Monday, December 12, 2016

Time to for us to clean the cesspool!

Time to for us to clean the cesspool!

kenneth ditkowsky

Dec 9 (3 days ago)
It seems to me that the time to strike out at Jerome Larkin and the elder cleansers is NOW.   

The new administration is going to want to establish credibility and in particular unite against a common enemy.   The common enemy is not going to be anyone with name recognition or anyone with the ability to strike back, thus, we have an opportunity to make a pitch for the common enemy to be the miscreants who are at the heart of the corruption of our judicial system.  In my view 'elder cleansing' is a perfect vehicle.

Everyone who has a heart LOVES grandma.    People who assault grandma are ip so facto bad.   Alice Gore is a grandmother.  Mary Sykes is a grandmother.    ******.   

Health care is a big issue.   The elder cleansers are the big bad corrupters of health care.   Esformes is a big corrupter!   His son was just indicted for stealing a billion dollars.   We have a large number of such individuals right here in Illinois who are just like Esformes - Eric Rothner is an interesting target.   I understand he is up to his nose in excreta - he allegedly lied to the FBI!

Time to set send the dogs out!    Jerome Larkin is caught in the net!   His racial attacks on Lanre Amu, and his denial of a public accommodation to Diane Nash are beyond the pale declarations of war.   We do not cotton to public officials discriminating against Icons of the Civil Rights movement or tolerate a lawyer being suspended for practicing law while Black!   We also do not have an affinity for people who assault grandma! 


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