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To the people of Los Angeles – YJ Draiman

To the people of Los Angeles – YJ Draiman

Editor's note: As this humble Shark enjoys his coffee from his 15 oz "I (heart) TRUMP" cup, he envisions a new cabinet position;  The Secretary of Elder Abuse. If  Your ProbateShark was appointed to this august office, close your eyes and imagine this scene on the 18th floor of the Cook County Court House as reported by CNN. At 9:00 A.M. Secretary Shark arrived in company with several dozen U.S. Marshals armed with arrest warrants and subpoenas for records... Granted only fantasy but we can wish.   Lucius Verenus, Schoolmaster,  

kenneth ditkowsky

7:53 AM (21 hours ago)
Mr. Draiman, if I were a resident of Los Angeles and eligible to vote in LA, I would vote for you.

As a domiciliary of Illinois my vote would be illegal.   I realize that to some people, including many who hold positions in our government that detail does not matter - but the RULE OF LAW does matter.   

The Presidential election that we just completed created a number of surprises.   The victory of Donald Trump caught all the pundits with their pants down.   They figured that with the demonization of Trump by the Clinton campaign and the hundreds of millions of dollars spent even though she had some very severe warts the great unwashed would flock to her benign leadership.    Now before Trump has taken office the very same pundits are screaming in horror with real and imagined fears.   The sky is falling in - the great unwashed did not follow blindly the progressive agenda or the conservative agenda - they elected a New Yorker who has warts and is not beholden to the Establishment.   Worse yet, he appears to have a blank check.

I use the word "appears" because no-one under our system has a blank check.   The closest we came to anyone attempting to claim one was in the enactment of Obamacare, wherein legislation was enacted without input from the opposition party and the a Yale professor was so bold as to tell the great unwashed that we were too stupid to know any better.    The vested interests are in terror that Obamacare will be revoked!   The vested interests are in terror that their influence will not be given credence, ergo - the hue and cry that the 'sky is falling!'   The 'prey' are being told - flee to Canada! -  Some of the Celbs are screaming bloody murder, but running into the very same problem - Canada and the rest of the world are faced with the same problems that we are.   

If you examine the election the American public sent a message.   1) No matter how much money you have or have raised our government is not for sale.    The massive advertising, massive 'ground game' etc failed.   2) the RULE OF LAW applies to everyone including the real ELITE and the elite of the establishment.   The e-mail scandal was not insignificant and the 'cover-up' still left the ELITE with egg on their faces.   3).  The great unwashed may appear stupid but we are just as intelligent and just as aware of the facts as the "news media", "pundits", political elite, Professors, and the criminal element that profits from the establishment.

Yes, Donald Trump has 'warts.'   Yes most of us would have voted for Donald Duck rather than Trump (or Berne Sanders) but in fact America voted against his opponent who had more warts.

Does this translate to our parochial existence?     Indeed, it does.  The policies of Springfield or Washington can have a profound effect.  Illinois' corruption and the Corruption in the Federal government is killing our economy and endangering our way of life.   In Chicago in the minority community the carnage is that of a war zone.  The political hacks complain about guns!   Indeed, there are guns all over the place and the owners have an open season on their neighbors - but, try to get a carton of milk in one of those minority neighborhoods.  Try to find a full time job near to home!   Try to find a safe path to a local school.    Try to not worry when you teenager is a couple minutes late in returning from where-ever teenagers go.    

The Elder Cleansing scandal is also out there.   As a very practical situation health care fraud creates a 700% surcharge on health care costs.  Simply put - with all its deficiencies and problems, Obamacare could have been a success if the USA just enforced the Rule of Law without discrimination or political concerns.    The Philip Esformes theft of a billion dollars from Medicare is the lodestone that demonstrates just how lax the concept of EQUAL PROTECTION OF THE LAW had become under the government that the pundits, political elite, news media and establishment imposed on us.    Why was his organization allowed to garner so much booty?   ******

The Establishment does not want change, nor does it want the apply cart shaken.   It is more comfortable with established miscreants than outsiders and people who they cannot or do not control.    Mr. Draiman - I wish you well in your pursuit of public office.    Until the evening of November 8 I would have believed that anyone advocating defeat of the Establishment cronies was doomed to failure - BUT, we, the great unwashed are not all taken in by the flimflam of those who have made a living deceiving us.    

