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kenneth ditkowsky

4:08 PM (13 hours ago)
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People ask me -- Is it really true that Diane Nash was kept from attending the kangaroo hearing that Jerome Larkin held for JoAnne Denison.   My answer is "yes"  "She was the only one barred from the room and yes there was a seat right next to me that she could have occupied"          They walk away shaking their heads wondering if Jim Crow is alive and well!

Indeed, Jim Crow is alive in Illinois.   All this talk about every citizen is entitled to equal protection under the law is all TALK!    Our States Attorney, our Attorney General, our Governor, and in fact all our public officials have been silent.   Not one elected official has come forth and cried "SHAME"   Indeed, for that matter not one public official got the least bit excited when Lanre Amu was suspended from the Practice of Law for practicing while Black!    (Larkin at all times relevant knew that his petition against Lanre was being entered in the proceedings conduct by the Nobel committee for fiction.   Crain's Chicago Business made the very same averment as Mr. Amu!   Larkin knew his proceedings were bogus and his motive was racial, but just like the McDonald case (wherein the entire city counsel =50 Alderman = voted to bribe the McDonald Family to not file a lawsuit before the last election for mayor) total disrespect for the African American community and their rights were exhibited by the Political elite.

I note that the media is silent.   The Civil Rights organizations are silent.  AARP is silent, even the candidates for public office are silent.   THEY ARE ALL SILENT BECAUSE it is bad politics to alert any minority community that their elected representative think that they are stupid and can be led by nose.    The Conspiracy has silenced all Illinois as we have an election at stake and if the African American Community is alerted to the fact that their elected representations lack respect for them - they may vote for candidates who are not in office, or horrors to horrors they might induce people of integrity to run for public office.

Let me make it clear Mr. Larkin - it is your FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHT to be racist in your private life, but once you assumed the mantel of a public official you agreed and swore to protect the Constitution.   Racism in any form is a breach of the public trust.   As an individual you do not have to like me, nor do you have to associate with me, but as a public official you owe me your fidelity and my Constitutional Rights.

Larkin - I asked you nicely to apologize to my friends Lanre Amu and Diane Nash.  As you are a two faced ****** I did not expect an honest heartfelt apology - the best I could hope for was an insincere mumble - and I wrote you my friends would accept it. As is your pattern of perfidy - not even a mumble was heard from you.  Instead you wrote the Illinois Supreme Court that Ms. Denison's blog exposing judicial corruption was akin to yelling fire in a crowded theater.

All Illinois politicos must bear the shame of JIM CROW being alive and well in Illinois.   Obviously you have enough clout to survive the shame of being a public official who openly and notoriously discriminates against people of color and the media et al is not interested, BUT let me assure you -- there will come a day when every citizen - including those who have darker hue to their skins will have true equal protection under the law, and every person you have discriminated against will testify at the civil rights prosecution that we all will continue to lobby.   

The lowest and most venal political animal is one who openly and notoriously violates his oath as a public official and his oath as an attorney.   SHAME ON YOU, MR. LARKIN!    Your day is coming!     We will get our HONEST INVESTIGATION whether you, Ms. Farenga et al like it or not!

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