And for his act of speaking out against a pervasive assault on a vulnerable demographic group—the elderly and incapacitated—the ARDC has recommended a four year suspension of his license to practice law.
As it turns out, the ARDC attorneys appear to have quite a bit to hide in terms of their economic interests.
If you want to bribe someone, there are only a couple of ways to do this that would not trigger the red flags that are built into the banking infrastructure. One way would be to give someone a big envelope stuffed with cash. Brian Mulroney, a former Prime Minister of Canada, was caught red handed receiving such a bounty and a scandal ensued. (Source)
The other way is through a “loan.” The mechanism is simply and virtually opaque—Mr. X takes out a loan, such as a mortgage and Mr. Y pays it back. There are no banking flags to trigger and no embarrassing wads of cash, a la Mulroney, to explain.
The use of such property loans to funnel payola to judges was exposed in a 2009 article, which first appeared in the San Bernardino County Sentinel. Now it seems that those in the Illinois legal system, specifically attorneys at the ARDC, have climbed onto the dinero express.
Jerome Larkin, the Administrator of the ARDC and the individual who has signed the complaint against Ken Ditkowsky, has funneled several million dollars through his property in the last ten years. For example, Larkin took out a loan for $450,000 in December of 2001 and paid it back in exactly five years. In the meantime, he had taken out another $450,000 loan—in October of 2006, which he paid back in just a tad over four years, in January of 2011. In the meantime, he had taken out yet another mortgage—this one for $101,000—in November of 2009, which he was miraculously able to repay in just about a year.
But his unusual loan behavior doesn’t stop here. In January of 2011, Larkin took out a whopping $750,000 mortgage on the same piece of property. Larkin must have a direct line to lottery bucks, because he was able to repay this loan by January of 2013.
In the meantime . . . are you getting the picture yet? . . . he took out another $750,000 loan in December of 2012.
Neither Jerome Larkin nor his wife, psychologist Antoinette Krakowski responded to telephone inquiries concerning the amount of money being funneled through their home.
Larkin is the big cheese over at the ARDC. There are other attorneys in the employ of that powerful, shadowy, not-government, not private – commission whose loan history is also questionable, including attorneys Melissa Smart and Sharon Opryzcek.
Apparently, the word about the loan trough is getting out. A check was run on the loan history of attorneys and guardians ad litem, Adam Stern and Cynthia Farenga, whose actions first alerted Ken Ditkowsky to the predatory nature of probate guardianships. Lo and behold, Adam Stern’s loan history looks like that of a hyperactive kid in a Ritalin store.
A review of the Cook County recorder’s website reveals that Stern has run over a million dollars through his property loans in roughly the last ten years. A couple of examples of quickly repaid large loans taken out by Stern include a $272,000 mortgage taken out on 9/13/2004 and paid back on 2/17/05. Stern also took out a $51,000 mortgage on 9/13/04 and paid it back May of 2005. On October 4, 2004 Stern took out an $80,000 mortgage which he paid back less than three months later.
Adam Stern also has a federal tax lien on his home for $60,000. Stern, who is parenthetically serving as guardian ad litem in the Sykes guardianship and is thus in the responsible position of looking out for OPM—other people’s money—can’t even pay his own taxes.
Attorney and guardian ad litem Cynthia Farenga’s loan history is similarly manic. Farenga is also a guardian ad litem in the Sykes case. For example, Farenga took out a $385,000 loan on 11/09/2006 and paid it off on 6/12/2007. A loan of over a half million dollars – $575,000 to be exact – was paid off by Farenga within five years, on 6/24/2013. Farenga took out a smaller, $244,000 mortgage on 10/16/2003 and paid it back within two years, on 9/28/05. In the meantime, she had taken out another mortgage, this time for an even $300,000 on 9/07/2005, which she quickly reconveyed in less than a year and a half, on 1/08/2007. All told, over two and a quarter million dollars have been funneled through Farenga’s property in the last ten years.
The head of a private investigator’s firm out in the Southern California area confided in me that judges were coming to him to inquire how to hide their property, so that public searches for these records would not result in transparency. Recently, Judge Ronald Christianson, formerly the Presiding Judge in San Bernardino County, changed the name on the records of his primary residence to “Property Owners.” Such tactics will make determinations of suspicious activity increasingly more difficult.
Ditkowsky has filed a complaint with the ARDC referencing the impropriety of Adam Stern working as a GAL when he has failed to fulfill his own tax liabilities. At the time of going to press, other records detailing suspicious financial activity by ARDC attorneys and others are being turned over to a Grand Jury.
The Director of the Administrative Office of the Illinois Supreme Court, Michael Tardy, did not respond to queries from this reporter concerning the economic interests and reporting requirements of the ARDC, which is an arm of the Illinois Supreme Court.
Government Attorneys Implicated in Ethics Scandal
Janet Phelan
October 28, 2013
Activist Post
Government Attorneys Implicated in Ethics Scandal

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Chicago priest accused of taking $500,000 from parishioner with dementia

Chicago priest accused of taking $500,000 from parishioner with dementia
Standing before the religious icons that line his Ukrainian Orthodox church in Humboldt Park, the Rev. Nicholas Chervyatiuk has ministered to followers who arrived in Chicago as refugees after surviving Nazi Germany's prison camps.

