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kenneth ditkowsky

6:17 AM (23 hours ago)
When Trump signed on to be President he signed on to address hordes of backbiters and criminals who have literally taken over the political system.   These bastards are everywhere and anywhere.   The guardianship WAR ON THE ELDERLY AND THE DISABLED is a major scandal and a major stumbling block that looms over the Presidency like a bad penny.   The President has to recognize that Healthcare fraud is a cancer that could destroy his Presidency.   Cover-ups such as are rampant in Illinois, Florida, California, Pa, etc cannot be tolerated.   lawyer disciplinary commissions (such as the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary commission) using intimidation to silence lawyer whistle blowers (i.e. Lawyers who comply with Rule 8.3 and 18 UsCA 4) must be brought to heel.  The 18 USCA 371 conspiracy has to be not only investigated but punished.

As a businessman our President can act now -  The IRS/Department of the Treasury can recognize that miscreants such as Mr. Larkin have joint and several liability and thus when the two guardians ad litem in the Mary Sykes case orchestrated the theft and/or participated in it everyone involved had joint and several liability for the income taxes, interest and penalties.   The approximately three million dollars stolen is TAXABLE INCOME.    Tax fraud taxes are still due and payable!   (see file 09 P 4585 - Cook county, Illinois).   The sex appeal disappears from elder cleansing when the public servants who heretofore have gotten away with their perfidy have to pay INCOME TAXES interest and penalties on the stolen money!

The net profit to America is 1) discouraging dishonesty in government, 2) making elder cleansing (abuse of the elderly) unprofitable, and 3) making a strong dent in the health care fraud arena which will KILL any health care program of any kind or nature.    Strong enforcement of the Law as it applies to the current miscreant political group focuses directly on many of the very people who are engaged in protests of the President's election and are working so diligently to prevent his success.

I can guaranty that the nursing home crowd, the corrupt judicially appointed guardians, and the mirade of aiders and abetters of the health care fraud did not vote for President Trump and do not support him.   They depend upon the 'status quo' and the political and judicial establishment to continue their rampage upon the elderly and the disabled for profit.   The billion dollars that Philip Esformes is alleged by the government to have stolen from the medicare program did not go into an Elect Senator Rubio, or Donald Trump  - it went for prostitutes, high living and perpetuation of the criminal enterprise - including vote fraud operations and campaign contributions to the Chicago and Miami political organizations.

An opportunity exists for President Trump.    He can take it, or do what has been done during the last 8 years.    If he vigorously prosecutes the institutionalized (government paid for and sponscered ) explotation and abuse of the elderly and disable he can expect a failed presidency; however, *****.

What are the odds?    Is President Trump for real?    Does he really want to make America a safe place to grow old?    

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