Wednesday, December 7, 2016

URGENT to Sen Leahy -Impeach and arrest Sen Chuck Grassley, Sen Susan Collins and other treasonous politicians for human trafficking and other crimes against humanity

URGENT to Sen Leahy -Impeach and arrest Sen Chuck Grassley, Sen Susan Collins and other treasonous politicians for human trafficking and other crimes against humanity


kenneth ditkowsky

11:06 AM (18 hours ago)
The 'elder cleansing' scandal speaks for itself and is malevolent in its own right without over-stating it or making accusations against name political figures who may or may not have a hand in the 'cover-up' 

What we need is an HONEST INVESTIGATION of the scandal by appropriate law enforcement.    In its "Honest Investigation" law enforcement has to start are ground zero.   For instance, if the starting point is Illinois we have to start with case number 1.   Case number 1 could be any one a number of cases however, the Mary Sykes case is classic and is a textbook study of the problem.   That case starts with Mary Sykes making application to the Circuit Court of Cook County seeking an order of protection from the very person appointed as her guardian.

This particular fact is unique in that it provides evidence of Mary's competency.   There is in fact a sworn complaint that was filed by Mary.    There are also videos in which Mary exhibits more than threshold incompetency that were posted on social media and are available on the MaryGSykes blog.

The next step is the Court proceedings.   The evidence of criminal activity is overwhelming.   Mary was literally kidnapped and taken out of the county of Cook, yet an examination of the Court file points out that a deception occurred.   The Sheriff of Cook County was directed to serve her in Cook County even though the 2 guardian ad litem, the prospective guardian, the judge, the attorney for the guardian all knew that the directions to the Sheriff to serve Mary were intentionally bogus.    

The sheriff of Cook County by letter denied ever serving summons on Mary.    My review of the file indicates that no service was had and the provisions of 755 ILCS 5/11a - 10 were totally ignored.    In fact the Clerk of the Court did not have a printed summons form that met the standard.    

The honest investigation would also fine that the Petition for guardianship was not appropriate and that the required (jurisdictional) notice to close relatives was ignored.   As the notice to the close relatives is jurisdictional, it is a matter of law that the Court acted without jurisdiction; however, not only was this ignored by the Judge, the attorneys, the guardians, and those who sought to cover-up the criminal conduct, but a clearly defined conspiracy is outlined.   One group of conspirators attempted to avoid this question by asserting that the required close relatives knew of the date of hearing.   They determined with fact without a scintilla of evidence in the record.   However, more telling is the fact that the case file and the record indicate that there was NO HEARING as to Mary's competency.    Due process requires a hearing.

Who is culpable?    Certainly not the Governor of the State, the Senator from Illinois, or the local alderman.   Each conspirator must be demonstrated to have participated by the performance of some OVERT act.   Maybe we can tie some name political figure to this felony, but, we also are bound to not trample on the due process rights of others in our zeal to end these human trafficking abuses.

Elder Cleansing and the human trafficking in the elderly by corrupt political establishment characters is indeed serious.  We do not want to trivialize it by over-statement or over=reaching.    

Some of the human trafficking is under the microscope of Law Enforcement as we speak.   The Philip Esformes case (South Florida), the Seth Gillman (Illinois), ***** all are on subject.     

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