Sunday, January 31, 2016

Want to be on national TV?

There have been several books written.   Janet wrote the book Exile, John wrote Against Her Will, etc.   I believe Mr. Grundstein has at least two books.

Gloria Sykes is an award winning investigative producer and I understand that she is writing sometime and preparing something as we speak.

CBS actually did an extensive interview as to the Mary Shykes case - the file (tape) got lost.  John Wyman also was interviewed - his material was never shown.    Gloria has friends in the media - they should have jumped all over the miscreants as they actually viewed Mary interacting with President Clinton -- had Judge Connors actually held a hearing no matter how much the expert was paid, he would have had to engage in bold faced perjury to suggest Mary Was incompetent.   Mary's physical WOULD NOT SIGN the affidavit that she was incompetent!

videos of Mary actually are on the MaryGSykes blog that make it very clear that the two guardian ad litem, the attorney for the guardian, the guardian and the judge if they ever interviewed or say Mary they knew she was very competent and a guardian being appointed for her was a sham and a fraud.   Law enforcement has access to these videos by just turning on their computers and dialing in the MaryGSykes blog!    Is this happening?  

Yes - the National media ought to be zeroing in on elder cleansing - they are not.   The national media ought to be zeroing in on the open and notorious violations of the First Amendment and intimidation of lawyers who respect their oath and their duties as citizens - they are not.

The question is why?   I do not know and can only speculate!   However, I do know that the promulgators of the war on the elderly and the disabled are making fortunes on their abuse and exploitation of the elderly and the disabled.    Ergo - MONEY TALKS!    I am certain that you would not think of rewarding the judge who gave you control over your husband's life -- and I am equally certain that the guardian appointed for Col Smith rewarded the judge who appointed him quite handsomely.   NB - why else would the judge work so hard to open and notorious enter orders that he knew or should have known were absolutely wrong and improper!

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