Thursday, July 14, 2016

The battle lines have been drawn



kenneth ditkowsky

12:52 PM (17 hours ago)
The battle lines have been drawn.   If you are exposing corruption of the privileged political and judicial elite you are "toast!"   No matter where you turn there is an concerted effort to abrogate the core values of America and in particular the First Amendment.

In Florida the Helen Stone case is a beacon of horror.   The extra-judicial judicial treatment of Barbara Stone sands as hallmark of corruption.     Dr. Sugar is now under attack again as he stands up against the illegal guardianships for profit that are so lucrative to Florida judicial miscreants.  Apparently, Dr. Sugar is making headway.   Mrs. Smith had to fight off a guardian and a court the found that her objection to the exploitation of Col Smith warranted the annulment of her marriage.   Mrs. W objected to a guardian seizing her personal monies.  The Circuit Court saw nothing wrong with a confiscation penalty being imposed.  The Appellate Court reversed, so the trial court just assessed the confiscation penalty as the guardian's attorney fees.

In Illinois we have Jerome Larkin totally lawless misconduct and precedent.    Indeed, Larkin usurped the Illinois Constitution and the US Constitution by ruling that it was not unethical to harvest the gold in Alice Gore's mouth, the million dollars of gold coins in Mary Sykes' safety deposit box, *****, but it was ethically challenged to make the same public in the MaryGSykes blog.    He described the disclosure of Judicial corruption and in particular giving public the information as to where to find the evidence of Judicial corruption as akin to yelling fire in a crowded theater.    (in particular, at page 91 of her evidence deposition Judge Connors admitted to being 'fixed' and or "wired"  - and in the unaltered transcript of Judge Stuart's testimony she admits to perjury)    Indeed, so necessary to the quest to destroy America's First Amendment and Right of Free Speech that even the Supreme Court of Illinois is apparently willing to look the other way and allow Larkin to misuse public funds (embezzlement) to pay unlicensed court reporters for their 'services rendered' even though the Illinois Legislature in paragraph 13 of the Court reporter licensing Act prohibits such activity.    

I do not know if any of the other claims as to similar action are accurate, but a full court press is in full force and effect to protect the business of elder cleansing, to wit: isolation of the elderly so that a guardian can be appointed to with corrupt Court supervision individual elderly can be stripped of their liberty, their property, their humanity and every dollar that they saved or amassed in their lifetime.   (The Mary Sykes case 09 P 4585 is a text book example of exactly how the dastardly deed is done)       

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Subject: Senate Democrats Attack Our Free Speech

Dear Reader,
You may not have seen it atop the headlines this week, but a group of 19 Democratic Senators have spent the past two nights publicly shaming and threatening The Franklin Center and dozens of other taxpayer groups. Due to policy differences, they are waging an ideologically-motivated scare campaign designed to silence anyone who disagrees with them, and mocking our “so-called” commitment to government and public integrity.
In other words, we’re on their “enemies list.”
The Senators’ message to Franklin Center and our allies is simple: fold - don’t offer counterarguments to a Big Government agenda, don’t engage in meaningful public debates, don’t resist any legal witch hunts into your organization. This is the last thing we need in today’s polarized political climate.
As this incident reminds us, the Franklin Center is not without its critics (we wouldn’t be doing our jobs if we didn’t make people in government angry from time to time), but we would never begrudge them the right to disagree with us and share their side of the story. If Sheldon Whitehouse, Harry Reid, Elizabeth Warren, and their other 16 cohorts in the Senate want to dispute our reporting, they should do it with arguments and facts, not legal intimidation tactics that verge on outright tyranny.
It doesn’t matter what position you take on the policy in question here. We must defend the underlying principle that every American has the right to support causes he or she believes in. It’s not the government’s job to monitor the private opinions of regular citizens by keeping tabs on what groups you or I support.
In Liberty,
Nicole Neily
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