Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Alchemy of Idiots, Negotiating Great Client Outcomes: New MCLE

Alchemy of Idiots, Negotiating Great Client Outcomes: New MCLE


kenneth ditkowsky

6:11 AM (23 hours ago)

When the Administrator of the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission gets caught violating the law - i.e. engaging unlicensed professionals, illegally paying them with public funds, and then in exparte proceedings appearing before the Court to seeks reimbursement for the illegal payments a strong message is being sent to the public,    It is not a positive one.   

This is the same disciplinarian who has misrepresented the SCOTUS rulings, assaulted the First Amendment, protected and covered up unconscionable conduct on the part of clout heavy and corrupt lawyers, judges, and judicial officials etc.   His crimes and ethically challenged actions are legend and obscene - yet as a memorial to corruption he laughs at the law, the Constitution, and the oath of a lawyer.
Equal protection of the law and the Bill of Rights (1st ten amendments to the Constitution) are routinely mocked and ignored as elderly citizens are elder cleansed openly and notoriously.  (elder cleansing being isolation of senior citizens so that they can be systematically deprived or their savings, assets, liberty and rights by court appointed guardians acting wrongfully under the supervision of the Court in their nefariousness.    In the Gore case the avarice included removing her teeth so that access could be had by the miscreants to the few grains of gold in her teeth.    These grains of gold were not inventoried - the miscreants just pocketed them a spoils of elder cleansing.)

To demonstrate that the legal profession is not 'likeable' the Illinois Supreme Court has failed to act against obvious criminal activity by the IARDC and its administrator that it would not tolerate from Joe sixpack.    

Illinois is one of the most corrupt States in the Union, and it supplies the jails with corrupt political and judicial officials on a regular basis.    We even had two former governors in prison at the very same time!
It is scant comfort to read the Wall Street Journal and enjoy the fact that their corrupt political structure is finally getting its due.     see:   Probe of Ex-Aide Caused a Stir at N.Y. Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s Office

Because of Jerome Larkin's numerous and obvious violations of the criminal law, and his 18 UsCA 371 conspiracy to elder cleanse literally hundreds of senior citizens many have called for his to resign his position at the IARDC and surrender his law license.    

What good is CLE if the Rule of Law means nothing?    The elder cleansing cases such as Mary Sykes 09 P 4585, and in re: Alice Gore (cook county circuit court, probate division) demonstrate the lawlessness and cover-up and perfidy that the citizens all over the United States have to deal with as law enforcement and the media demonstrate great restraint in enforcing the law against public officials with clout!

Ken Ditkowsky

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Subject: Alchemy of Idiots, Negotiating Great Client Outcomes: New MCLE

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