Saturday, November 12, 2016

The election

The election

kenneth ditkowsky

8:47 AM (20 hours ago)
to Robert, Andy
This is a lesson in the Trump victory - I am not sure what it is, but it is there.   The mainstream media went viral in its dislike for the man. The leaking of debate questions to Clinton was the tip of the iceberg.  Even Trumps wife was not immune from the viral hate.   Yesterday her dress was described a "funeral" black.   

How did he pull it off?   How can we learn from the lesson and use it to get the restoration of our FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS?   Any mention of HONEST INVESTIGATION gets the Attorney Disciplinary Commissions into a full uproar.   Unfortunately we know what they are upset about.   The public however has learned that there are a great number of judges who are placed on the bench who should be in jail rather than in a position of power.   The advent of the corrupt judge is all too common.

The President elect has some real warts.   However, he does have a stone chest and even the ability to push forward against odds that most of us would consider overwhelming.   Few thought that he would win, and many had a number of second thoughts about voting for him.    Clinton effectively DEMONIZED him.   She made a mistake however when she started in with "imagine Donald Trump in the White house!" bit.   It was the same as her 4:00 Am telephone call in the Obama campaign fiasco.     That attempt to put a period on the demonization sold many on the fact that they would rather see Trump in the White house than Hillary.   The specter of Bengazi loomed like a sword over the room.

Trump was not a victim, nor was he a saint.   He borrowed a page from the Clintons and demonized Hillary also.  "Crooked Hillary" was a text book advertising phrase designed to demean an opponent.  Clinton played right into the gambit.   The obvious 'fix' at the Justice Department was a death blow.   If Trump had raped a campaign worker on National Television it was small potatoes to the massive obvious 'cover up' and defamation of the Justice System created by the cover -up.

Why then are we so impotent in our quest for Justice for the Elder and the Disabled and for the First Amendment?    Why is it so difficult to obtain and HONEST INVESTIGATION?     Yes, we are fighting a financial war - Philip Esformes and his co-conspirators at the Attorney Disciplinary Commissions are fighting to keep billions of dollars in stolen medicare money!   Self respect today is not important to the hordes of  political and judicial scavengers who pillage the remains of American Democracy, but, they are acting against their personal self interest and no one seems to care.

I have confidence that America is going to survive, but, I want to leave my children and grandchildren the America that I believed we had during my lifetime.   Maybe I was naive, but, inspite of the Roosevelt concentration camps for Americans in the Mohave Desert, etc - we believed and fought for our belief.   Trump may be the next "coming" but I think we have to hedge our bets a bit.   I wonder how we do that?  

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