Now the Cook County public guardian is accusing the priest of improperly taking more than $500,000 from the savings of one of those displaced persons, a 93-year-old former church secretary diagnosed with dementia.

Chervyatiuk has not been charged with a crime, and he denied any wrongdoing during a sworn probate court examination and in a Tribune interview.

He says Nelly Bridgeman wanted him to have her money, which he saw as payment for the care he provided as her health and mental faculties failed.

"It's for my work," Chervyatiuk testified during the court examination. "It was for 14 years and I think it was time for me to get paid. ... Nelly wanted it that way."

He told the Tribune he estimated those services were worth "about $25,000 per year."

Chervyatiuk, 55, allegedly used Bridgeman's money to support two restaurants he ran with a convicted drug dealer, his Brash & Sassy Inc. hair salon and his portfolio of Chicago-area rental properties, according to probate court papers and separate land, business and court records.

He has held power of attorney over Bridgeman's affairs since March 2015, when she was diagnosed with dementia and moved into a nursing home, records show.

Public guardian Robert Harris said: "It's another example of how elderly people get ripped off by the most trusted people."

The priest's private attorney, Dmytro Kurywczak, said Chervyatiuk "is working with the Office of the Public Guardian to come up with some kind of a resolution that will be in the best interests of Nelly Bridgeman."

Chervyatiuk's Holy Patronage Church, at 900 N. Washtenaw Ave., is part of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Kyivan Patriarchate, one of three major Orthodox groups in that country.

A North American church leader, the Rev. Victor Poliarny, told the Tribune it was "not acceptable" for a priest to take a parishioner's funds in a private transaction. Church authorities are seeking "official documents substantiating the accusation," Poliarny said. "Once we secure the official documents regarding this matter, the higher authority of the Kyiv Patriarchate will ensure proper punitive measures for the alleged behavior."

A native of Ukraine, Bridgeman had been a German World War II prisoner, and Chervyatiuk in his court examination acknowledged signing his name to her reparation checks from the German government.

In the court examination, Chervyatiuk said: "It belonged to me, everything. She knew that and she told it to everyone."

Suspecting fraud, a bank official in December contacted the public guardian's office. In March, Associate Cook County Judge Shauna Boliker authorized the office to gather financial records and determine how much of Bridgeman's money Chervyatiuk spent on her care and how much he allegedly converted for his own use.

The agency, which now is Bridgeman's legal guardian, says it will seek court permission to recover any funds wrongly converted by Chervyatiuk. As the probate case proceeds, Boliker has ordered financial institutions to freeze $170,000 of the priest's personal and business bank accounts.

At the public guardian's request, a doctor this year examined Bridgeman and determined she "was totally incapable of making financial and personal decisions."

After coming to America in 1950, Bridgeman married a U.S. service member and would serve for more than two decades as secretary of Chervyatiuk's church, court records show. Her husband died in 2004 at 79. The couple had no children.

"In church I was her priest and at home I was her beloved son," Chervyatiuk testified during the June 24 probate court examination. Chervyatiuk was born in Germany and raised in Ukraine, he said.
During the past five years, Bridgeman had been unable to cook, wash or shop for herself, Chervyatiuk said. "She kept a lot of stuff in the house. So you couldn't really walk in the house. You had to find a path," he said.

In March 2015, Bridgeman fell and injured a hip, records show. At the hospital she was diagnosed with dementia. Chervyatiuk then placed her in a Chicago nursing home, records show.

A day later, Chervyatiuk met with Bridgeman and lawyer Julian Kulas at the nursing facility and Kulas drafted papers that gave Chervyatiuk power of attorney for Bridgeman, according to the public guardian.

"That power of attorney made him responsible to use her money for her good and in her best interest, and not for himself," Harris said.

Kulas' son, Paul Kulas, is acting as his father's attorney in the case and said there was no improper conduct on Kulas' part. Kulas is "cooperating fully" with the public guardian and the court, his son said.

In the next 12 months, Chervyatiuk cashed in two CDs worth $170,000 and transferred other funds to accounts he alone controlled, probate court records filed by the public guardian allege. Chervyatiuk used his legal status to control Bridgeman's accounts, worth at least $540,000 and perhaps as much as $625,000, according to the public guardian.

