Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Webinar Announcement-- “How to Research Judges (and other public officials) Using Public Documents"

Webinar Announcement-- “How to Research Judges (and other public officials) Using Public Documents"


Janet Phelan

5:20 PM (12 hours ago)
to Janet

On March 4, at 2 pm CT, I will be hosting a webinar on how to research judges using publicly available documents. As so many individuals have now been impacted by judges who do not attend to nor honor the law, it is fundamentally important that these research methods be in as many hands as possible.

The core perception informing this research is that if a judge knowingly violates an individual’s rights and statutory law, he is most likely not doing so out of personal animus or vengeance. Most likely, the judge is being remunerated for his behavior. It is the goal of this research tool to find indications of such pay offs as well as other indications of inappropriate and legally unacceptable activity.

To date, this research has resulted in inappropriate arrest warrants being nullified and questionable fines being negated. Judges have also stepped down from cases when questions were raised as to what was found out about their activities due to this research.
The initial article, discussing this original research, was published in the San Bernardino County Sentinel and can be found here http://www.tulanelink.com/tulanelink/judicialbribes_10a.htm

The fee for the webinar is $60.00 US. If you register before February 20, the fee is only $50.00, payable via Paypal or Western Union—Moneygram. There are a limited number of scholarships available for those who cannot afford the fee.

Please contact me via FB or email (janet_c_phelan@yahoo.com) or telephone—541 708- 3534 to register or for more information.

Janet Phelan

Janet Phelan is an author and investigative reporter, whose articles have appeared in numerous local, national and international publications, including the Los Angeles Times, the Long Beach Press Telegram, Orange Coast Magazine and OUI Magazine, as well as web based publications, including Activist Post and Infowars. She is the author of EXILE, an expose of an intelligence operation which resulted in the deaths of several individuals in Southern California, and two books of poetry, THE HITLER POEMS and HELD CAPTIVE.

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