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Democrats Turn Their Backs on the elderly and the disabled

Democrats Turn Their Backs on the elderly and the disabled

Editor's note: Whispers heard in the Probate Court of Cook County between a judge and attorney for the court appointed guardian of a 99 year old disabled ward.  Why were they whispering? A motion had just been filed disclosing that the "guardian" was court adjudicated as insane!
"Judge R.: Where did they get that transcript?
Attorney S.: They had copies."
Makes one wonder with all this crap going on in the probate court why aren't these crooks being cuffed and hauled off to jail by the FEDS? Lucius Verenus, Schoolmaster,

kenneth ditkowsky

9:50 AM (20 hours ago)
The cancer that has permeated our society is corruption.    No matter where we turn we are assaulted by the fact that some political group has bent the truth so as to propagandize for some parochial project reasonably designed to limit the rights, privileges and immunities of the common ordinary citizen who just want to be left alone.       The stretching of the truth is most annoying as it takes away from the fact that a large segment of our American society is under attack.     As far as I know this attack is not generated by Mr. Obama, Mrs. Clinton, Mr. Trump etc.     The malevolent perfidy is being generated by  miscreants whose avarice has gotten out of control and who have created a culture of corruption.    The Elder Cleansing scandal is a prime example.
The War on the Elderly and the Disabled that is rampaging in the Probate Divisions of our local State Courts not only generated obscene remunerations but provides secure employment for literally hundreds of criminals who are the “law.”    The guardianship cases in which senior citizens are literally kidnapped and isolated so that criminals in black robes assisted by court appointed guardians (including but not limited to guardians ad litem) can grab ahold of the targeted senior citizen’s property (including life savings, pensions, et al) and in leisure redistribute the same.    The abuse, forfeiture of human and civil rights are promulgated by the stroke a pen and the fraudulent assertion by a guardian or guardian ad litem that family, friends, and persons of good will all agitate the elderly victim.   Thus for the best interests of the victim -  family, friends, people of good will and any who might protest the aforesaid forfeiture of the Citizenship rights of the targeted elderly person are discouraged from assisting the victim.   In the Mary Sykes case, an Esformes controlled corporation was appointed to provide supervised visitation.     No one to this day cares that all the orders entered in the Mary Sykes case 09 P 4585 were entered with jurisdiction and the Judge who issued the orders admitted on page 91 of her evidence deposition that she was ‘fixed!’      Of course no one really needed her deposition to be aware of that fact.    The Judge forget to hold a hearing as to the extent and nature of Mary Sykes’ disability.  755 ILCS 5/11a – 3b.     All the guardians, guardians ad litem, disciplinary attorneys, disciplinary commissioners, and all the bureaucrats could not cure the deficiency.   (However,  the Illinois Supreme Court, the Circuit Court of Cook County, probate division, and the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission have tried to cover-up the criminal conspiracies – but it is all on line and available for Law Enforcement to address and the Illinois Department of Revenue to collect the taxes due.
Corruption as a societal cancer takes many forms.        The gambit runs from the dishonest fact checkers who are there to tell you when you strongly assert that Sun rises in the East and sets in the West that you are liar.   The Sun does not rise – it is just becoming visible as the earth rotates and ditto for setting.     You are factually incorrect therefore  when you object to the fact that Mary Sykes was not served with the summons required by 755 ILCS 5/11a – 10 (or any summons according to the letter of the Sheriff of Cook County).   If you object to the lack of a hearing as to Mary’s competency ******.     Thus, criminals who have garner public office are able to prosper and ‘cover up’ massive frauds perpetrated against the public.     In fact disclosing these facts is not fashionable or ‘cool.’     Jerome Larkin, the administration of the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission equated such disclose as akin to “yelling fire in a crowded theater.”     The Illinois Supreme Court embarrassed itself and suspended Attorney JoAnne Denison for disclosing breaches of the public trust in the Circuit Court of Cook County.     This obscenity by the Illinois Supreme Court apparently is a mark of distinction as it has made it no secret that any attorney who complies with Rule 8.3 and exposes corruption in the Courts is going to lose his/her law license.     Corruption must be ‘covered up’ at all costs.