During that period, Chervyatiuk put at least $22,000 of Bridgeman's funds into two restaurants he ran with Alban Tase, 41. He also directly gave Tase two checks from Bridgeman's account totaling $6,500, probate court records show.

Tase pleaded guilty in 2010 to federal drug conspiracy charges after an undercover operative met with him in a Chicago nightclub and steakhouse to trade shipments of stolen cigarettes for Ecstasy pills.

He was among more than a dozen defendants convicted as part of a global Balkan crime operation that laundered money and trafficked in heroin, guns and contraband consumer goods, federal court records show.

Authorities tracked the crime ring's deals from New Jersey to Canada, then the Netherlands, Albania and regions of Macedonia, Serbia and Kosovo.

Tase completed three years of supervised release in May following a federal prison term that is not specified in public records. Attempts to reach him for comment were not successful.

In Chervyatiuk's June 24 examination, he said Tase was his business partner in two Chicago-area pancake house restaurants, both since closed. Chervyatiuk said he did not know Tase was a convicted felon.

"I just know one thing. He stole money from me too, and I don't know where he is," Chervyatiuk testified.

Chervyatiuk later told the Tribune that Tase was involved with only one of the pancake houses.

Chervyatiuk also wired thousands of dollars to a Western Union office in Ukraine, authorizing local contacts to pick up the money, records show.

"We were helping the church," Chervyatiuk said, adding that the funds were for an iconostasis — one of the panels of icons and religious paintings that adorn Eastern Orthodox churches.

Asked in the court examination if the money wasn't instead spent on the Ukrainian-Russian military conflict, Chervyatiuk said: "I don't really want to talk about it now."

In the case of one $26,000 Bridgeman check, Chervyatiuk testified: "I don't recall what I did with that, possibly for my own things."

One of Bridgeman's home health care aides allegedly told the public guardian that Bridgeman sometimes seemed confused and treated Chervyatiuk like her deceased husband.

The aide said she saw Chervyatiuk pretend to be Bridgeman's husband and kiss her on the lips, according to court papers filed by the public guardian.

Chervyatiuk also took title to land Bridgeman had owned in Texas, saying in his court examination that Bridgeman gave him the property. "One day she did a surprise to me. She took me to a restaurant and gave me those papers," he said.

Bridgeman was not the only parishioner who gave Chervyatiuk large personal gifts, records show. Another church follower, Maria Lewczenko, died in December at 93 and made him executor of her estate with $20,000 in accounts and $100,000 in real estate.

Chervyatiuk declined to discuss that matter with the Tribune, saying only: "I had many women who I tried to help."

Full Article & Source:
Chicago priest accused of taking $500,000 from parishioner with dementia

How are public officials able to get away with elder cleansing, assaults on the Constitution, and not having a moral compass

How are public officials able to get away with elder cleansing, assaults on the Constitution, and not having a moral compass.


kenneth ditkowsky

6:14 AM (1 hour ago)
Every society has to make choices as to what is important and what is not.   Nit picking appears to the hallmark of the 21st Century along with dishonesty.

Pages and pages of media coverage is given to promoting a distorting facts that everyone known not to be the facts.   Childlike distortions of statements that everyone understands are given prominence so political candidates not in current favor with the establishment are made to appear extreme, stupid, etc - while real criminals running for political office are given a pass on real felonies.

As an example, we all are aware that the FIRST AMENDMENT protects the Right of Citizen to speak out freely and candidly as to any content related or political issue.  Censorship is not only wrong but a serious violation of law.    However, here in Illinois a lawyer who pursuant to Rule 8.3 and 18 USCA 4 reports the felony of a Judge being 'wired' and/or a citizen being railroaded into a abuse, exploitative elder cleansing guardianship is subject to extreme discipline such as suspension or loss of a law license.    The First Amendment right is protected not only by the Constitution but rules, statutes, customer, and tradition; however, as the Establishment has evolved its interests in the pursuit of more and more treasure -- anything that stands in it way is crushed.

No treasure is too small for the elder cleansing fraternity.   In the Alice Gore case the miscreants pulled 29 of her teeth to recover a few grains of Gold.   Alice's daughter protested and was immediately sanctioned and forced in a Bankruptcy.    The GAO's four reports to Congress attest to the National disgrace, and the blogs Probate Sharks, MaryGSykes, NASGA, AAAPg **** are provide more and more examples of just how perfidious the assaults on the elderly, disabled, and the Constitution have become.

