Friday, September 23, 2016

This is a violent and unstable planet populated by sociopathic liars

Yesterday, I called this NGO--Casa Refugio-- which is dedicated to providing refuge for journalists under attack, here in Mexico City. I was told to send an email and that after it was reviewed I would be contacted for an appointment.

I called this morning to follow up, as I did not receive a confirmation of receipt, as I had requested. I was told that the house is now closed up.

It is getting pretty ridiculous. I have one more week at the Casa De Los Amigos (Friends Meeting House) and then I will of necessity have to leave. I cannot return to my home in Chiapas until there is some resolution of my situation vis a vis the Mexican government and no one here, I repeat no one, will lift a single finger other than to prevaricate and avoid.

What are my options? Shall I try living on the streets of Mexico City, sleep in Chapultepec Park?  That is an adventure I don't think is even sensible to try to undertake.  Frankly, unless some sort of miracle takes place within the next week, I suspect that my options have narrowed down to....NONE.

Beam me up, Scottie! This is a violent and unstable planet populated by sociopathic liars who will as soon drink your blood and throw you on the trash heap should you deviate from their vetted and pc hologram. Freedom is submission! Truth is lies! Long live the Prince of Darkness!!!

Janet Phelan

From: Janet Phelan <>
To: "" <>; Janet Phelan <>
Sent: Wednesday, September 21, 2016 10:53 AM
Subject: Contacto---Periodista Estadounidense


Mi correo aqui esta en Ingles. Si quisiera yo envio en Espanol, por favor avisame. Mi Espanol no es perfecto y por eso esta correspondencia esta escribiendo en mi idioma, Ingles.

Por favor confirmar recibo.


Janet Phelan

I am a US born journalist currently employed by an online geopolitical journal, New Eastern Outlook. I have fled the US and am  residing in San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas. Due to the elevated persecution discussed herein, I am currently in Mexico City seeking protection from the Mexican government, and am staying at Casa De Los Amigos.
My mother, Dr. Amalie Phelan, was victimized by a court appointed guardian, who stole her estate by false pretext and deliberately contrived to cause her premature death. These sorts of victimizations are now becoming commonplace in guardianship proceedings and are finally hitting the more mainstream press. The Wall Street Journal recently carried an article on guardian abuse  
and Al Jazeera ran a special on this subject. The GAO has produced several reports on the phenomenon of those who are pledged to protect and care for the elderly and disabled committing financial and physical crimes against their wards, with full knowledge and sanction of the court.
What makes my situation stand out is that there was an intelligence operative who micromanaged the attack on my mother which was subsequently expanded to harm my person because of my efforts to thwart the attacks on my mother.  In 2008,I fled the US for Latin America following a nearly fatal police assault and have published a book about what happened to us, and why. The intelligence operative is named in the book and self-incriminating documents bearing his signature are included.
Following the 2014 publication of my book, entitled EXILE, my situation in Mexico became increasingly unstable. My home began to be repeatedly entered in my absence and on several occasions I barely escaped arrest on bogus causes that can only be described as entrapment. What was occurring when my house was repeatedly entered is discussed in my petition and request for precautionary measures which was filed with CIDH on July 18, 2016, and constitutes activities that can best be described as utterly hazardous to my health. An attempt to file a complaint with the federal office for human rights resulted in an effort to arrest me, documented in my CIDH petition.

 The aggression I have experienced at the hands of the US intelligence community and their ability to garner cooperation with police forces in other countries is horrifying.  I have no criminal record and would like to be able to conduct my work in peace.
I also sit on the board of a human rights agency which was created in 2009 for the purposes of engaging the UN on human rights issues. The agency, ITHACA, has submitted reports to two UPR cycles concerning the US human rights record and our concerns have been footnoted in the general UN compilation of NGO concerns. Representing ITHACA, I have also participated in the Biological Weapons Convention in 2011 and plan to return to Geneva for the BWC this November.
I am a journalist and human rights defender, now living in fear for my life. Can you help?
Janet Phelan
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