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Here in Illinois we have a State that is on the verge of Bankruptcy

Here in Illinois we have a State that is on the verge of Bankruptcy.     The precarious fiscal situation of the State has not fazed our Political Elite and they continue to spend the scarce funds as if there was no tomorrow.    Our governor has put his finger in the dike and drawn a torrent of criticism from civic groups etc.     Some of the criticism is justified as he has tried to plug a hole forty feet in diameter with a single pinky and even some of his knee jerk supporters are a bit unhappy.     
What has bothered me is the fact that the most obvious method of addressing Illinois’ fiscal problems has been ignored.       Several Government Accounting Office reports have been made available to our Political leaders, all of whom seem to have chosen to ignore them; however, if they took a few minutes and dialed them up on the Internet they would discover an obvious solution.    NASGA, Probate Sharks, and MaryGSykes all have references to them.      We are all aware that our State and Federal Income Tax law requires all earned benefits to be taxed.      Thus, as an example, when the guardian in the Mary Sykes case accessed Mary and Gloria Sykes’ safety deposit box and stole a million dollars in gold coins, that guardian incurred taxable income of one million dollars.       It is also clear that all of the miscreants who aid and abetted the crime (18 USCA 371) also became liable jointly and severally for the taxes interest and penalties.
Why has our governor not gotten hot and bothered and demanded the Illinois Department of Revenue (IDR) do an HONEST INVESTIGATION and collect the taxes, interest, and penalties.      A document that you can find on the Internet titled:  DANGEROUS CHOICES. How LACHF Nursing Homes Misplaced Priorities Could Be Putting Residents at Risk.      This report was authored by the Nursing Home Caregivers’ Union SEIU Local 4.      Another answer might be found in the indictment of Phillip Esformes by the Justice Department for stealing a billion dollars in Medicare funds.      Esformes accomplished this feat using 30 nursing homes that he controlled in South Florida – imagine what is going on here in Northern Illinois wherein his family controlled many many more nursing homes.       Imagine further what the toll was to insurance carriers and the families of the victims who were elder cleansed.       The loot totals many billions more that even the critics of the Clinton Foundation claim for that entity.
How does any government entity or elected official shut down a criminal enterprise that can generate a gross product equal or greater than the economy of entire sovereign States?     Indeed, the criminal enterprises might exceed in gross dollars more money than the legitimate businesses of the State of Illinois.      The Chicago Tribune has reported the Michael Madigan ***** leaders of the Democratic Party are on retainer to the Esformes Nursing Homes.       It is thus pretty obvious that Lisa Madigan, the daughter of Michael Madigan, and the Attorney General of the State of Illinois might be reluctant to address this problem.     It also might be suggested that none of the Political Elite want to jeopardize their positions by being too anxious to do HONEST INVESTIGATIONS of an industry that can steal with only 30 nursing homes a BILLION dollars.
Medicare payments are not the only loose public cash laying around to be booty for the Political and Judicial Elite.      The plea of guilty of Seth Gillman to stealing hundreds of Millions of Dollars of funds designed for Hospice activities indicates a similar opportunity.     The Health care programs of the State and Federal government offer countless opportunities to bilk the public programs by these well organized and heavily clouted individuals.       Corruption can and is being bought wholesale by the Rich and powerful, and sold openly by corrupt public and judicial officials.     We, the great unwashed, are almost helpless to stop the deluge of excreta that is being generated by over-paid and underperforming public officials.     A moral compass is deemed a detriment in an elected official and severe efforts are made to make certain that a substantial body of miscreants populate our Courts and our government.
Fortunately, we have a substantial body of HONEST public servants hiding in the forests of corruption and chaos that is our current government.       Years ago the League of Women Voters initiated a slogan, to wit: “DEMOCRACY IS NOT A SPECTATOR SPORT!”      This group of courageous women in Illinois faced down corruption that was not as well funded as today’s version, but equally venal.      They were appalled by a Secretary of State who told the public: “Make your checks out to Paul Powell!”     We did, and he cashed them!     Millions went into his shoe boxes and exchequer.      The general public thought it was humorous when a procurer was made a Federal Judge.    
The Ladies of the League of Woman Voters literally took the bull by the horns and with determination forced the Illinois Constitutional convention of 1970 and reform.     This is Illinois, so it did not last long, but it did happen.    Of course the ladies had some strong co-conspirators and they could not have done it without a feed up populace and the ‘great unwashed!’     