Worse yet, it appears that except for some rare prosecutions the miscreants who promulgate these outrages are given a pass.    Elder Cleansing is even given a special dispensation from State and Federal Taxes.     In recent months reluctantly the mainstream media has disclosed that Seth Gillman (an Illinois attorney who appears to be still licensed to practice law) in a Hospice scheme stole hundreds of millions of dollars from Federal Health Care programs.   Phillip Esformes allegedly stole a billion dollars in Medicare frauds in Florida.  Omnicare was pharmaceutical discrepancies and was fined about 150,000,000 dollars.   (This company allegedly controlled by the nursing home cabal was then sold to CVS pharmacy for 12.4 billion dollars)  *****

A young sailor took some photos on his cell phone of a submarine in violation of Navy rules -- he has in his future years in prison.   A Secretary of State operated a personal server and was subject to disclosing America's vital secrets to foreign enemies - she got a pass.    Homeless people were literally kidnapped off the street and placed in nursing homes operated by a prominent local rabbi to be turned into zombies.   Not only did this rank criminal receive public honors and public recognition, but the Office of the Public Guardian is reported to have assisted him in his quest to increase the profits of his nursing homes and the State of Illinois and the United States of America turn away as he and those associated with him are given a pass on the criminal conspiracy that continues.   The 700% surcharge on health care that the miscreants have attached is considered business as usual.   The Administration in Washington is very clear in telling us that we are too stupid to have he basic understandings.

What are we as a civilization doing to re-mediate these assault on our liberty?   Today's Wall Street Journal gives up a clue:

Starbucks Sippy Cups for Lawyers

Yep - we worry and file lawsuits alleging that Starbucks puts too much ice in our coffee!    

I am aware that Jerome Larkin and the Illinois Supreme Court have ruled that a lawyer asking for an HONEST INVESTIGATION of the criminal enterprises flourishing in the Probate Division AND the jurists who act in concert with them is unethical, but as a citizen I do not recognize government's ability to deny me my First Amendment Rights and once again call for an HONEST INVESTIGATION and EQUAL PROTECTION OF THE LAW.    I do not understand who Jerome Larkin's conduct of acting in concert with the elder cleansers does not require him to pay his joint and several obligation to pay INCOME TAXES on the benefits derived from the Conspiracy.    I do not understand how certain members of the ESTABLISHMENT are more equal that you and me!

I could care less how much ice Starbucks puts into it lattes = I do care there are too many political and judicial establishment figures who lack a moral compass!   I do care that Justice is being denied to us - the great unwashed!   I do care that our government considers us TOO STUPID TO UNDERSTAND what they are doing to us.  

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Chancellor Zimmer's shot heard round the world

Editor's note: Let's hear it for Chancellor Zimmer! Lucius Verenus, Schoolmaster,


Chancellor Zimmer's shot heard round the world


kenneth ditkowsky

11:27 AM (19 hours ago)
to me,
The American principle of FREE SPEECH embodied in the FIRST AMENDMENT and ARTICLE 1 OF THE ILLINOIS CONSTITUTION OF 1970 is not dead.     Amazingly in an era in which one of the major political candidates for President has advocated amending the First Amendment to advance parochial agenda, and a Lawyer exposing judicial corruption is equated to yelling fire in a crowded theater  - with full approval of the Supreme Court of the Illinois and no protest from the American Bar Association, the American Civil Liberties Union, or any other professional or civil rights organization Chancellor Zimmer of the University of Chicago had the temerity and courage to write:
Free speech is the basis of a true education

Free Speech Is the Basis of a True Education

A university should not be a sanctuary for comfort but rather a crucible for confronting ideas.

Free speech is at risk at the very institution where it should be assured: the university.
Invited speakers are disinvited because a segment of a university community deems them offensive, while other orators are shouted down for similar reasons. Demands are made to eliminate readings that might make some students uncomfortable. Individuals are forced to apologize for expressing views that conflict with prevailing perceptions. In many cases, these efforts have been supported by university administrators.