Unfortunately, corruption is a generic term.     There is the corruption such as was admitted to by Judge Maureen Connors on page 91 of her Evidence Deposition.   (This corruption involves the Elder Cleansing homicide of Mary Sykes).     There is the corruption of M. S.  who orchestrated the theft of 1.5 million dollars in tangible assets  and a few grains of gold found in the mouth a grandmother who had the misfortune to cross the paid of M.S.      There is the corruption of the Judge ‘who is on the take,’ becomes ‘wired’ due to outside interests, etc.
How does society protect itself?     The Chicago Tribune  has exposed the M.O. for becoming a Judge in Cook County, Illinois.    The method is duplicated in most other political fiefdoms, all that varies is the amount of cash that is placed in the gym bag for the political bagman.    Fortunately,  many judges have not purchased with cash their place on bench.    Indeed, some have made the purchase with services.   On United States District Judge acted a pimp for a powerful icon of the Chicago political machine.    Others were appointed for other services and some were appointed on merit.        In my career, I had the good fortune to find myself representing clients before a large number of the Judges who were appointed or otherwise placed on the bench  because of merit.      
I did appear before some venal judges and in more than one case tried my client’s case strictly for appeal realizing that I had a snowball’s chance in hell of winning before a particular judge for the particular client.      I also appeared before some Judges who were an embarrassment to the 2nd oldest profession in its least favorite light.       Several of these judges were without doubt not bribed, not fixed, not wired, not *****  - they were time fillers  - i.e. judges placed on the bench because of political connections and a need to place them somewhere.       In the 1960 – 1980’s the Probate division had Judge G.  (I assume he is dead – but, I cannot be sure so I’ve deleted his name).    From the exterior a litigant would never know that Judge G was incompetent.    His cafeteria Court started just like all the Courts.    When he held a trial he was articulate (and sometimes even right) and he was patient.    His problem was never rarely made a decision.     Cases dragged for years and in one of the cases that I had before him it has been over three decades since the case was tried.   (We settled the case, but, wanted to know what decision Judge G would make).
Corruption is not limited to venal judges.     Corruption includes the placing of Judges on the bench who are not capable of being judges.      Everyone knows about the ‘stupid judge’  i.e.  the guy who is on the bench because the political party needs a Jewish lawyer, Catholic lawyers, minority lawyer etc to round out the ticket or fill a vacancy.       It is an open secret that Cook County has more than on Judge on the bench who is there because of his/her ethnic or racial background.       Judge P (He died years ago) was appointed to the Federal Bench.    He was a wonderful human being; however, he had problem  - he knew no law.    His law clerks literally made his decisions.     He was appointed to bench for political reasons.     Lawyers who practiced before him felt that they were playing Russian roulette.     Judge P had counterparts on the State Bench  - their law clerks were less knowlegible and trials were more iffy.      A jury trial separated the men from the boys.     It is an open secret that many lawyers are intimidated by a jury and thus the day of trial separates the wheat from the shaft.       An incompetent judge as the arbitrator of jury trial was/is a handicap however,  seasoned trial lawyers  learn on day one to address such problems.     Illinois attempted to help the marginal judges by having pre=prepared Jury Instructions and every instruction is presented to the Court with an IPI instruction number and a citation of the case upon which it is based.    Thus, with little effort a Judge can formulate his jury instructions and avoid pitfalls of an improper jury verdict.      The lawyers also discuss the instructions and most of the jury instructions are joint products of the plaintiffs and defendants’ lawyers.   Occasionally, the parties are at odds and will not co-operate with each other.   A marginal judge is then at sea.   
My first run-in with one of these ‘convenience judges’  was when I presented before the Court a mechanic lien foreclosures.     My opponent knew who the judge was, however, I did not.    I carefully lined up my evidence, brought in my witnesses, proved the timely service of documents and started to put on the proof of  the contract of employment, ******.    As the amount lien was as to a multistory building proof as to amount of the lien was slow moving and required the testimony of architects, the general contractor and a several subcontractors.     On morning of day three, and near the close of my client’s testimony Judge D called the lawyers before the bench.  
He looked us right in the eye, and with a straight face said:  “THIS IS A MECHANIC LIEN FORECLOSURE!”    I looked right back at him and remarked: “yes, sir – it is !”     Judge D looked at me as if I has spit on the floor and informed me that he did not hear Mechanic Lien Foreclosures and sent the case back for reassignment.    I tried to argue and inform him that he was sitting in chancery and that was where such cases were assigned.    It is no use!   