Today, we face another crisis.      This time the quest for riches – i.e. cold cash – is motivating another general of pernicious predators with no moral compass except avarice.      This political clout is fueled by the wealth that they control and how high and how far it stretches cannot be determined without an HONEST INVESTIGATION.      Writing to public officials is almost a waste of time.    Congressional committees are almost insulting in their disinterest, and individual elected representative border on being insulting.     I wrote Senator Durbin of Illinois about the problem.     His response was to send me a copy of one of his speeches on saving Social Security.     (Why would I be interested in saving Social Security – it was being stolen by either a guardian who was appointed to steal the estate of a disabled elderly person, or by a nursing home that turned an elderly person into a zombie by drugging her ***).    Our remedy was and is zilch!
However, today Illinois is on the verge of Bankruptcy.    (Other states and the USA also suffer from fiscal embarrassment) The populace is just about taxed out and a tax rebellion, if not underway today, will be part of our life soon.      People are fleeing Illinois to escape the onerous taxation that they cannot afford, and America in general is not in ‘good health’ except in the fantasy world that the political elite running for election claim is reality.      It is so bad out there that the government (by a college professor who worked on Obama care, and a General who was part of the negotiation of the Iran deal) itself points out to us that we are too stupid to know better.     We then prove it by indicating that we overwhelmingly support the very same political elite who are bragging that they put something over on us!    
Maybe this e-mail will only be read by the choir.    Maybe it will be ignored.     I have to say this – America has a good product.     We ought to preserve it for our children and grandchildren and this means to we have to understand that Democracy is not a spectator sport and you and I have to stand up be counted.     If we do not do so, our children and grandchildren will not know the joys of America and American Democracy that we have grown up to take for granted.
The source of our problem is easily ascertained – corrupt public, judicial and elected officials who openly and notoriously violate the public trust.      Everywhere in our society these miscreants dismantle our institutions and turn them into criminal enterprises.      This need not happen.    We have scores of “honest” public servants who we can ally with and we have law enforcement people who are ready willing and able to address the problem.     The arrest of Seth Gillman and Philip Esformes are just two examples.      Law enforcement cannot enforce the law against people it does not know about, and it cannot operate either alone or in a vacuum.
In her blog, (MaryGSykes) JoAnne Denison has asked people who suffered from guardianship abuse to fill out a detailed form.     Probate Sharks and NASGA have published hundreds of complaints of guardianship abuse.     In Florida, Dr. Sugar’s AAApg blog et al is trying to bring to public attention the fact that growing old in Florida is extremely dangerous.     You do not have worry about the z virus – there is Philip Esformes and Seth Gillman lurking in the swamp – as they prey on the health care system you also do not escape.
Together and in unison we have to DEMAND an Honest Investigation of these predators who are scamming the system.     We also have to demand that every miscreant who joins the conspiracy to isolate grandma so that she can be deprived or her humanity, liberty and property by Court appointed guardians PAY HIS/HER FEDERAL AND STATE INCOME TAXES, including INTEREST AND PENALTIES on the funds that jointly and severally were liquidated from grandma.      Not only will the profit be removed from ‘elder cleansing’ but the solvency of the State of Illinois and the several states will be assured.     [1]
There is an added benefit to TAX Collection of the booty obtained by the 18 USCA 371 and Civil Rights conspiracy.     Public officials who engaged in the protection and cover=up of corrupt public officials, judicial officials et al will find that their ‘cover ups’ not only have serious consequences, but were very expensive.     Of course – I have Jerome Larkin in mind.      He has had every opportunity to join in requesting an HONEST INVESTIGATION, but has not only been reluctant, but has misused his public office and breached his position to trust in the effort to protect the Elder Cleansing industry.     He would make an excellent example – the punishment of his crimes would deter many public servants from repetition of the 18 USCA 371 cover-up.[2]

[1] Under Federal law, Civil enforcement of the tax law provides that the taxpayer has the burden of proof.   Ergo, Philip Esformes has to prove that he the sum of money he stole from Medicare was NOT a billion dollars.     He also will have to prove that the sum he stole from x and y was not an and b respectively.     Lying to the IRS is a very unrewarding situation.    Therefore, when they ask him where he hid the proceeds ******.
[2] When the Judge in the Sykes case 09 P 4585 admitted on page 91 of her deposition that she was “fixed” all were stunned.     How brazen she was!      We soon found out she was a protected person as she was elevated to the Appellate Court of Illinois.    Her successor committed perjury in the JoAnne Denison kangaroo hearings.     Disclosure of judicial corruption was represented by the Attorney Disciplinary Commission as akin to yelling fire in a crowded theater.    The evidence of Jerome Larkin’s perfidy is all of record and his infamy legend.    His protection of the Sykes miscreants made him jointly and severally liable for the taxes on about three million dollars in the Sykes case******.

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