Photo: Getty Images/Hero Images
Yet what is the value of a university education without encountering, reflecting on and debating ideas that differ from the ones that students brought with them to college? The purpose of a university education is to provide the critical pathway by which students can fulfill their potential, change the trajectory of their families, and build healthier and more inclusive societies.
Students learn not only through the acquisition of specific knowledge, but also through the attainment of intellectual skills that serve them their entire life. Students come to appreciate context, trade-offs and data. They master how to recognize complexity, to argue effectively for their positions and to reconsider and challenge their own beliefs.
Students discover, too, that seemingly straightforward phenomena can have complicated cultural, historical and situational contexts that are critical to understanding their meaning. They realize that actions inevitably have multiple implications and that many decisions involve not simply choosing between “good” or “bad” but evaluating a set of consequences and uncertainties, both desired and undesired.
Students grasp the complexity of collecting, analyzing, interpreting and deriving meaning from evidence of multiple forms. They learn to imagine alternatives, to test their hypotheses and to question the accepted wisdom. A good education gives students the intellectual skills and approaches essential to success in much of human endeavor.
One word summarizes the process by which universities impart these skills: questioning. Productive and informed questioning involves challenging assumptions, arguments and conclusions. It calls for multiple and diverse perspectives and listening to the views of others. It requires understanding the power and limitations of arguments. More fundamentally, the process of questioning demands an ability to rethink one’s own assumptions, often the most difficult task of all.
Essential to this process is an environment that promotes free expression and the open exchange of ideas, ensuring that difficult questions are asked and that diverse and challenging perspectives are considered. This underscores the importance of diversity among students, faculty and visitors—diversity of background, belief and experience. Without this, students’ experience becomes a weak imitation of a true education, and the value of that education is seriously diminished.
Free expression and the unfettered exchange of ideas do not always come naturally. Many people value the right to express their own ideas but are less committed to granting that right to others.
Over the years, universities have come under attack from a range of groups, both external and internal, that demand the silencing of speakers, faculty, students and visitors. The attack is sometimes driven by a desire of an individual or group not to have its authority questioned. Other times it derives from a group’s moral certainty that its particular values, beliefs or approaches are the only correct ones and that others should adhere to the group’s views. Some assert that universities should be refuges from intellectual discomfort and that their own discomfort with conflicting and challenging views should override the value of free and open discourse.
We have seen efforts to suppress discussion of Charles Darwin’s work, to insist upon particular political perspectives during the McCarthy era, to impose exclusionary acts of racial and religious discrimination, and to demand compliance with various forms of “moral” behavior. The silencing being advocated today is equally as problematic. Every attempt to legitimize silencing creates justification for others to restrain speech that they do not like in the future.
Universities should be clear about their core educational mission—to provide students with the most enriching education possible. We cannot shortchange our students. This means that questioning and challenge must flourish.
Universities cannot be viewed as a sanctuary for comfort but rather as a crucible for confronting ideas and thereby learning to make informed judgments in complex environments. Having one’s assumptions challenged and experiencing the discomfort that sometimes accompanies this process are intrinsic parts of an excellent education. Only then will students develop the skills necessary to build their own futures and contribute to society.
Mr. Zimmer is president of the University of Chicago.

Even more surprising Chancellor Zimmer was not publicly castigated by the mainstream media, the Political and Judicial Establishment or either the Presidential candidates.      The WSJ analysis of the event is:
The Chicago School of Free Speech
Of course everyone knows who radical the University of Chicago is and how they were in the forefront of one revolutionary concept after another.    The University’s School of Business is a notable example.
The world was not born 8 years ago, and most of us did not just fall off the turnip truck.     Zimmer’s revolution is also not new – what is new is the fact that so many of us and the rest of the citizenry have been so lax in allowing others to defend OUR rights guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States of America and the State Constitution.     When Jerome Larkin wrote the Illinois Supreme Court that JoAnne Denison’s blog exposing the grossest and most venal corruption in the Circuit Court of Cook County (and elsewhere) was akin to yelling Fire in a Crowded theater few of us raised a hue and cry demanding that Mr. Larkin be pilloried for his ISIS assault on the most precious of America’s core values.    The American Bar Association carried the story and demonstrated its distain for the RULE OF LAW when it censored the stream of comments abhorring Larkin’s and the Illinois Supreme Court’s demonstration of disrespect.     The loud silence of the 2nd oldest profession, civil rights organizations, political leaders et al was an American nadir.     
Unfortunately, as college campuses followed their National Socialist policy of political correction applauded by the Political and Judicial Establishment, few voices were heard in protest.    The cancer grew like Topsy and it was not long before silent efforts to limit opposition speech were being echoed as policy.    Mr. Larkin and the Illinois Lawyer Disciplinary Commission (IARDC) in the JoAnn Denison case and others had the temerity to actually fabricate opinions of the Supreme Court of the United States.     For instance, in the Alvarez case (wherein the defendant claimed to be a Medal of honor winner and was not) Larkin resurrected a rejected argument and represented that it was the Rule of Law in the case.    In the Sawyer   case he just purged the last paragraph of the decision so as to misrepresent the holding.     The Supreme Court of Illinois abdicated its position and rubber=stamped Larkin’s misrepresentations and aided and abetted him in the ‘cover up’ of Judicial corruption.     In the Amu case, even though Crain’s Chicago Business made the very same averments concerning corruption by Judge Egan, Amu was stamped as a ‘liar’ and disciplined for practicing law while Black.      Of course, political correctness advanced along racial lines to punish the appearance of not being a good Nazi!     Civil Rights icon Diane Nash was actually denied entry into the public hearing room in which a Kangaroo proceeding against JoAnne Denison was being held.   MS Nash’s crime – supporting Ms. Denison’s right to expose Judicial Corruption of a Judge who subsequently committed perjury and a judge who admitted on page 91 of her evidence deposition to being ‘wired’ (fixed etc.).   
Today’s action by Chancellor Zimmer in a perfect world would be footnote, however in today climate in which so many of our political and judicial elite lack a moral compass – it is a screaming headline.      It is also a call to arms!     It is time for each of us to pick up our computer keyboard, smart phone, or whatever and demand that the POLITICAL and JUDICIAL elite be governed by the very same laws and principles are YOU and ME.     This means we all against the proposition of today’s political and judicial elite that RIGHT is LEFT, UP is DOWN, TRUTH is FICTION.      It means that the miscreants both Rich and powerful as well as Meek are all subject to HONEST LAW ENFORCEMENT and the Elder Cleansing conspiracy has to not only account for the thefts from Medicare, the Insurance companies, and the victims of Elder Cleansing.     It means that the Elder Cleansing miscreants pay the taxes interest and penalties on the money and benefits that they obtained from their breaches of the fiduciary and public trust that they voluntarily assumed.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Here in Illinois we have a State that is on the verge of Bankruptcy

