Monday, May 16, 2016

Campbell Falk Bill Now Law

Editor's note: You ProbateShark is concerned about the formulation of a similar bill in Illinois.  One of the authors of such a bill is an ex-judge from the corrupt Probate Court of Cook County.  This Shark contacted the organization writing the proposed bill and was denied access to the hearing as it was "closed to the public". Naturally, the authors would place protective measures to indemnify judges, lawyers, GALs and nursing homes operators from any action by law enforcement or civil law suites.  Lucius Verenus, Schoolmaster,  


Campbell Falk Bill Now Law

Campbell Falk Bill Now Law will be effective on Monday, May 16, 2016 when the Governor of Tennessee Bill Haslam makes it official by applying his John Hancock to the Bill. Glen Campbell who has been suffering with Alzheimer’s Disease will now have some protection.
Travis Campbell, Debby Campbell-Cloyd, Catherine Falk, Senator Rusty Crowe and many others’s fought long and hard to get this bill passed and they succeeded.
Glen Campbell’s first daughter (Debby Campbell-Cloyd) and son (Travis Campbell) became involved when their father’s fourth wife Kim Campbell was not allowing them to visit their father.  They had to take her to court to get visitation, something that should be a GOD given right to parents and children.

Campbell Falk BILL now LAW

The brand new Law protects a person who have become wards of the State or who have conservators controlling their finances, day to day living and visitation.  These poor wards are not even allowed to get mail, a very basic right that is given even to death row inmates.
This new law helps to prevent abuse of the system and those conservators and protects the Wards.  Now Travis and Debby will have liberal visitation to their father and so will all the other people that this BILL turned LAW affects in Tennessee.
Congratulations Travis Campbell, Debby Campbell and most especially Catherine Falk, the daughter of Peter Falk who is getting this Bill or Bills similar to it passed state by state.  She has worked so long and hard at this so that what happened to her and her father will never happen to another human being again.
Click here to read the BILL at the Catherine Falk Organization website.

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