Saturday, April 23, 2016

As I was discussing some of the elder cleansing problems

As I was discussing some of the elder cleansing problems with Katherine Hine and Janet Phelan yesterday, I realized that the articles the Janet has been writing are much more articulate and biting than any I could write and in a few words she has expressed the problem and placed it into perspective. 

Ergo, it might be worthwhile to gather the articles together, bind them as essays on the American Holocaust of elder cleansing and make them available for all to read.   The stories of Alice Gore, Mary Sykes, Helen Stone, Col Smith, Tim Lahrman, Carol Wyman are not only compelling but a case study of importance.   How could this happen in America?  Why is there an officially promulgated 'cover-up?'    Indeed, why is Jerome Larkin not being prosecuted for the 18 USCA 371 cover-up that he is conducting and why are the miscreants who stole three million dollars Mary Sykes, 1.5 million dollars from Alice Gore ****** not in jail?   Why in Illinois, a State on the verge of Bankruptcy, is the taxing authority not on Jerome Larkin's doorstep demanding that he and his cronies pay to the State the income taxes, interest and penalties on the 3 million dollars of Sykes money and 1.5 million of Gore money *** that is the bounty of the 18 USCA 371, 18 USCA 241, 18 USCA 242 cover-ups?

All that said, the Jerome Larkin situation and the Tim Lahrman situation suggests a very serious problem.   We know from reading the Chicago Tribune - John Kass - that to be a Judge you have to PAYOFF the dominant political party with a substantial payoff sum.   We also know that most of the lawyers paying to be slated consider the payoff as an investment ergo corruption is inevitable.    Of course the political organization protects the investor lawyer and thus the MaryGSykes blog is akin to yelling fire in a crowded theater and Larkin and the Illinois Supreme Court are not embarrassed by their 18 USCA 241,242 violation.  (The Rule 8.3 violation is their private joke! and reserved for ****).   If the investor is not protected and cannot recover the investment by a few extra circular remunerations the reliability of the fund might be called into question.

Such is a fact of life.   Thus, across the border from Illinois in Indiana a travesty equal to Gore/Sykes/Wyman/Tyler et al is playing out.   Herein in Illinois the elderly and the disabled are being harvested to feed the coffers of the health care operators of nursing home, guardianship mills, pharmacological dens, **** all leading to the 700% fraud surcharge on health care.   Yes, Seth Gillman, Anthony Resko, **** may go to jail, but, the FRAUD is being protected by public officials and draining the life of the State.

I've begged for an HONEST INVESTIGATION.    The Government Accounting Office has done four.  They are disclosed on the NASGA blog.   What has been done?   Well - I got suspended from the practice of law for four years, JoAnne Denison three years ******.    I do not know if Jerome Larkin got a raise in salary, but, some of his subordinate co-conspirators did.   Of course many more elderly and disabled people were victimized - i.e. abused, exploited, deprived of their civil and human rights***.     BUT THE PROBLEM REMAINS.

Mark Hexum (an Illinois citizen) has been leading a grass roots campaign to address the obvious problem of judicial corruption and the cover=up here in Illinois.   Mark, as a citizen, wants to be proud of Illinois and to be assured that when he has to address a problem in the Court that the Judge is NOT wired, is knowledgeable of law and is fair minded.   As this is what the Illinois Constitution of 1970 promises Mark's expectation should be a reality, however, we all know that it is not!

I suggested to Mark a partial solution.   Every young lawyer to obtain his/her law license has to pass the bar examination.   The bar examination is intentionally and diligently drafted to be fair and balanced and since 1961 when I sat for the examination I have never heard a complaint that it was not fair.   Even the lawyers sitting for it that failed to pass had to lay the blame on themselves and not the examination.   Thus, ridding the Courts of incompetent judges is relatively simple.   Require Judges prior to starting their term on the bench to pass the very same bar examination that the young lawyers have to take.   To prevent proxy examine takers, and other fraud there should be one modification in the examination of judges.  The judge's examination would be oral, on video and open on the net to viewing at any time.

Thus, a candidate for judge would have to pay the usual bribe of $150,000 for his/her judgeship to the dominant party committeeman and pass the bar examination!


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