Here in Illinois we have a State that is on the verge of Bankruptcy.     The precarious fiscal situation of the State has not fazed our Political Elite and they continue to spend the scarce funds as if there was no tomorrow.    Our governor has put his finger in the dike and drawn a torrent of criticism from civic groups etc.     Some of the criticism is justified as he has tried to plug a hole forty feet in diameter with a single pinky and even some of his knee jerk supporters are a bit unhappy.     
What has bothered me is the fact that the most obvious method of addressing Illinois’ fiscal problems has been ignored.       Several Government Accounting Office reports have been made available to our Political leaders, all of whom seem to have chosen to ignore them; however, if they took a few minutes and dialed them up on the Internet they would discover an obvious solution.    NASGA, Probate Sharks, and MaryGSykes all have references to them.      We are all aware that our State and Federal Income Tax law requires all earned benefits to be taxed.      Thus, as an example, when the guardian in the Mary Sykes case accessed Mary and Gloria Sykes’ safety deposit box and stole a million dollars in gold coins, that guardian incurred taxable income of one million dollars.       It is also clear that all of the miscreants who aid and abetted the crime (18 USCA 371) also became liable jointly and severally for the taxes interest and penalties.
Why has our governor not gotten hot and bothered and demanded the Illinois Department of Revenue (IDR) do an HONEST INVESTIGATION and collect the taxes, interest, and penalties.      A document that you can find on the Internet titled:  DANGEROUS CHOICES. How LACHF Nursing Homes Misplaced Priorities Could Be Putting Residents at Risk.      This report was authored by the Nursing Home Caregivers’ Union SEIU Local 4.      Another answer might be found in the indictment of Phillip Esformes by the Justice Department for stealing a billion dollars in Medicare funds.      Esformes accomplished this feat using 30 nursing homes that he controlled in South Florida – imagine what is going on here in Northern Illinois wherein his family controlled many many more nursing homes.       Imagine further what the toll was to insurance carriers and the families of the victims who were elder cleansed.       The loot totals many billions more that even the critics of the Clinton Foundation claim for that entity.
How does any government entity or elected official shut down a criminal enterprise that can generate a gross product equal or greater than the economy of entire sovereign States?     Indeed, the criminal enterprises might exceed in gross dollars more money than the legitimate businesses of the State of Illinois.      The Chicago Tribune has reported the Michael Madigan ***** leaders of the Democratic Party are on retainer to the Esformes Nursing Homes.       It is thus pretty obvious that Lisa Madigan, the daughter of Michael Madigan, and the Attorney General of the State of Illinois might be reluctant to address this problem.     It also might be suggested that none of the Political Elite want to jeopardize their positions by being too anxious to do HONEST INVESTIGATIONS of an industry that can steal with only 30 nursing homes a BILLION dollars.
Medicare payments are not the only loose public cash laying around to be booty for the Political and Judicial Elite.      The plea of guilty of Seth Gillman to stealing hundreds of Millions of Dollars of funds designed for Hospice activities indicates a similar opportunity.     The Health care programs of the State and Federal government offer countless opportunities to bilk the public programs by these well organized and heavily clouted individuals.       Corruption can and is being bought wholesale by the Rich and powerful, and sold openly by corrupt public and judicial officials.     We, the great unwashed, are almost helpless to stop the deluge of excreta that is being generated by over-paid and underperforming public officials.     A moral compass is deemed a detriment in an elected official and severe efforts are made to make certain that a substantial body of miscreants populate our Courts and our government.
Fortunately, we have a substantial body of HONEST public servants hiding in the forests of corruption and chaos that is our current government.       Years ago the League of Women Voters initiated a slogan, to wit: “DEMOCRACY IS NOT A SPECTATOR SPORT!”      This group of courageous women in Illinois faced down corruption that was not as well funded as today’s version, but equally venal.      They were appalled by a Secretary of State who told the public: “Make your checks out to Paul Powell!”     We did, and he cashed them!     Millions went into his shoe boxes and exchequer.      The general public thought it was humorous when a procurer was made a Federal Judge.    