I did find out, quite by accident, that the Circuit Court does maintain law clerks to assist Judges who are incompetent and cannot write opinions as to some pending cases.     It does not wish to address the scandal that would occur if the public were aware that there are judges being paid public salaries who not only could not make it in the practice of law, but, if given the bar examination at this point in time could not pass it.      (It is possible that some of these judges did not pass the bar examine at anytime, but like a former mayor is reputed to have done – pay someone to take the exam for him).     I found out about the assist in what should have been a routine defense in a Municipal Court case.
  I had a Municipal Division case that fortuitously turned on a very complex issue.    The Court recognizing that lawyers who have Municipal Division cases that have import usually are not willing to have Municipal Division judges decide the cases and therefore file Jury Demands.     Municipal Court justice is a step below Judge Judy!      A jury demand means that the cases will be removed from the calendar and sent to a arbitration panel.   This panel consists of three lawyers.      The Rules of Evidence are relaxed and shortcuts are built into the system.      At the close of the evidence, the three lawyer arbitrators make an award.    Either party make reject the award and then have a jury trial.     In most cases the decision of the 3 judge panel becomes the basis of a settlement.    Trials are thus obviated.
In my particular case,  as I represented the defendant, I decided in advance to reject the award and not to put on only a token defense.     The case was heard, I obtained the admissions from the plaintiff that I felt beneficial during cross examination, and put on an employee of my client to deny specifically each of the allegations.     The award of the panel was for the plaintiff in an amount that was almost an insult to him.      Naturally, the plaintiff  rejected the award and we were on tract to have jury trial.    The case was assigned to a judge who was scary.   After listening to her rule on my renewed Motions to Dismiss the complaint I actually feared for her safety on the dangerous streets that surround the courthouse.     When I received  a written opinion a couple of days later, I was amazed that the opinion actually made sense.     It pointed me toward some possible holes in my defense, but was not discouraging.
I then made inquiry and discovered that the Court actually offered the judges clerking services in which the clerks assigned would write opinions for the Judges to hand out as their own.    I was shocked at the number of judges who relied on the service on routine matters.    Ultimately, in my case  I filed a motion for Summary Judgement that was granted.    The case was over; however, it was a travesty to watch the miscarriage of Justice being routinely supplied at great expense to the public.    Unfortunately, this is the corruption that permeates too many of our Courts.      As long as the Political System dominates the choosing of Judges this corruption will continue.      In a perfect world Judges would know the law and be able to apply the facts to the law.    However, common sense is not common and Rummies are going to wind up in positions of trust and confidence.
Society’s negligence does not create all the corruption.      The venal political or judicial figure is where the real problem lies.    As the venal individual usually has a fascade of being honest, upright, and personable they are hard to spot and harder to eliminate.
In my career I’ve had wired judges assigned to my cases on many occasions.    Judge Maureen Connors’ arrogance is rare – however, she was assigned to the Probate Division.    The Mary Sykes/Alice Gore cases are rare.     That is not to say that they rarely occur, but that the victims are usually helpless and have families and friends who get tired and attorn to the corruption.    It is much easier to throw up one’s hand in surrender than to go face to face with the miscreants.    A judge has great power.    The miscreants were able to = without jurisdiction, over me or Mary Sykes – obtain a sanction aware of almost $5000.00 against me.    One of the guardian ad litem remarked when the Appellate Court reversed the sanction for lack of jurisdiction that I had gotten away on a technicality.    I enjoyed the fact that the IRS liened him for $60,000 of Federal Income taxes due.     I also will enjoy it when the IDR and the IRS lien him and Mr. Lakin for their joint and several tax liability for the booty on the Sykes estate that they jointly and severally either illegally obtained or covered up for the miscreants.
Similarly, in the Gore estate,  when the daughter of victim refused to co-operate in the theft of the 1.5 million dollars the corrupt Judge awarded a judgment to the bonding company against the uncooperative daughter.     The Sykes case,  recognizing that there was no jurisdiction  the Judge confiscated an insurance settlement that Mary Sykes’ daughter had obtained.    The beat continues.