No, I am not Pollyanna!   I recognize that we may have traded one set of warts for another, but, today the Sun rose from the East - bright and beautiful, as it will tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow.   No one ever promised me a 'rose garden' and had I obtained one I would have discovered that the branches had thorns!    Maybe in this lifetime I will get that HONEST INVESTIGATION of the elder cleansing scandal that the Illinois Supreme court is so dead set against allowing.    (NB.  We know what an Honest investigation will find - ergo, *****)


From: Yj Draiman <>
To: Kenneth Ditkowsky <>
Sent: Wednesday, November 9, 2016 11:01 PM
Subject: To the people of Los Angeles – YJ Draiman

YJ Draiman for Mayor of Los Angeles 2017

To the people of Los Angeles – YJ Draiman
It is my understanding that based on our constitution; People “shall have the right to resist any person or persons seeking to abolish their constitutional rights, should no other remedy be possible”.
All the governments’ authority emanates from the people. The people are not satisfied with the rather poor performance of our government. It is time to elect a new slate of candidates, whose main concern are the people.
A nation’s corruptive and corrosive power could only exist by the nation’s apathy. Therefore as people of a democratic country, we must rise above this apathy and vote for the right people in public office. We should vote for people who care about the everyday working class, who want what is best for the people.
My main interest is not making money, but building an organization. I am an efficiency expert and a troubleshooter. My goal is to bring Los Angeles back to economic prosperity.
Instinct is no guide to political conduct. Effective leadership is always forced – whatever its motives – to represent itself as a carrier of ideas embodying purposes. All truly great achievements in history resulted from the actualization of principals, not from the clever evaluation of political condition. A good and effective leader must care about the people and address their needs.
For a man to be elected as mayor of Los Angeles, he must have a strong will and the guts to prevail. To become mayor of the people you have to overcome the handicap of the political machine and special interests groups. You must motivate the people to vote for you in order for them to survive in these hard economic times.
If you want to see a transformation of attitudes towards the people of Los Angeles, with the goal to improve economic conditions and a strong and effective government, I urge you to vote for me.
Your humble servant
YJ Draiman
For Mayor of Los Angeles 2017

kenneth ditkowsky

10:43 AM (19 hours ago)
I got the e-mail from a communication that I received and have decided to copy trump.  
Honesty and integrity have never been the strong point of any of our current political figures.  As I dealth with the Trump organization I had an opportunity to develop my own brand of dislike for him.   I also have friends who have had to dealt with the Trump organization in Chicago and one who actually dealt with him directly.   I also was introduced to an attorney who represented Trump.    

I have a fetish.   I want to be able to be vulnerable without being prey.   I watch here in Cook County the cabal of nursing home operators literally purchase the democratic party's loyality.   In the Brewer case I noted that my friend Bernie Sanders - the Alderman of the 50th ward - was able to garner over 2000 votes from the nursing home residents - many of which in 'real life' hated Bernie.   I noted how a US Representative got down on her knees for the cabal so that she could garner their votes - she changed her position to reflect what they wanted and bingo.

In real life I noted that my call for an HONEST INVESTIGATION caused a hail storm!   I objected to the fact that several elderly people had been literally hauled into guardianships even though they were as competent as you and me.   The railroad job was predetermined and their estates ravaged.   One Carol Wyman had a problem with her husband - she would not consent to leaving the marriage devoid of the marital estate. Using the guise of guardianship he went to the democratic organization, they furnished an attorney and bingo she was declared incompetent and he became her attorney.  The saga came to a haul when her son literally kidnapped her and removed her from the nursing home that she was placed.   She then lived out her life in a Western State AND the son was a fugitive from Justice being sought out for the contempt of court associated with removing his mother from the wrongful guardianship.   You know about Mary Sykes.   Do you know about Alice Gore.   She had her mouth ravaged so that the miscreants could gain access to the gold in her teeth!   

No one cares.  Indeed, the call of an HONEST INVESTIGATION resulted in not only my suspension from the practice of law, but that of JoAnne Denison.  In Florida similar events have occurred and occur on a regular basis.   The GOA reports indicate that thousands of these cases are going uninvestigated and without remedy across the US.  The money raised by these criminals is beyond conception.   Philip Esformes stole a billion ($1,000,000,000) from medicare.   How much he stole from the insurance industry and the victims has not been disclosed.   Seth Gillman was accused of a billion dollar theft for hospice. - he was charged with only a few million dollars.   The cabal owns in Illinois, Florida, California, New York, Arizona et al hundreds of nursing homes that are allegedly stealing billions of dollars and providing resident votes for the dominant political party  - AND IT IS ALL A BIG SECRET.

If Trump really wants to make America Great he has on his plate one really easy task = with no political downside -  All he has to do is enforce the RULE OF LAW.    Enforcement of ADA is a simple example.   Under ADA kidnapping an elderly person, isolating him/her from his family, and systematically looting his/her estate is illegal.   (It is also illegal under other laws, but, any law enforcement agency that you call upon will find that someone else has jurisdiction and therefore they cannot help you.   However, ADA has one enforcement agency - the Department of Justice --)

The current (Obama) administration has no interest in the elderly or the disabled.   I wrote our Illinois Senator (Durbin) about the problem - he send a copy of some stupid speech that he made on social security.   I wrote the Committee of Congress on the elderly - Elizabeth Warren felt that there was not enough information.   Four GAO reports and about a hundred plus affidavits was not enough!     

