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It is much easier to complain about injustice than do something about it.

It is much easier to complain about injustice than do something about it.


kenneth ditkowsky

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Here is an another sequel.    Chan after his admission in the US legally became a citizen and opened a restaurant in Chinatown.    

I do not know if you remember Angelia -- Judy and I went to her wedding in Washington.    She was another refugee that the "family" took under its wing.   She did quite a bit of my leg work at Sam's direction as she headed up a social service agency connected with the Chinese Christian Church.       

 Her immigration status had an unusual twist.   The young man assigned to investigate her status fell madly in love with her and she with him - this solution was not in the statute books - The Representative, Sam and I put that immigration status adjustment case together *****.  

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The ACLU and the protests aside, America's Laws are Just and have mercy built into them.   Why Lawyers do not read the statutes and apply them as required by their oaths is and will remain a mystery.    It is true the bureaucracy is lazy indolent and unhelpful most of the time, but, in the law is usually a solution for them that need it.   If not - the Courts can carve out the exceptions.     

The words that are engraved on the Statute of Liberty are a beacon.     Over the past two hundred years plus the flotsam of the world have sought FREEDOM and an opportunity to be amongst the great unwashed of America.     Indeed, America the Land of Plenty, opened its doors to millions who infused her with vigor and greatness.    The newcomers were not always welcomed and in fact went through a rough and in many ways an unpleasant initiation - it was not an easy road; however, assimilation was their goal.   They struggled to learn English and to ‘fit in!’   They asked for nothing and gave everything.
They became We!      Even today the clear majority of immigrants’ exhibit IMMIGRANT VIGOR of their fore brothers.    Yes, there are exceptions but the lust for freedom and to be an American still persists.    Unfortunately, the lust of some “Americans” to exploit these newcomers still prevails.     However, as bad as America’s immigration policy and laws is reputed to be, it still bears the foot print of mercy and justice.     Unfortunately, today’s cancer of corruption has permeated this area of our lives as well.
Most of us have never met face to face an immigrant who is under the legal microscope.      Each such person has a unique experience to relate that tears at your heart strings and demands that you do something to help.    Our Legislature has built into the Law escape values so that under the right circumstances the soft-hearted American can prevail and help.     As with most situations in our America the harder I work the luckier I become.     There are no guarantees and success is not assured.    
William Chan was born in China during the era of the Red Guards.      China as a Communist dictatorship set a procrustean policy and if it was perceived by a nameless, faceless bureaucrat that you were not in compliance with some whim of the government you were appropriately punished.    Mao was Supreme and in his name the Red Guards pillaged and murdered innocents.    Chan’s parents and siblings were victims of one of the purges and he was shipped out for retraining during his adolescent years.     Brutal regimes somethings “get it right” and William was educated not only in agricultural science but as a professional graduate engineer.    
Ultimately, as a young man, Chan was returned to Canton and resided with his grandmother and commenced work in his profession.     Social intercourse in a Communist society ip so facto is dangerous and it was not long before the weight of the State came down on again.     The Red Guards appeared and in a hail of bullets William fled across the border into Hong Kong.    Grandmother was a casualty.     In Hong Kong, the “family” finalized a rescue and once again the young man tried to resume his life.   Unfortunately, the bureaucrat who felt offended was not content and after an attempt on William’s life the family arranged for an ESCAPE!
By pulling strings, Chan was able to obtain a berth on a freighter destined for America.     For the long trip, he was a lowly ‘seaman’ waiting for an opportunity to once again hook up with the “family” here in America.    On night, in an America harbor he slipped over the side and vanished into America.     America was utopia and it was not long before he acclimated himself.   (He spoke English as well as several dialects of Chinese).     Success in his profession (engineering) was on the horizon and the life of an American beckoned Disaster struck.     He was picked up by Immigration and naturalization and arrested.    Of course, he had no papers!     
The “family” once again acted.   They bailed out their member and whisked him to Chicago.     Now a fugitive William bused tables at a family restaurant while the Chairman of the family association planned the new years of William’s life.    Just about every immigration specialist was consulted and a universal opinion was presented that the fugitive would have to accept deportation.     Even the American bureaucrat in the Chicago office of INS was consulted.   
The Chairman of the Family Association discussed a “private bill” with Representative *****, and was given a negative response; however, at this discussion the U. S. Representative suggested that maybe I could do something.    I was appalled.    No one knew less about Immigration Law than me!     In fact, I would win the ‘Stupidity’ contest in a walk.      There is one rule that I learned in the cradle – when the Chairman asks you for favor, you do it.     Thus, in addition to Terrazas vs. Vance  I was going to have an opportunity to deal with INS.      I learned in Terrazas   that rational and reasonable were foreign words in that government agency.     My friend HH made it clear to me that the level of respect that was had for INS, ICE, etc. was about the level of absolute zero!      HH joked that there were petitions circulated in his agency to deport the INS agents to some place terrible.
