Thursday, January 5, 2017

America is faced with a crisis. This crisis is corruption.

lets get to the nitty gritty --  

America is faced with a crisis.   This crisis is corruption.   It raises its ugly head where=ever you turn.   The Guardianship for profit results in a modern holocaust of elder cleansing wherein Grandmother is literally kidnapped, placed in isolation so that her estate can be stolen and her human rights forfeited.

In spite of efforts to disguise and cover up exactly who the criminals are we know who they are; however, we continue to elect many of them to public office - especially in Illinois.   The worst of the predator class contribute large sums of money to favored political candidates so as to keep the more and more health care money rolling into their coffers.    (for authority:  look to page 91 of the evidence deposition of Judge Maureen Connors, the JoAnne Denison IARDC) disciplinary hearing, and the Mary Sykes case 09 P 4585.   statutory authority violated 755 ILCS 5/11 - 3b and 5/11 -10)
see also Indictment of Philip Esformes and plead of guilt in case of Seth Gillman)

How does this holocaust get arrested?    Take the extreme profits out of it.   Enforce the Law honestly and equally across the board - no more special privileges for large donors to political causes.

Philip Esformes allegedly stole a billion ($1,000,000,000)dollars from Medicare.   I was informed earlier on in the week that his father (Morris Esformes) has been spared indictment by large campaign contributions.   j

No I do not know if Mr. Esformes drinks beer!    I do know however that he brags that he has ****** (a political operative) in his pocket.    I was informed that his charitable contributions have been diverted to sources that are more probably will result in assisting he and his son "beating the rap!"    

If we are going to thwart the war against the Elderly and the Disabled (and its corruption) were are going to have to expose each of the miscreants who is perverting the American Justice System for profit.    Health Care corruption is said to have a 700% surcharge for corruption.   Not a day goes by without some revelation as to some health care offense.   Kickbacks and targeted political contributions are the life blood of the War on the Elderly and Disabled.    Here in Illinois, an elderly woman was orchestrated into a guardianship, her loving family prevented from protecting her and a guardian ad litem was able to actually steal the gold from her mouth.   This same GAL was able to falsely claim an interest in a Florida Estate and walk away after being caught with about a million dollars false inheritance!    This attorney reins over Illinois Estates with the connivance of several judges who have been reported by victims to the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission as corrupt.  Of course - no investigation (Honest or otherwise) was conducted!    ditto for other States --

Health care reform has to have protections against fraud.   No health care program of any kind can survive unless the 700% fraud surcharge is eliminated.   A doctor who claims to visit a nursing home patient should actually physically examine that patient - not merely slow his vehicle down to 30 mph as he drives past the facility.   A Patient in a 'care facility'  should actually receive medicine in the dosage properly prescribed = rather than stiff necessary to keep him/her comatose.  State Inspectors should actually have knowledge as to what, if anything, they are inspecting to ascertain = and such should have a health nexus rather than a special compensation nexus. 

Indeed - the founding father did not mention word one about honesty in the prescription of health care and even though they might have had an ROH reading in double digets - however, I can guaranty that if interviewed today each would be abhorred at the thought of the modern Nursing home and/or hospice facility being subsidized by our Federal and STate governments.  


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