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Trump feeling the brunt of judicial misconduct

JudicialMisconduct] Trump feeling the brunt of judicial misconduct


kenneth ditkowsky

Mar 18 (2 days ago)
The Courts are the escape value of society.  If the Courts are biased or corrupt our democracy is in a dangerous downward spiral toward disaster. 

Therefore every judge and judicial official has to be as Caesar's wife!    There is no excuse for partisanship or any type of 'wiring' of the Court.   Each case must be decided on the merits - not on political affiliation or prior belief of the trier of fact.   If relevant and admissible facts are not before the court they cannot be considered by the court.   A judge cannot substitute his bias for the facts of the case.    Unfortunately, too often such is and situation and it appears that we have lost the concept of EQUAL IN THE EYES OF THE LAW.    Political cases are no exception to the RULE OF LAW and a judge who cannot set aside his bias - political or otherwise should be removed from the bench.   The remedy is impeachment!   A judge who puts forth a political agenda should be impeached and a judge who is tainted by a 18 USCA 371 participation (by bribe or other illegal consideration) should be prosecuted.  

That said, this morning I re-read the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary commission's (IARDC) answer to JoAnne's Petition for the Supreme Court of Illinois again and was even more appalled by its ignorance, arrogance and outright disrespect for the Illinois and the United States Constitution and the Rule of Law as enunciated by the Supreme Court of the United States.   The author of the answer not only misrepresented the law, but demonstrates such contempt for America's core values that for him to claim to be an attorney at law is a material misrepresentation of Fact.    Any public entity that submits a document that does not recognize that Government must have moral compass and is limited by the State and Federal Constitution acts in an ultra vires manner and the people who participate in such conduct MUST be barred from any public service.   

The facts of the Denison disciplinary case are very simple.   

Denison complained of serious corruption in the Probate Division of the Circuit Court of Cook county, and she joined in a call for an Honest investigation of a guardianship case in which the judge admitted on page 91 of her evidence deposition that she had been compromised, and the Court file was replete with gross examples of misconduct, i.e. lack of jurisdiction, due process, and attornment to the systematic dehumanization of an elderly person.   A miscreant participant in the guardianship = after intimidation did not work - was upset over the call for an Honest investigation aired on Social media (i.e. Probate Sharks) and called for the IARDC to silence discussion concerning the elder cleansing and WAR AGAINST THE ELDERLY AND THE DISABLED.    Resorting to misrepresentation, fraud, perjury, and violations of the basic core values of the United States of America Mr. Jerome Larkin commenced a 18 USCA 371 assault on all calls for HONESTY and integrity in the Court system. 

Using the IARDC the miscreants tried to silence dissent by claiming that the dissent and complaints of judicial corruption were wrongful and without basis of fact.    The 'fix' was in.   In spite of a requirement that any attorney misconduct be proved by clear and convincing evidence the mere averment (fraudulent or not) was sufficient to prove whatever Larkin claimed.   For instance, the statute 755 ILCS 5/11a - 10 requires that the 'next of kin' of the alleged disabled person be notified of the incompetency hearing.   This hearing is mandatory as 755 ILCS 5/11a - 3b and the Americans with Disabilities Act require that guardian be appointed only to address actual deficiencies that the disabled person might have so that the life of the alleged disabled person be enhanced - not forfeited.   The fact that there was no notification was 'trumped' but the clairvoyant - i.e. not testimony- determination that the 'next of kin' had knowledge of the hearing.   There was one problem with the perfidious finding of fact - THERE WAS NO HEARING ever held.   The 'wired' judge rubber stamped an order that one of the corrupt guardian ad litem handed her.   Of course the Rubber stamping continued all the way through the Supreme Court of Illinois.   The RULE OF LAW was totally ignored.

Judicial corruption is like a one act play.  It does not end with perjury and or fraud.   The facade continues until it is exposed.    Larkin's lawlessness extended not only to authoring false pleadings, but witnesses who commit perjury have a problem - they have to remember what they testified to, ergo, Judge Stuart lied like a trooper on direct examination, only to admit on cross her prior testimony was materially false in substance and fact.    A honest and licensed court reporter would present a transcript that reflects what actually occurred in the courtroom.   An unlicensed court reporter was engaged by the IARDC and a little pressure exerted caused the requested alterations to the transcript to occur.   Unfortunately for the IARDC Court watchers were present and the Fraud on the Court was disclosed    .

Here in Illinois Larkin did not have to worry about the exposure of his fraud.  Illinois' reputation was well earned.    We had at the time two Governors in jail, and even today we still have one in jail.   We have the distinction of OPERATION GREYLORD and a score of Judges going to jail and/or having to resign.  Public officials in Illinois consider a stretch in jail to be a laudatory event!
Indeed, the IARDC in court papers filed with the Supreme Court of Illinois referred to Ms. Denison's blog (MaryGSykes) exposing corruption as being akin to "yelling fire in a crowded theater!"    Apparently the Illinois Supreme Court agreed and Attorney Denison received an interim suspension of her law license.   This suspension is given when a lawyer is a danger to the public.    IN ILLINOIS EXPOSING CORRUPTION IS CONSIDERED BY OUR POLITICAL AND JUDICIAL ELITE TO BE A DANGER TO THE PUBLIC!    She also received a three year suspension of her law license.

Ms. Denison was NOT INTIMIDATED and her blog MARYGSYKES continued unabated.   Thus, the Supreme Court assessed another $10,000 against her for costs.   This included the charges of the unlicensed Court reporter who was prone to fiction!    

Such is 'life' in Illinois for the members of the Second oldest profession.   Fortunately this is not the RULE OF LAW and not the core values of either Illinois or America.   However, in reading the answer filed by the IARDC, Mr. Larkin has the temerity to again misrepresent SCOTUS cases and demonstrate patent dishonesty.
(The IARDC pleadings go beyond 'intellectual dishonesty' they approach actual prevarication!)    The travesty of the disciplinary proceeding conducted against Attorney Denison transcends all bounds of decency!    The disgrace to Illinois is irrevocable!   How any citizen can have faith in a judicial system that is demonstrating such nefariousness is unfathomable!

The corruption in Illinois has become a National disgrace.   Every day the Chicago Tribune and the Chicago Sun-Times inadvertently expose a government that is scrapping the bottom of the barrel and is on the fast track toward pecuniary and moral Bankruptcy.  The IARDC as demonstrated in the Denison case (and others that assault the FIRST AMENDMENT in its 18 USCA 371 protection of corruption in the Courts) moral bankruptcy.   Let me suggest that exposing corruption is
akin to "yelling fire in a crowded theater  - it is the requirement of every lawyer pursuant to Rule 8.3 and every citizen in accordance with 18 USCA 4.

We need an HONEST INVESTIGATION now, and an immediate return to compliance with the Illinois and United States Constitution in Illinois.

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