A hearing was arranged at INS to adjudicate William’s fate.     We going to face the devil and give him his due.    I prepared a Petition for Asylum pointing out the fact that sending William Bank to the Orient was a death sentence.    
The hearing commenced and facts were stipulated to and my Petition for Asylum was called for a hearing.    The Administrative Law Judge read the petition carefully and then looked at me with a bit of amusement on his face.     He then asked:
Mr. Ditkowsky – do you know something that we do not know?
I replied:
I am certain that we each know something the other does not know!
Thereupon the Judge inquired if in recent days if we had some altercation with Great Britain.    Indeed, Hong Kong was a British protectorate and Chan would be sent back not to China, but Hong Kong.   Of course, the last war with the Brits was in 1812.    My Petition was defective and had to be denied.  
I begged for a continuance so that I could revise my pleadings.    I was given one week.     During that week, I literally read the ink off the pages of the statute as I searched for ANYTHING!      As I searched I ran across a section of the Statute that referred to “hardship cases.”     The criteria were liberal, except, there was an exemption for seamen.      My new pleading was a petition for a hardship admission into the United States of America.    It would require a voluntary exit and a proper admission.   
On the morning of the hearing, I presented my Petition to the Judge.    He looked at me, snickered and said on word: “SEAMAN!”      I pointed out my client was NOT a seaman – he was a professional graduate Engineer.    The US Attorney nodded his head.      He offered me (Chan) an appropriate entry from Bogotá.     I declined and requested Toronto, Canada.      It was so ordered.
Flush with victory, I did not need vehicular transportation to get home.   Fortunately, I did take advantage of the fact that such existed.    The Chairman (and the US. Representative) were delighted.   However, they brought up a point that the genius had not thought of.     I had no papers!    An entry into Canada had to be almost the same was swimming the Rio Grande.     How could I get to the US Consulate in Toronto?
I called the US Attorney’s office and requested temporary papers.    They are still laughing!      I called the Brits.   They were nice, but they also are still snickering!      I called the Chinese.   They said bring him over – I declined.     The US Attorney was blunt – “if you do not know what you are doing – don’t do it!”   I was hoisted on my own petard!
Necessity is the mother of invention.     As the immigration date approached it occurred to me that English Law, American Law and Canadian law had similarities.     One basic distinction between it and everyone else was the concept of due process - i.e. notice and hearing.     A call was placed to Canadian immigration and I spoke to the director of the Toronto office, David Perry.      Mr. Perry listened to my tale of woe, and then politely asked me what I wished from him.    I said that I would like to have an exclusion hearing.     He agreed and I agreed to present my client at 4:45 P.M. at his offices in the airport.     We would then proceed to the hearing home I would ask for an adjournment until the next afternoon.    As I was an honorable citizen of the United States and an attorney, my client would be paroled into my custody.
Like clockwork, we surrendered to Canadian authorities promptly at 4:45 PM, were hustled into a hearing room and I requested an adjournment.    It was granted and William was in my custody.    An hour or so later we completed all the paperwork and ambled to our hotel.    
The next morning as the doors to the American consulate opened we appeared.     Even though we had an appointment the paperwork had not been started – INS believed that we would be a no-show!     I sat down in the waiting room.     As I was sitting in waiting room, I struck up a conversation with a lawyer who was waiting for his client.    He informed me that he was arranging for his client’s admission in the US.   His client was the newly adopted child of an American citizens.    This was one of the foreign-born babies imported from places like Russia.    Amongst his papers was a “birth certificate.”    Most States in the US provide the adoptive parents with a new birth certificate that designates them as the birth parents’ fiction.     I seized the birth certificate held it in the air and said to him – in my opinion this is the only declaration of citizenship that is needed.    Citizenship is granted by the sovereign State of Illinois and with this comes Federal Citizenship.     All of this mumbo jumbo is made up work.  
My comment was overheard!     A consensus was developing amongst the lawyers assembled in the waiting room that this one act play was a bureaucratic waste of time --- Suddenly, my name was called and documents were thrust in my hand, and I was given the bum’s rush out the door by a side entrance.    My client who was in lockstep with me on the pavement looked dumbfounded.  “What did you do?”
At the appointed hour, my client and I appeared at the Canadian facility, went into the courtroom and our case was called.    I apologized for the inconvenience and admitted that we should be excluded from Canada.    It was so ordered; my client was taken into custody and the officer was directed to put us on the first available flight to Chicago post haste.   
Our officer was a young woman about 20 years old.   She dutifully escorted us to a local restaurant where we all had lunch and then to our plane.    We boarded the plane, the door closed and we sat in our seats and waited for takeoff.     Just as I fastened my seat belt, the captain announced that there was a snow storm in Chicago and the flight had been cancelled.    We were evicted.    As we had a deportation order, I called the Canadian authorities and informed them that we were BACK!     Our pretty young officer was again detailed to escort us onto the next available flight.    We literally bored her to death.     An eternity later I can honest attest that she was absolutely delighted to get rid of another two ugly Americans. 


