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Extra! Extra! Read all about it: guardianship miracle!

Extra! Extra! Read all about it: guardianship miracle!

Great news!! Wow! From Rick Black:
Tim Lahrman died September 15, 2016 :
The day the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee unanimously approved the first national guardianship oversight bill. May Tim rest in peace as we will carry on for him. We have to get this bill made into law…for Tim and thousands of others.
My commentary:
Tim Lahrman died just hours after our Foundation for Elder Justice was complete and we began to get clients to pursue ADA claims and free them from guardianship. A ward of the State of Indiana 30 years, this incapacitated Genius solved the seemingly unsolvable and immediately checked out of this World for a better one. I guess he’s happy now fishing with Jesus. I was devastated until I saw that his work was done once he taught his vision of Freedom Riders and knew the ADA was the solution! It was a rubicks cube to the rest of us! I initially thought of class actions everywhere and families who have suffered deserve to be made whole absolutely but the damages available are $10,000 per day per government official involved x 3 punitive damages plus attorney fees (the problem that created this mess) x 6% interest. My calculator doesn’t go that far but I’m just going to guess it would wipe the United States off the map because our debt is already trillions and Obama ran up 11 trillion and spent more than every President before him to create ObamaCare which pays more to kill you than keep you alive -/ 90% for hospice. do we destroy ourselves to compensate for the harm we caused? Is everyone insane or just stupid? Joking
I have a totally crazy idea that has to work because my life is such a comedy of errors UGGJPPA was enacted in 40 states and allows states (in theory) to reach over other states borders to sell real estate, guardianship wherever you own real estate, creating an incentive to kidnap those with Prime real estate and kill them for it. All to eliminate the hassle for lawyers to get a new bond if they wanted to take their wards to other states or avoid extradition of wards with no writ of the governor. It’s the most illegal frightening statute created by NGA and promoted by the Alzheimer’s Association who must all be incapacitated to be stupid enough to believe they can enact an illegal law that isn’t void. But 40 states have enacted it! Thank God Texas can’t Art 1. Sec 1. US Constitution. Think Trump could use a campaign platform? He could show compassion to Hillary and beat her with kindness!!
Tim Lahrman died yesterday but his memory is going to have such a HUGE impact, his mark on history will blow our minds. I told him this will spread like wildfire when I finally saw his vision. He laughed and sent me a Billy Joel song “We didn’t start the fire.” And I laughed but listening to the song, I noticed Joel mentioned famous people including Einstein. Einstein was his nickname. He used to study cases at the Notre Dame Law Library and was even escorted out once. He was arrested 5 times but once they declared him incompetent, they could not prosecute him because he didn’t have the capacity. He didn’t have the capacity to do anything so he didn’t have the liability for anything. It’s almost like he never existed! The brother that did this to him appeared at the hospital and gave his girlfriend the right to pull the plug but she didn’t have to. Drs said his heart was strong and body like a younger man which was hard to conceive because his childhood sweetheart wrote me and told me he had heart and lung problems for a long time. I asked him if he wanted me to get his capacity restored and he said no which made no sense to me because he had asked me to sue Indiana for $12 million unless he just forgave everyone and realized the odds of getting out of guardianship were nearly impossible, until that day.. 
Res Judicata prevents relitigation of an issue and was deemed to lack capacity to sue. So he could not appeal it. Only his guardian who sold him out had the right but he had a conflict of interest and if Tim was restored he could be sued for violating his civil rights. So I think he had two or three options which he determined were impossible. The federal judge would have had to be impeached, die or resign and Tim had an opportunity to sue under the ADA. He was placed in guardianship in 1987 and the ADA was enacted as the emancipation proclamation of 1990. He could have sued through a federal judge taking the place of the judge who ruled he had no capacity to sue based on changes in the law. There’s no standing bar under the ADA because anyone who has capacity can sue for him and retain counsel by Federal Rule 17c. States have no like provision. The ADA waives immunity so he could sue any private or public entity for discrimination and won. But the State court would still have to determine he had capacity and restore it and Allen County apparently has no record he was in guardianship. So how to you restore if there’s no record he was declared incapacitated. Roe v Wade the Supreme Court held that if an issue is repetitious yet evading review because it would be moot before you could have a court consider it, the Supreme Court could hear a case even though it is moot because he passed away. But let’s say we went to the Supreme Court after 1990 and sued under ADA.. At the end of the day, any money judgment he obtained would not be given to his girlfriend and family of 26 years but his children who abandoned him 15 years ago or possibly escheat to the State because he was a ward of the State. I have not determined who could have collected the judgment because I don’t know Indiana probate law, but I guess he realized that at the end of the day, crooked lawyers who designed this predatory system would consume his estate creating more conflict among family members that he already forgave. Isn’t it despicable that the system purportedly designed to “protect” steals, kills and destroys lives? All for money. The entire estates code is void in Texas and Indiana and I suspect every state in the United States where people are deemed chattel or property of the State who they treat as if they have no rights. It’s a legal fiction because the US Constitution is the supreme law of the land and any state law that violates it is void. An illegal law is a nullify. The scary end result is guardianship (as written) and practiced is illegal and violates basic human rights that we promised in The Hague Convention not to do- war crimes. It’s an International treaty so imagine how we look to the rest of The world. Ghandi said a nation is judged by how it treats its most vulnerable so those with authority and power to change this need to stand up and comply with their oath of office to enforce the constitution and laws of the United States or else they are guilty of treason. I heard from a State Representative that I would be surprised to know how many judges have no oath of office on file. If they don’t every order issued is void. So how bad is our hostage crisis? Leaders who do the right thing and have integrity will go down in history as world changers. Others will ultimately be disgraced when it’s all exposed which is imminent. So thank God for Tim Lahrman who studied the ADA 30 years to teach the intellectuals that their laws are illegal and 18 USC 242 says if a person is kidnapped and harmed and dies because of a conspiracy to deprive a person of civil rights, they get life in prison or the death penalty, appropriate for the suffering they caused. You can’t put a dollar value on human lives but if you could, the damages would 1e11 which is like 500,000,000,000. That’s a conservative estimate. Add 6% interest. Texas would be bankrupt out of existence. The same is true for every state doing this. It makes a lot of sense to enact laws that destroy ourselves doesn’t it? I wrote a memo that was sent to the House Senate AG and Governor entitled “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” to mock the supposedly intelligent attorneys thinking themselves clever and it’s outrageously funny and sad. I ended saying thank God for the First Amendment because without it we would need the 2nd very fast! I howled when I considered how others might react to it! I plan to write a book about Tim Lahrman, an incapacitated genius and Rik Munson, a saxophone player from California who introduces himself by saying “I smoke a lot of pot” and has filed a perfect Racketeering case in SD Texas after winning a trust opinion in the 5th Circuit. It’s going to be titled “a Mockery of the Court” because they are both going to change this illegal law and fix the mess our representatives created by trying to look busy to justify their position. They need to quit trying to fix things that aren’t broken. My strength has always been I know how to spot experts and pick the best people for the team. I’m not a good litigator and would welcome the chance to write. This is too stressful.
“As you’ve done to the least of these, you’ve done to me”. – Jesus Christ
So we are all guilty but we still have time to fix this!  I love happy endings!!!

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