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The Philip Esformes indictments have created interest in Chicago

Editor's note: Your ProbateShark wishes that the FBI and DOJ would indict all of the Esformes type criminals (judges, lawyers, healthcare providers, and insurance companies) who forged and fabricated the case for the destruction of Alice R. Gore, her life and estate. Just contact this Shark for complete evidence against these crooks. Lucius Verenus, Schoolmaster,

The Philip Esformes indictments have created interest in Chicago.   The scuttlebutt is interesting as it is common belief - though not necessarily accurate belief that it is only a question of a really short period of time before the excreta hits the fan.   All the posturing in the world cannot hide the fact that several of Esformes' compatriots have been and are terrified appropriately that if the FBI catches them in an untruth their world will come to an end.   The rumor was that the USA has electronic material (some video) that backs up the averments of criminal activity.    Co-conspirators (Delgato) actually taped some of their encounters with Esformes.   

This morning I was told that the Miami Herald has disclosed the fact that were tapes.   I could not find that account, but I did find:

Business information and analysis about Seniors Housing

‘Explosive’ New Charge Added To $1 Billion Fraud Case

February 13, 2017 by Tim Mullaney

The owner of a number of Miami-based assisted living and health care facilities who was arrested in a $1 billion Medicare fraud scheme last year has been slammed with another charge.
This month, health care executive Philip Esformes, 47, had another charge added to his laundry list of other charges. The new charge accuses him of paying thousands of dollars to an employee with the Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) to obtain patient complaints and inspection schedules for his facilities, the Miami Herald reports.
The facilities owned by Esformes were known as the Esformes Network. He owned and operated Adar Associates, Eden Gardens LLC, Lauderhill Manor LLC, Flamingo Park Manor LLC and La Serena Retirement Living LLC.
The newest chargewhich Herald reporter Jay Weaver describes as “explosive” comes from an incident when Esformes gave $5,000 to a friend to bribe the employee at the AHCA in order to fix certain problems in his facilities before the state showed up. Little did he know, his confidant Gabriel Delgado was working for the other side.
Delgado videotaped the encounter with Esformes to help investigators target him after he and his brother had gotten into legal issues themselves, according to the article.
Esformes has been in jail since July on the charges of conspiracy, obstruction, money laundering and health care fraud.
Almost all of his assets had been temporarily frozen under a judge’s order including 13 real estate properties (including a house renovated into a private basketball facility) in Miami Beach, Miami, Chicago and Los Angeles, a number of bank accounts with $9 million, a Ferrari Aperta sports car and a Grubel Forsey watch, according to the Miami Herald.
The executive also allegedly used the fraud money for stays at the Ritz-Carlton and to pay for a basketball coach for one of his three children.
Esformes has not obtained bail, even with $3 million from supporters including a rabbi from Chicago, where Esformes is originally from.
Prosectors said that Esformes’ $78 million in assets around the country, as well as a plan to help Delgado flee to Israel to avoid trial in 2015, was sufficient enough evidence to prove the defendant’s intent to flee, the article says.
If convicted at trial, he could spend the rest of his life in prison.
Read the full story from the Miami Herald.

It appears that the Trump Administration and the Congress are not ignorant of the fact that the health care frauds and in particular the crimes perpetrated against the elderly and the disabled (i.e. Medicare/Medicaid frauds) are out of control and re=establishing order, honesty, and control over the system is a condition precedent to any health care reform.   It has apparently not been lost upon  the Administration that the success of most of its programs is also tied to putting the bad guys out of business and ending the human trafficking in elderly.   I had a bit of experience in the Brewer case  - my client was defeated for election by the nursing home vote.

As I said before - I believe that Philip Esformes is 'small potatoes' even though he stole a large amount of money (a billion dollars).    Apparently I am not alone in my belief that Esformes is 'small potatoes' by comparison with some of the other 'actors.'    I wonder just how much booty is at stake in this and related prosecutions.     I was almost as surprised by the trial date delay as I was by the scheduling during the High Holy Days  - HOWEVER, I assume that there is good reason for the delay.   Maybe Philip has gotten religion and is co-operating with the Fed!    Had it been me - I would be singing so loudly and openly that I would be the leading candidate for a grammy!    The more I look into this prosecution the more convinced I am that Philip's conviction and jailing is a sure fire certainty.   I certainly would like this tragic situation yield a benefit for humanity and American health care.   

Draining the swamp is not easy!    

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