Monday, September 19, 2016

We need some candor from the political elite/judicial elite et al

We need some candor from the political elite/judicial elite et al


kenneth ditkowsky

1:17 PM (6 hours ago)
The cries of racism echo through the press every single time an article is printed in which some person not on good paper with the media says something negative about a person with a dark colored complexion or a group that contains one or more people with a dark hue to their skin color.    However, when a favored political figure refers to a dark skinned individual in a negative manner the soap and water application is obvious including when such an individual actually violates the Civil Rights of the individual with a reported dark hue to his or her skin.

Of course, I am pointing to the Lanre Amu case.   Mr. Amu, a lawyer and graduate engineer, reported pursuant to Rule 8.3 the conflict of interest of a favored Judge Egan, and noted that she was sitting on cases involving a defendant who she was a member of the Board of Directors.   He further noted that Judge Egan's brother was a member of the law firm that routinely defended the law cases assigned to Judge Egan.
The Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary commission and the Illinois Supreme Court were so appalled by Mr. Amu audacity and dishonor in strictly complying with Rule 8.3 that they applied their full clairvoyance and determined that he was lying and suspended his license for 3 years.    Crain's Chicago Business made the exact same charge.   Judge Egan did not deny it; however, Lawyer Amu stands convicted of Practicing Law while Black.

Diane Nash, an Icon of the Civil Rights movement respectfully appeared to observe one of the Kangaroo hearings involving JoAnne Denison.   Proudly one of Jerome Larkin's flunkies stood at the Hearing Room door and bared ONLY Diane Nash from the room.   Larkin thus made a public statement that he was not one of the bleeding heart liberals who will allow just anyone into his kangaroo hearing rooms - Icons of the Civil Rights movement are not respectful enough!  They may taint his gilded premises!

Clearly, the Elite of the Political and Judicial world have a special countenance that entitles them to special status.   They are given a pass.    If the public does not approve - screw them is the watch words of the elite.   Ergo, Elder cleansing and stealing from Medicare have been accepted practice for years.  Jerome Larkin and the Supreme Court of Illinois have so far successfully covered up the Alice Gore case, the Mary Sykes case *****.    These elderly ladies had their life savings redistributed as they were warehoused for the profit of the miscreants.

Examples of the media, the political elite, the judicial elite, and the opinion makers paying homage to miscreants abound.   The current Wall Street Journal explains that maybe there is a crack in the dike!    Maybe the cover-up of official prevarications et al is coming to an end, to wit:

Travel Back to an Early Clinton Scandal by @peggynoonannyc

Maybe we are not as 'stupid' as our leaders claim we are?   However, I am gaining respect for that Yale professor and the General who bluntly told us just how stupid we are!

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