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Mary Sykes was "old."    Indeed the elderly widow was even starting to look like a 'little old lady.'    However, she was very aware that he older daughter had allegedly removed $4000.00 from her checking account and confronted the daughter.  The daughter told her mother that she (the daughter) had invested the money for her mother.    The "lie" was not well received and Mother went to he confidants at the local fire station and they suggested an order of protection.

Thus, Mary wound up in the Court system of Cook County.   At the Court house she talked to the clerks and they helped her prepare a Petition for an order of Protection.   This Petition was sworn to and filed.   

The daughter the engaged the underlying corruption of the Circuit Court of Cook County.    The hearing on the Petition was never heard as with the aid of a Judge who admitted on page 91 of her evidence deposition to being fixed a search was conducted to find a shrink who could be worked with along with two guardian ad litem to orchestrate the perfidy.   With almost no compliance with the Statute Mary wound up losing her rights, privileges and immunities as a citizen.   She was stripped of her property and humanity.   The cover-up continues today and the miscreants being Establishment types allied with the Cook County Political organization will continue until the public objects.

It is unsafe to grow old in Illinois and especially where a select group of nursing home operators ply their trade.    Indeed, it is about as impossible to protect yourself from them as it was for the occupants of the Warsaw Getto to expect to defeat the Nazi hordes.   

Most of us look at our families and say - THEY WILL PROTECT ME!!!    Indeed!   Even the President is vulnerable and I doubt we will see any hue and cry from the Justice Department to really bring this WAR AGAINST THE ELDERLY AND THE DISABLED to a conclusion wherein it will once against be safe to grown old in America.    

This morning I ran across an article that should send chills down the spines of every American and especially the President of the United STates, to wit:

Democrats Suggest Using 25th Amendment to Remove Trump

  February 20, 2017   61 Comments
(Zero Hedge) After questioning President Trump’s sanity earlier in the week, it appears Democrats have found another narrative to cling to – invoke the 25th Amendment unless Trump “gets a grip.”
With a growing number of Democrats openly questioning President Trump’s mental health.
Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore.) in a floor speech this week called for a review of the Constitution’s procedures for removing a president. He warned the 25th Amendment of the Constitution falls short when it comes to mental or emotional fitness for office.
Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) during a weekend interview with CNN’s “State of the Union” said that “a few” Republican colleagues have expressed concern to him about Trump’s mental health.
And Rep. Ted Lieu (D-Calif.) plans to introduce legislation that would require the presence of a psychiatrist or psychologist in the White House.
Justifying their questions by pointing to Trump’s habit of making demonstrably false claims.
“It’s not normal behavior. I don’t know anybody in a position of responsibility that doesn’t know if they’re being rained on. And nobody I work with serially offers up verifiably false statements on an ongoing basis,”
And now that narrative has grown louder as CNN’s State of The Union just discussed invoking the 25th Amendment unless President Trump “gets a grip” …

The Politically correct political establishment has no moral compass and if they would propose such action - do you think these people would hesitate a moment in taking your liberty, your property or your humanity!     If the article has one scintilla of truth to it *******


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