Monday, April 25, 2016

The Bruce Report- Volume 96

The Bruce Report- Volume 96
The Regular Guy Movie Reviews
Criminal - 2 Little Brucies
A very hard to believe film! The plot is OK, but the movie tries to make us think that the events can happen! Wait for the DVD! 
Everybody Wants Some - 2 Little Brucies
It's about a college baseball team that wants to get drunk, smoke pot and get laid in a four day period! I found it average! Young teens and mid twenty's will like it more than i did!
Miles Ahead - 3 Little Brucies
A great performance by Don Cheedle sets the tone of a ten year period of Miles Davis's life! Worth seeing! AA worthy!  
New Televisions Shows
Just letting you know that i seldom watch reality shows  (Except The Voice) so there will never be a review of them!
The Catch-ABC- 7 Tortellacci's- A little far fetched, but leads Peter Krause and Mirielle Enos have a great chemistry and i think this show has a chance to survive!
Game Of Silence- NBC- 6.5 Tortellaccis- A loose remake of the movie Sleepers where four young boys are sent to a youth prison and are forced to have sex with the guards and warden! Now it is payback time! I will give it a little more time!
The Real O'neals- ABC- 3 Little Tortellacci's- Not funny! Walk on by! Couldn't carry Modern Family or The Goldbergs jocks!
Dice- HBO- 5 Little Tortellecci's- 2 episodos seen and i am not impressed! Stick to stand up Andrew!
Criminal Minds Beyond Borders- CBS- 5.5 Tortellacc's- Even though it stars Highland Parks own Gary Sinese it is not very interesting or exciting! I hope the show makes it! In case you didn't know Gary does a lot for veterans!

Our Big Announcement.
My Favorites Bands
No not singers or groups (Next Week)
1. The Beatles
2. The Rolling Stones
3. The Cream
4. Led Zepplin
5. The Beach Boys
6. Jimi Hendrix Experience
7. The Doors
8. The Who
9. Queen
10. The Eagles
11. U2
12. Journey
13. Pink Floyd
14. The Animals
15. Heart
16. Santana
17. The Kinks
18. Kiss
19. AC/ DC
20. The Delvets  
The Worlds Most Evil Men
1. Adolph Hitler
2. Joseph Stalin
3. Henrich Himmler
4. Pol Pot
5. Benito Mussolini
6. Idi Amin
7. Atilla The Hun
8. Oliver Cromwell
9. Saddam Hussein
10. Caligula
11. Ivan The Terrible
12. Jim Jones
13. Charles Manson
14. Jeffrey Dahmer
15. Andy From Beinlichs
16. The 1969 New York Mets

Well gang it looks like it's happy trails time again! Drive safely, hug your kids and stay healthy!
See you next week
Little Brucie 
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