These judges in the Gore/Sykes cases are not bumbling fools who the dominant political party had to place in the least damaging judgeship so as to meet the political dues of Chicago.     These are real life venal individuals who have come up the ranks of corruption.     These Judges are the warriors upon which political corruption thrives and the heart and soul of big City politics.    They are the soldiers who make it possible for huge fortunes to be accumulated by higher level political operatives.    For instance,  the husband of the Sykes guardian ad litem was a promulgator and participant in many judicial sales.    The guardian herself received her training at the Office of the Public guardian.   
I mention the public sales because they are a backbone of the corruption.       The Criminal Enterprise that operates right out of the Circuit Court of Cook County is well financed and rewards it participants quite handsomely.     The process is simple.    Mary Sykes owned a valuable piece of development property.     Using the Probate Court proceeding, with a judge signing orders that are reasonably calculated to ravage and reduce the estate to zero, a predator is a few months can file a Petition to sell the valuable real estate.     (Nursing home costs are augmented by pharmaceutical costs, un-necessary medical visits, and special care claimed to be provided.    No one questions “care” and “treatment” whether necessary or not – or actual or imaginary!  - thus a ‘wired’ judge creates the façade of care from the actual scenario of corruption.    Judge Connors on page 91 of her evidence deposition made it clear – regardless of the evidence = the same result would be reached!.)
The Sale of the real estate follows a strict pattern.      The property is listed for sale with a Real Estate operator.    Of course it never sells.      The price is reduced and reduced until the guardian (almost in tears) appears before the Court and protest desperation.     All the money of the victim has been safely garnered and there is little more to steal.    A horrified judge allows a further price reduction to distress rates minus and a miracle occurs.   The Real Estate receives a low ball offer.     The Desperate guardian obtains the Judges’ signature on a permission to sale and the prospective purchaser buys the property.
The prospective purchaser is usually a nominee for one or more of the miscreants who have been looting the guardianship estate.    With great apparent difficulty the sale is completed and a sigh of relief is hear in the Courtroom.     The proceeds of the sale are used to reward the efforts of the guardian the attorneys etc for their herculean efforts and if 20% of the sale proceeds is transferred to the guardianship accounts it is another miracle.    The victim as soon as the last dollar of government sponsored health care is obtained is on his/her way to hospice.     The real estate is about to undergo a series of mesne transfers so as to confuse any HONEST INVESTIGATION as to the profiteering.
Ultimately, the development property is sold to a developer (after the completion of the mesne transfers) and more profits are obtained by the predatory miscreants.       The capital gain is duly reported to the Department of the Treasury and another successful elder cleansing is recorded.
With Court orders issued by a wired judge as the protection the scheme is fool=proof.   The family and the victim have no remedy.    The Authorities point out that the Judge’s orders are subject to review by the Appellate Courts of the State and as this has not been done – or the Appellate Court has rejected the appeal the victims have had their day in Court.     The family protests to law enforcement are futile and in many cases frustrating to Law Enforcement as accusing a Judge of misconduct is easy, but proving it is something else.     Judges are required to be independent.   This means that the judge has to make a conscious effort to protect the ward.     Second guessing the Judge is quite unfair and beyond the function of law enforcement.      Society wants honest and independent judges.
The protection of the corrupt judge is not left to chance.     The legislature has created inquiry boards designed to take complaints from citizens and from time to time investigation and find the no cause exists to remove the Judge.     Similarly, lawyers who have conscience and will not participate in the criminal frauds are dealt with by Attorney Disciplinary Commissions.    These commissions are designed to make it very clear to lawyers – shut up and go along – or you do not practice law.    The punishment is immediate, strict and severe.     If a lawyer reports pursuant to lawyer rule 8.3 corruption, he/she is toast!      As judicial sales are held every day and so many of the same faces are at the sales – does a suggestion occur?
The amounts of money that are available to be garnered are obscene.    Philip Esformes stole a billion dollars from Medicare.    Seth Gillman’s total is in the millions of dollars ******.      The click of lawyers and judges operating their criminal enterprise out of the Probate Courts want for little.     Their take is also in the Billions.    Alice Gore had 1.5 million dollars stolen;  Mary Sykes 3 million, Tyle 8 million *****.

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