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It has come to our attention at Probate Sharks that certain courts are using uncertified personnel as their court reporters.   This is illegal.

According to the link below,

The primary function of a court reporter is to make a verbatim record of all testimony in a court proceeding and, upon request, produce a written transcript of the proceeding. The reporter must be an excellent grammarian and speller, and must be adept at vocabulary - particularly legal, medical, and technical terminology.
Qualifications for Official Court Reporters in the State of Illinois include: (1) the reporter must be a resident of the State of Illinois; (2) the reporter must possess a Certified Shorthand Reporters Certificate issued by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulations; and (3) the reporter must pass a proficiency examination administered by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulations.  More about the requirements can be read at the link below.


If you want to verify whether or not the court reporter on your case is certified in accordance with the law, you can look up their certification on this website:  https://ilesonline.idfpr.illinois.gov/DPR/Lookup/LicenseLookup.asp

Next to the word  "Board" hit the arrow down, and a list of professions appears at the bottom of the screen.    Choose "Shorthand Reporter", and press "Search".      You will then see a list of all shorthand reporters in the state of Illinois.    

If the person who prepared your transcript is not licensed, please report to the appropriate authorities, including the Chicago FBI office.    Please report your findings to the Certified Shorthand Reporters Board below as well.

Certified Shorthand Reporters Board   


Shorthand reporters became regulated in 1967. No person may practice shorthand reporting on a temporary or permanent basis in the State without being certified under the Act. The practice of shorthand reporting means reporting by the use of any system of manual or mechanical shorthand writing of Grand Jury proceedings, court proceedings, court related proceedings of like character, or proceedings of an administrative agency when the final decision of the agency is likely to be subject to judicial review. The Board is composed of six licensed shorthand reporters and one public member appointed by the Secretary. The Board constructs examinations and makes recommendations to the Secretary regarding matters of discipline and professional conduct.         

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