Wednesday, April 5, 2017

People from all over the world think of Chicago and think of the Mafia, the crime syndicate, corruption

Ken Ditkowsky
People from all over the world think of Chicago and think of the Mafia, the crime syndicate, corruption.   We are the laughing stock of the world and add to it every day.    The man in charge of the 'cover up' (Jerome Larkin) and the lady who orchestrated the assault on elderly Alice Gore's mouth so as to gather the gold from her teeth ALL TEACH LEGAL ETHICS.    If they teach from their actions it is no wonder why so many of our political and judicial communities fill the jails!

When we speak of bribery of the political set and in particular the judiciary, it should be noted that MUSIC is big business.    Has anyone in law enforcement and in particular over at the IRS noted the tie in between some of Chicago's Nursing home cabal and the MUSIC INDUSTRY?    Owning or controlling a popular band and its recordings are ideal money laundering opportunities!    Indeed, an HONEST INVESTIGATION coupled with a talk with some of the musicians will yield the name of the popular Band and how it became so popular.    One of the Nursing home moguls involved recently went into Bankruptcy.    He was so impoverished that he openly bid at auctions conducted by the trustee for assets being sold.  As a lark, a judgment that this mogul had against his brother went up for auction.    I bid on it and the Bankrupt outbid me.     Interesting no one found this event to be either unusual or enlightening!    Not even the Bankruptcy trustee who was conducting the sale.

Yesterday we made the headlines again!   Another Chicago native is demonstrating that the RULE OF LAW and the Constitution of the United States are obsolete.    The great defenders of the Fourth Amendment are all silent, and all the civil libertarians, et al are "out to lunch!"    ( Reminds me a bit of the Lanre Amu affair proving Jim Crow is alive and well!)

Chicago does not have a monopoly on corruption and hypocrites - but ******

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