The Ladies of the League of Woman Voters literally took the bull by the horns and with determination forced the Illinois Constitutional convention of 1970 and reform.     This is Illinois, so it did not last long, but it did happen.    Of course the ladies had some strong co-conspirators and they could not have done it without a feed up populace and the ‘great unwashed!’     
Today, we face another crisis.      This time the quest for riches – i.e. cold cash – is motivating another general of pernicious predators with no moral compass except avarice.      This political clout is fueled by the wealth that they control and how high and how far it stretches cannot be determined without an HONEST INVESTIGATION.      Writing to public officials is almost a waste of time.    Congressional committees are almost insulting in their disinterest, and individual elected representative border on being insulting.     I wrote Senator Durbin of Illinois about the problem.     His response was to send me a copy of one of his speeches on saving Social Security.     (Why would I be interested in saving Social Security – it was being stolen by either a guardian who was appointed to steal the estate of a disabled elderly person, or by a nursing home that turned an elderly person into a zombie by drugging her ***).    Our remedy was and is zilch!
However, today Illinois is on the verge of Bankruptcy.    (Other states and the USA also suffer from fiscal embarrassment) The populace is just about taxed out and a tax rebellion, if not underway today, will be part of our life soon.      People are fleeing Illinois to escape the onerous taxation that they cannot afford, and America in general is not in ‘good health’ except in the fantasy world that the political elite running for election claim is reality.      It is so bad out there that the government (by a college professor who worked on Obama care, and a General who was part of the negotiation of the Iran deal) itself points out to us that we are too stupid to know better.     We then prove it by indicating that we overwhelmingly support the very same political elite who are bragging that they put something over on us!    
Maybe this e-mail will only be read by the choir.    Maybe it will be ignored.     I have to say this – America has a good product.     We ought to preserve it for our children and grandchildren and this means to we have to understand that Democracy is not a spectator sport and you and I have to stand up be counted.     If we do not do so, our children and grandchildren will not know the joys of America and American Democracy that we have grown up to take for granted.
The source of our problem is easily ascertained – corrupt public, judicial and elected officials who openly and notoriously violate the public trust.      Everywhere in our society these miscreants dismantle our institutions and turn them into criminal enterprises.      This need not happen.    We have scores of “honest” public servants who we can ally with and we have law enforcement people who are ready willing and able to address the problem.     The arrest of Seth Gillman and Philip Esformes are just two examples.      Law enforcement cannot enforce the law against people it does not know about, and it cannot operate either alone or in a vacuum.
In her blog, (MaryGSykes) JoAnne Denison has asked people who suffered from guardianship abuse to fill out a detailed form.     Probate Sharks and NASGA have published hundreds of complaints of guardianship abuse.     In Florida, Dr. Sugar’s AAApg blog et al is trying to bring to public attention the fact that growing old in Florida is extremely dangerous.     You do not have worry about the z virus – there is Philip Esformes and Seth Gillman lurking in the swamp – as they prey on the health care system you also do not escape.
Together and in unison we have to DEMAND an Honest Investigation of these predators who are scamming the system.     We also have to demand that every miscreant who joins the conspiracy to isolate grandma so that she can be deprived or her humanity, liberty and property by Court appointed guardians PAY HIS/HER FEDERAL AND STATE INCOME TAXES, including INTEREST AND PENALTIES on the funds that jointly and severally were liquidated from grandma.      Not only will the profit be removed from ‘elder cleansing’ but the solvency of the State of Illinois and the several states will be assured.     [1]
There is an added benefit to TAX Collection of the booty obtained by the 18 USCA 371 and Civil Rights conspiracy.     Public officials who engaged in the protection and cover=up of corrupt public officials, judicial officials et al will find that their ‘cover ups’ not only have serious consequences, but were very expensive.     Of course – I have Jerome Larkin in mind.      He has had every opportunity to join in requesting an HONEST INVESTIGATION, but has not only been reluctant, but has misused his public office and breached his position to trust in the effort to protect the Elder Cleansing industry.     He would make an excellent example – the punishment of his crimes would deter many public servants from repetition of the 18 USCA 371 cover-up.[2]