It was usual for political figures to kiss babies and help grandma across the street.  Today, the policy is scream about abortion and kick grandma down the stairs.   I started out with copying all the political characters and got nothing.  So far I've had one success in the copying of political people -- Senator Kirk forwarded my suggestion that the people who participate and the people who cover-up elder cleansing are all liable for the Income taxes, interest and penalties on the booty.  

The dollars from the nursing home miscreants have much more sway that plight to the vulnerable elderly.   Health care has a 700% fraud surcharge.   Obamacare could have worked if Obama had just enforced the law and reduced the fraud surcharge to the usually government program fraud of 25%.    The Philip Esformes case demonstrates just how much fraud exists and how it is adding to the costs of health care.  The five billion was generated from just 30 nursing homes.   The cabal has control of more than 300 across the US.    With it NY, Pa, Calif groups it might be as high as 3000.

If you really want to have a bad day - we could talk about the Defense Industry etc.  We could take a look at the money wasted by the campaigns for the election of x, y, and z.    

Trump may be the biggest pompous ass ever elected to any public office, but, he is not allied (as far as we know) with the miscreants who are carrying on a War against the Elderly and the Disabled.    

The real world is not the world portrayed by CBS, Fox News, etc.   Our real world is not dominated by anything other than the sun rose in the east and will set in the west, until, we become vulnerable and the core values of America are challenged.   For more than 1/2 a Century I cross swords with all sorts of miscreant political figures and avoid their net by NEVER asking for a favor or special treatment.  I would freely give - but never ask.    And then I ran into the Nursing home cabal.   With my friend Harry Heckert I caused to be disclosed some of their deepest secrets.   I found in an examination of the books of a large nursing home that Administrative fees were illegally paid to the cabal.   I found out through the representation of Mr. Draiman that the industry used Enron type of corporations to hid income and limit liability.   The Burt Morgan case revealed the inter-workings of the satellite corporations etc.   The tax dodges were shared with HH and he communicated them to the Fed.    

When an attorney who was employed by the cabal was sued for disloyalty to the cabal and the cabal filed IARDC complaints against him (complaints against his license) I represented him and won.  He then provided HH with additional information which was duly communicated to the IRS.    

Indeed, all Trump has to do is be enforce the RULE OF LAW and a large cancer that is destroying America will be eliminated.   His election obviates the establishment veto on EQUAL PROTECTION OF THE LAW and profiteering on the Elderly and Disabled.  It was quite clear that Establishment had no interest in EQUAL PROTECTION OF THE LAW and still has no interest.    They should!  Everyone gets old.   There is no reason why an elderly person ought to become "prey"    Yes - a strong family protects its own - but, with corrupt courts and the misuse of guardianships the miscreants have been able to turn right into wrong, left into right, up into down and worse yet make it stick.

This is getting a little long, but let me show you just how insidious this 'elder cleansing' is 

An elder person has some problems with comprehension.   She is stubborn, independent, and secretive.   It also appears that she does need a bit of help.   The family is torn - they do not wish her 1.5 million dollar estate to disappear and leave her insolvent on the street and they cannot afford to support her.   Their lawyers suggests that they ask the court for a guardianship.   The eldest daughter is to be appointed grandma's guardian.

All the proper steps are taken.   The eldest daughter becomes the guardian and is solicitous of her mother to an obscene degree.   The guardian ad litem learns of the excesses that guardian has given mother and files a complaint before the Judge pointing out that money of the ward is being expended carelessly and capriciously.   These expenditures are without order of Court.

The Judge is outraged and immediately orders and accounting and surcharges the daughter for her excesses toward mother.   ultimately the daughter is removed as guardian ad litem and a new guardian is appointed.   This guardian is part of the cabal.  The bond of the daughter is attached to repay the estate and mother is now placed in 'sheltered care.'   The facility might be a residence owned by one of the nursing home cabal members.    The family is barred from visiting as they create **** in the victim and the pious judge enters a supervised visitation order to protect grandmother from her family.    Systematically the 1.5 million dollars disappears and grandma's condition worsens every day.   Ultimately she is placed in a nursing home and when the last dollar is extracted  - bingo - Grandma dies!    

No, this is not a fantasy  -  check out the Alice Gore case out of Cook County, Illinois.   The miscreants even ravaged her mouth removing 29 teeth so as to recover the few grains of gold that they possessed.  see: Probate Sharks, NASGA, AAAPG, MaryGSykes blog.    (This scenario has been carried out time and time again and the Establishment is uninterested - maybe Donald Trump = who is 70 = might at least order an HONEST INVESTIGATION)  

In summary -     

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