Friday, January 13, 2017

You cannot make this stuff up!

11:14 PM (6 hours ago)
Here in Illinois my e-mail to you is considered to be Ethically challenged as the material that I suggested you read and the blogs cited all expose CORRUPTION in the Illinois Courts.   The Administrator of the Attorney Disciplinary commission considers the blogs that disclose Judicial corruption to be akin to yelling fire in a crowded theater.   lawyers who disclose corruption obtain long suspensions of their law licenses.

That rational here in Illinois is simple.  ELDER CLEANSING IS BIG BUSINESS!    Without the aid of corrupt judges (wired/fixed) the political elite might have to work for a living.    Without the vote fraud fostered in the nursing homes the great unwashed might have non-filtered representation in Springfield and some important political figures might not get re=elected.

The miscreants who are carrying on a war against the elderly and the disabled are well entrenched and their fraud is legend.    Please do not believe anything you hear from me or read in the blogs or the GAO reports.    It is all true - but do a little investigation for yourself.  I guarantee you will be shocked!    In Cook County we have the Alice Gore fiasco.   Ms. Gore was subjected to a guardianship.  1.5 million dollars was stolen from her, plus the guardian ad litem orchestrated a gold hunting expedition in her mouth.  29 teeth were removed so that the gold could be harvested.   Not a grain was inventoried!

If you are not sickened by the Alice Gore case, the Mary Sykes case will bring back you most vivid nightmares.    Mary Sykes 09 P 4585 became a guardianship ward without being served with process in accordance with statutory mandate.  (The Sheriff of Cook County wrote a letter that denies that his office ever served Mary Sykes with anything).   The notice and hearing requirements were never met - there was no hearing; however, a guardian was appointed and Mary's life savings of about 3 million dollars disappeared.  (a million dollars in gold was stolen from a safety deposit box  - see Gloria Sykes affidavit).    When all Mary's money was garnered - she conveniently died.   The presiding judge had an evidence deposition taken = at page 91 she admits to being wired.

The actors in these cases are starting to show up on the Federal criminal dockets.    Philip Esformes (the partner and son of Morris Esformes) was indicted in Florida for stealing a billion dollars in Medicare funds.   (This major theft got less publicity than a killing on the streets of Chicago).    Seth Gillman plead guilty to hospice fraud - it was averred that he stole well over a 100 million dollars from health care programs.   CVS purchased a wholesale pharmacy called Omnicare for 14. billion dollars - this pharmacy supplies nursing homes.   Last week some doctors from Arizona have been reported to have received kickback on medicare payments (to vets) of 100 million dollars. *****

The Enron scandal was small potatoes!   The nursing home scandal and overcharges could be in excess of a trillion dollars as these criminal enterprises are set up almost exactly as the Enron entities.   

Check this out for yourself - do not believe a word that I say!   If you or any one does an HONEST INVESTIGATION not only will all that is said be verified but you will expose a cancer that is fed by Judicial corruption that reaches into the highest levels of State government and may even reach further.    Here in Illinois we still have a governor in jail.   His friend Mr. Resko also is in jail.   Interestingly Mr. Resko happened to purchase the lot adjacent to President Obama's home.   Mr. Resko sold the said lot to Mr. Obama at a substantial discount.    

When Attorney JoAnne Denison authored her blog and exposed the corruption  = MaryGSykes, the administrator of the IARDC labeled the blog as being akin to yelling fire in a crowded theater.    Attorney Denison received an interim suspension followed by a three year suspension.   Indeed, when Judge Maureen Connors admitted on page 91 of her evidence deposition that she was 'wired' she was removed from the Probate Division and elevated to the Appellate Court of Illinois.

So arrogant are the Illinois miscreants that when Seth Gillman (who pleaded guilty to Hospice fraud etc) was reported to be co-operating with the Federal law Enforcement authorities, Mr. Larkin (administrator of the IARDC) and the Supreme Court of Illinois acted!   Immediately Mr. Gillman was given an interim suspension of his law license!   In my neighborhood we call that obstruction of justice; however, Larkin remains a lawyer and the conscience of the Illinois lawyers!

You cannot make this stuff up! 


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