[1] Under Federal law, Civil enforcement of the tax law provides that the taxpayer has the burden of proof.   Ergo, Philip Esformes has to prove that he the sum of money he stole from Medicare was NOT a billion dollars.     He also will have to prove that the sum he stole from x and y was not an and b respectively.     Lying to the IRS is a very unrewarding situation.    Therefore, when they ask him where he hid the proceeds ******.
[2] When the Judge in the Sykes case 09 P 4585 admitted on page 91 of her deposition that she was “fixed” all were stunned.     How brazen she was!      We soon found out she was a protected person as she was elevated to the Appellate Court of Illinois.    Her successor committed perjury in the JoAnne Denison kangaroo hearings.     Disclosure of judicial corruption was represented by the Attorney Disciplinary Commission as akin to yelling fire in a crowded theater.    The evidence of Jerome Larkin’s perfidy is all of record and his infamy legend.    His protection of the Sykes miscreants made him jointly and severally liable for the taxes on about three million dollars in the Sykes case******.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Political TV Ad Starts Today Exposing Ignored Complaints Against Jared E. Shafer

Political TV Ad Starts Today Exposing Ignored Complaints Against Jared E. Shafer


kenneth ditkowsky

2:33 PM (15 hours ago)
to Janet, Stevemiller4lv, guardianblog-v., Janet, Lukas, ilene, Philip, Barbara, Malinda
The ELDER CLEANSING scandal is a National problem and disgrace.    Maybe, these political advertisements will alert people to the fact in so many States it is very dangerous to get old.    The Florida indictment of Philip Esformes points out that using 30 nursing homes Esformes was able to steal a billion dollars from Medicare.   

Let me repeat that: He stole a billion dollars from MEDICARE.    

NOW LETS LOOKS A LITTLE DEEPER!   Medicare was not the only payor!    Insurance carriers, and the victim himself/herself were also part of the loot!

The nursing home operator who steals from the government is an equal opportunity thief!    Such is the reason that he enlists corrupt political operatives and corrupt judicial operatives to 'cover up' and assist in the criminal activities!   Here in Illinois we have Jerome Larkin and his co-conspirators openly assisting the miscreants in their Elder Cleansing activities, and we have public officials who systematically ignore the new American Holocaust.

The Elder Cleansing scandal should be part of the issues that are involved in the current election cycle.   The Vote fraud generated by the sheltered care facilities VOTING FOR or directing the votes of the elderly toward particular candidates of the dominate political party could mean the difference between x or y being elected.   Interesting that x and Y are both avoiding the issue.    What both x and y do not understand that in this election cycle we - the great unwashed - may actually have a 'say' in the outcome.    We certainly are not going to go silent because the ballot box is stuffed!   Business as usual went out the window when Bernie Sanders drew out thousands who wanted an HONEST MAN to be the candidate of the Democratic Party, and Donald Trump excited people who were tired of the Establishment's attitude that we are stupid.

Straight talk and forcing the Establishment to stop preying on us is the theme of this election for many of us.    We are tired of PAY TO PLAY and tired of being lied to!


Sent: Wednesday, August 24, 2016 2:04 PM
Subject: RE: Political TV Ad Starts Today Exposing Ignored Complaints Against Jared E. Shafer

This is really excellent Steve!   Gets the message out about forced guardianship fraud that helps all of us.
From: []
Sent: Wednesday, August 24, 2016 10:03 AM
Subject: Political TV Ad Starts Today Exposing Ignored Complaints Against Jared E. Shafer
Political TV Ad Starts Today
Former Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez-Masto is running to fill the seat of retiring U.S. Senator Harry Reid.
In 1976, Cortez-Masto's late father, then-Clark County Commissioner Manny Cortez, appointed his good friend Jared E. Shafer to be the county's first Public Guardian. Since that time, Shafer has been ripping off thousands of local seniors and disabled persons under color of law.
When Manny's daughter was Nevada A.G., she ignored several felony complaints against her father's friend Shafer. This is the basis of this month's political TV ad.
Click on the links below to view a political advertisement that beginning today will air for the next month throughout the state of Nevada. - SM

GUADALUPE OLVERA'S WAR! Elder Abuse Likely - Under Color Of Law
I'm going to go to California no matter what! I'm not
going to live here. I don't need that man either.
I don't need Jared (Shafer). - Guadalupe Olvera
Ms. Schultz kidnapped Mr. Olvera during the night
and brought him to California. - Jared Shafer
Las Vegas "guardian" Jared E. Shafer 
sued for "embezzling" $420,000.00 
from 95 year old former "ward"
Federal Racketeering lawsuit filed on August 8
Escape was only option for an old soldier trapped in guardian system
April 11, 2015
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