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Jun 13 (11 days ago)
Dr. Sugar has informed me that I was mistaken in suggesting that the wives of Philip Esformes and Seth Gillman are sisters.   If he is correct, I apologize for my mistake.   I do make mistakes and I do sometimes get my facts confused; however, as to this ELDER CLEANSING I am 100% correct.    As to the fact that no health care program is viable unless the corruption surrounding 'health care' is substantially reduced is also 100% on the mark.   As to corruption in the Courts, it is every where!    The venality is becoming pervasive and the MOTION TO FIX is becoming so routine that it appears so often that no one is bothered by it.

Guardianship is by definition an invasion of the fundamental rights of a citizen.   It is allowable only in limited circumstances and then only as is necessary to provide a disabled person the opportunity to continue to enjoy the fruits of America.    As reported on blogs such as AAAPG, MaryGSykes, Probate Sharks, NASGA, et al and by court watchers across the fruited plain -- proper guardianships are rare and exist only when law enforcement is really interested in protecting the RIGHTS, PRIVILEGES and IMMUNITIES of the elderly and the disabled.

More often than not a guardianship is a part of a criminal venture that originates at the Court house and is supervised by a corrupt or incompetent jurist ******.    The Esformes/Gillman Medicare Fraud cases provide a wealth or examples and the impotency or ineptitude of the media, honest members of the judiciary, and law enforcement.   That said - sometimes the word actually gets out!   What do our elected officials do?

Let's take an example.     In the Florida press the following was published:

Savitt won’t dole out inheritance unless objection is withdrawn

Posted: 8:27 p.m. Friday, May 12, 2017

Professional guardian Elizabeth Savitt has threatened to withhold the last of a family’s inheritance unless an objection to her conduct filed in court is withdrawn. She also said she would decrease the remainder of the inheritance — about $200,000 — if she has to fight the objection in court.
Savitt was the court-appointed guardian for Albert Vassallo Sr., who died in November. She has distributed about $400,000 of the inheritance to six relatives, but the remaining money is tied up in two investment bonds. She has been the subject of several complaints by other families of incapacitated seniors and is being investigated by the state Office of Public and Professional Guardians.
Savitt this past month proposed in an e-mail that four of the Vassallo heirs give up a total $54,000 to Susan Mast, a sibling who had taken about $130,000 from her father prior to the guardianship, according to court documents. James Vassallo, a brother, filed an objection with the guardianship court.
“Savitt continues to engage in a pattern of behavior which tends to treat the person accused of harming the ward more favorably than other beneficiaries,” the objection read.
To increase the pressure on James Vassallo, Savitt sent another e-mail to the heirs on Friday saying, “We are asking the court for sanctions and fees for filing scandalous allegations, false and frivolous claims. Also remember, no e-mail was ever sent to James asking him to donate money to Susan.”
In the original email, Savitt said Mast contends she is owed $128,000 for the care of her father before the guardianship when the senior lived right next to James in Century Village in Deerfield Beach. During that time, the Veterans Administration recognized James Vassallo as his father’s caretaker, he said.
“These people in the guardianship racket are like cockroaches. They just don’t go away,” James Vassallo said.
The sister, Susan Mast, has benefited from Savitt as guardian in other ways.
Under a December 2014 settlement, Mast would have to pay back only $62,000 of the money she took and didn’t have to pay it back immediately. She also didn’t have to account for missing assets in her father’s savings deposit box or his vehicle that were listed in a demand letter from Savitt to Mast.
Savitt also placed the elder Vassallo in Mast’s home and paid her about $2,800 a month to care for him.
Another brother who took about $50,000 from his father prior to the guardianship also did not have to pay back the money immediately under the settlement.
Savitt and Mast have refused to comment. 
In the e-mail received by the Vassallo family on Thursday, Savitt said that her lawyers have informed her the objection to “voluntary contributions” to Mast by five of the siblings means that she doesn’t have to distribute the $200,000 until the guardianship is closed.
“I have sent James’ lawyer through my lawyer a letter asking him to withdraw his objections because they are frivolous and he has not done so yet,” Savitt wrote in the e-mail.
“If he doesn’t withdraw the objections, we will have to litigate them in the guardianship case and I will need to use the trust funds to fund that litigation and anything the court orders as a result.”
James Vassallo said he feels if he withdraws the objection, then Savitt will funnel inheritance money to his sister. He said the family had to agree to forgo a review of Savitt’s accounting of their father’s guardianship in order to get the initial payment.
“We want all this stuff over with and she won’t end it,” Vassallo said. “She needs to go to a judge and explain why she is not giving us the money.”Inline image
Ken Ditkowsky

The Florida Attorney General has been copied on the e-mail.     So have other law enforcement people.     A dollar to your penny --- this extortion by a guardian will go unpunished and the Court, the FLORDIA BAR, the ACLU, et al will all be silent!

When the health care system in Florida collapses - YOU SHOULD KNOW THE REASON WHY!      If the allegedly corrupt judicial authorities are in conspiracy with this guardian - rest assured that the United States of America (and the Medicare and Federal Health care system are also being robbed blind!) 

Ken Ditkowsky/

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