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Wanted! We have had inquiries

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Wanted! We have had inquiries

Wanted! We have had inquiries...

We have had inquiries about the following list of attorneys, judges, guardians and other fiduciaries encountered by our viewers. If you have any information on any of these individuals, please email us at . We would appreciate your input. This dynamic list will be updated frequently. This list and any information gathered from it is being compiled for educational purposes and does not necessarily suggest untoward behaviour of those parties listed. Lucius Verenus, Schoolmaster,

Ingrid Babitsky IL Caregiver
Costigan Niedle IL Paralegal
Melanie Frazier IL Guardian
Miriam Solo IL Attorney (GAL) aka Miriam Greenfield aka Miriam Faskowitz aka Miriam Solveichik
David Martin IL Attorney (GAL)
Melinda Martin IL Attorney (GAL)
Lynne Kowamoto IL-TX Ex-Judge  **
Jane Stuart IL Judge
Benjamin Topp IL Care Management
Sally Griffin IL Trust Officer
Janna Dutton IL Attorney
Morris Esformes IL FL NY Nursing homes owner
Moshe Faskowitz IL FL NY Rabbi
Pam Chwala IL RN(case manager)
Bruce Lange IL Attorney
Devon Bank IL Fiduciary
Tom Kleinhinz IL CEO Rehab Assist
Karen Bowes IL Attorney
Peter Schmiedel, IL Attorney
Kevin Carter IL Agent for Rehab Assist
Cynthia Feranga IL Attorney (GAL)
Maureen Connor IL Judge
James Reily IL Judge
Joel Brodsky IL Attorney
Len LeRose IL Attorney (GAL)
Dawn Lewandowski-Keller IL Attorney
John Fleming IL Judge
Ruben Garcia IL Attorney (GAL)
Donita Link IL Nursing Home Administrator
Adam Stern IL Attorney GAL
Helen Grimaldi IL Elder Abuse investigator for Catholic Charities
Kindred Guardian Services, inc. IL Care givers
Signe Gleeson IL CEO Eldercare Solutions Case management
Dr. Geoffrey Shaw IL Physician
Dr. Stephen Fox IL Physician
Dr. Mark Amdur IL Physician
Home Instead Caregiving Agency in Chicago on Marine Drive IL Caregivers
MB Financial Bank IL Fiduciary
Northern Trust Bank IL Fiduciary
First Nations Bank of Canada Manatoba (FNBC) Fiduciary
Editor's note: (FNBC) is not to be confused with the First National Bank of Chicago. This Canadian Tribal bank is used for Chicago Probate Court trusts. Why????  Any of the DOJ folks who frequent our site...This confusing use of a tribal bank (FNBC) should raise RED FLAGS. Lucius Verenus, Schoolmaster,
Laura Bice     IL     Attorney
Tom Brewer   IL     Attorney, former FBI agent
Mary Raleigh  IL    Attorney, GAL
Michael J. Crowley    IL   Real Estate
Lifecare           IL    Guardian
Matthew McQuiston  IL Attorney, Accountant
Katten, Muchen, Rosenman  IL Law Firm
Richard M. Daley, IL Of Counsel, Katten, Muchen, Rosenman
Melvin Katten,   IL    Attorney
Myrrha Guzman   IL   ARDC
Brandi Kukurba IL Elder Abuse Investigator - Catholic Charities
Sheryl Fuhr   IL  Elder Law Attorney
James Meyer  IL  Attorney, GAL
Darryl Rosenzweig  IL  Attorney
Kathleen Meersman Murphey  IL  Attorney, GAL
American Bank & Trust   IL  Fiduciary
Amy McCarty IL  Elder Law Attorney
VITAS Hospice  IL
 Michael Hubbard GAL, IL Attorney
Philip Tortorich, Attorney,  Katten Muchen
Mary Hays, Attorney,   Aronberg Goldgehn
Heidi Kronnenberg, guardian, worked for Rehab Assist
Magnolia Care Solutions
 Ray J. Koenig III, managing member of Clark, Hill PLC’s Chicago office,

Angel Homecare IL
Victoria Dziezbick IL
Sharon Opryszek, Atty Melissa Smart, Atty Jerome Larkin, ARDC
Ollie Dragon  IL  Actor
Karen Bowes, Judge, IL
Mordecai Faskowitz, Murderer, IL


Editor's note: wishes to thank our anonymous information contributors. Please keep the tips coming on our sharkline phone, commentary and email. Lucius Verenus, Schoolmaster,

** Travesty of the Week Award goes to Judge Lynne Kowamoto for "allowing a mentally disabled person to be guardian of a 99 year old disabled ward"

Editor's note: View video of NASGA protesters in Washington at link below.

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