Wednesday, May 10, 2017

doing the right thing

To:   Jerome Larkin,
Subject:  doing the right thing
Personal Message.
Dear Mr. Larkin,
At this point in time I am sure that you know that your wrongful actions directed against Attorney Denison, and Attorney Lanre Amu are not going to swept under the rug, and the ‘cover up’ is going to not be successful.     I also trust you are aware that the allegations that you made “under oath” in the “kangaroo” disciplinary proceedings have stirred a ground swell of anger and  serious demands for you to be disbarred. 
What is done is done?  Ir is never too late to do the right thing and attempt to make restitution for bad conduct.    The Philip Esformes affair disclosure is a major victory for the side that runs with the angels in the WAR AGAINST THE ELDERLY AND THE DISABLED.     Indeed, we have been virtually impotent up until now but in September the ESformes case will go to trial.     The trial will be an eye=opener and the Chicago connection – including but not limited the 18 USCA 371 connection with the IARDC is going to come out.    The miscreant’s attorneys have been openly bragging of their political and judicial connections!      This is too good a story for the 4th estate to ignore.   It is also going to end careers!     And it may have other consequences of an even more uninviting nature.
When the expected hue and cry commences only the Good Lord knows where and what it will bring down – but it will do damage.
I am aware that the last person that you want advice from is me, but, it is never too late (prior to the sky actually falling in) leading a charge to do the right thing.     Neither Denison or Amu should have been disciplined at all and the proceeding reek of corruption.      The documents that were filed under your name with the Supreme Court of Illinois should make you blush with shame.     That said, let me urge you to do the following:
1.       Sua Sponde vacate the wrongful suspension of law licenses
2.       Sua Sponde join with JoAnne and myself in calling upon Law Enforcement for an HONEST INVESTIGATION of:
a.       The Mary Sykes fiasco 09 P 4585, including the total violation of the procedures mandated by 755 ILCS 5/11a – 3b and 755 ILCS 5/11a – 10.     If you need any encouragement read the Gloria Sykes affidavit, Judge Connor’s evidence deposition, and the words and phrases of 755 ILCS 5/11a – 3b.    Try to explain how Judge Maureen Connors could appoint a guardian WITHOUT A HEARING?   How could you bring any disciplinary charges when the Court record reveals this perfidy?     This you equated with “yelling fire in a crowded theater!”      
b.       The Alice Gore outrage, including the actions of the Guardian ad Litem and the Judge who presided over the case.     This is the case that brings in a strong tie in between yourself and the Esformes clan.     The ‘war crime’ allowed by the presiding judge at the request of the Guardian ad Litem to collect the gold from Alice Gore’s mouth cannot be ignored.
3.        Order (and or request) a special counsel to be appointed by the Supreme Court of Illinois to investigate if any disciplinary charges ought to be brought against the licenses of each of the miscreants in the various guardianship cases that have polluted the Cook County Circuit Court (and the other Courts around the State).      If warranted request that the Attorney General of the State of Illinois bring such proceedings before an independent panel – These proceeding must be totally fair to the n’th degree.
4.         Make a public apology to Diane Nash for excluding her from the JoAnne Denison hearing.    This action was not only uncalled for, but an affront to the minority community.
This is all a matter for your conscience and your integrity.      I do not expect that this personal e-mail will have any effect on you or will cause you to suddenly “find religion” and drop from the ranks of those who seek to traffic in the elderly for profit.      In fact I expect that this e-mail will be ignored; however, it is difficult to stand by and watch another “human” *******.    
The Esformes trial looms large!      He stole a Billion dollars from Medicaid!       The very same criminality is going on in Chicago and the ‘word’ on the street is that you are being “paid off!”    I do not know if such is true or false, but ,  based upon your statement equating the blog “MARYGSYKES”  to “yelling fire in a crowded theater”  I believe the claim made concerning you would be sustained.      In any case, under the tax code, there is more than enough to create a tax headache for you and yours!
Happy Derby Day,

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