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Political TV Ad Starts Today Exposing Ignored Complaints Against Jared E. Shafer

Political TV Ad Starts Today Exposing Ignored Complaints Against Jared E. Shafer


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The ELDER CLEANSING scandal is a National problem and disgrace.    Maybe, these political advertisements will alert people to the fact in so many States it is very dangerous to get old.    The Florida indictment of Philip Esformes points out that using 30 nursing homes Esformes was able to steal a billion dollars from Medicare.   

Let me repeat that: He stole a billion dollars from MEDICARE.    

NOW LETS LOOKS A LITTLE DEEPER!   Medicare was not the only payor!    Insurance carriers, and the victim himself/herself were also part of the loot!

The nursing home operator who steals from the government is an equal opportunity thief!    Such is the reason that he enlists corrupt political operatives and corrupt judicial operatives to 'cover up' and assist in the criminal activities!   Here in Illinois we have Jerome Larkin and his co-conspirators openly assisting the miscreants in their Elder Cleansing activities, and we have public officials who systematically ignore the new American Holocaust.

The Elder Cleansing scandal should be part of the issues that are involved in the current election cycle.   The Vote fraud generated by the sheltered care facilities VOTING FOR or directing the votes of the elderly toward particular candidates of the dominate political party could mean the difference between x or y being elected.   Interesting that x and Y are both avoiding the issue.    What both x and y do not understand that in this election cycle we - the great unwashed - may actually have a 'say' in the outcome.    We certainly are not going to go silent because the ballot box is stuffed!   Business as usual went out the window when Bernie Sanders drew out thousands who wanted an HONEST MAN to be the candidate of the Democratic Party, and Donald Trump excited people who were tired of the Establishment's attitude that we are stupid.

Straight talk and forcing the Establishment to stop preying on us is the theme of this election for many of us.    We are tired of PAY TO PLAY and tired of being lied to!


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Subject: RE: Political TV Ad Starts Today Exposing Ignored Complaints Against Jared E. Shafer

This is really excellent Steve!   Gets the message out about forced guardianship fraud that helps all of us.
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Subject: Political TV Ad Starts Today Exposing Ignored Complaints Against Jared E. Shafer
Political TV Ad Starts Today
Former Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez-Masto is running to fill the seat of retiring U.S. Senator Harry Reid.
In 1976, Cortez-Masto's late father, then-Clark County Commissioner Manny Cortez, appointed his good friend Jared E. Shafer to be the county's first Public Guardian. Since that time, Shafer has been ripping off thousands of local seniors and disabled persons under color of law.
When Manny's daughter was Nevada A.G., she ignored several felony complaints against her father's friend Shafer. This is the basis of this month's political TV ad.
Click on the links below to view a political advertisement that beginning today will air for the next month throughout the state of Nevada. - SM

GUADALUPE OLVERA'S WAR! Elder Abuse Likely - Under Color Of Law
I'm going to go to California no matter what! I'm not
going to live here. I don't need that man either.
I don't need Jared (Shafer). - Guadalupe Olvera
Ms. Schultz kidnapped Mr. Olvera during the night
and brought him to California. - Jared Shafer
Las Vegas "guardian" Jared E. Shafer 
sued for "embezzling" $420,000.00 
from 95 year old former "ward"
Federal Racketeering lawsuit filed on August 8
Escape was only option for an old soldier trapped in guardian system
April 11, 2015
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