Friday, December 2, 2016

Story On Guardian Abuse

Story On Guardian Abuse


kenneth ditkowsky

10:46 AM (19 hours ago)
The saga of guardianship abuse has been a 'dirty little secret' for at least a generation.   This is the fifth GAO report that touches on the subject.    The Alice Gore case is one of the most obnoxious cases of guardianship abuse that anyone can find.   At first glance it looks like a typical garden variety elder cleansing exploitation case.   A widow with a 1.5 million dollar estate, a pension, physical vulnerability, ****.   Indeed, the Court appointed guardian ad litem immediately took over the estate, got the competent daughter sidelined and replaced by a new guardian who could be controlled.  (The new guardian was disabled - this made the task of elder cleansing much easier)  

Swiftly the pension and the assets were dissipated.  It is particularly easy when the GAL has a strong relationship with a 'sheltered care' facility operation.   When the money was dissipated, there was no further need for the body of the victim; however, this GAL enjoyed an unusual amount of avarice.  29 teeth were removed from Mrs. Gore's head so that the gold (Au) contained therein could be salvaged.   (It was not inventoried).   With a stroke a pen a corrupt judge gave validity and State of Illinois approval to the acts.    Attempts by the family to obtain an honest investigation by law enforcement or anyone else were thwarted.   The Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission of Illinois made it clear that in Illinois the GAL's action and the Judge's action were in the highest traditions of the Bar.   The IARDC not only would not investigation, but equated the actions of Attorney JoAnne Denisons publication on her blog of the corruption as being akin to "yelling fire in a crowded theater."

Of course, there is no data.   If you do not look there is never any date.   The Mary Sykes case 09 P 4585 makes it very clear that the stroke of a pen is sufficient to destroy the life of a targeted senior citizen even when she has not been properly served with summons (the sheriff denying in a letter service of summons of any kind), her next of kin are not notified, and no hearing is held to determine eligibility for a guardian.   (The Judge at page 91 of her evidence deposition admitted to being 'wired'    Wire is the same thing as being fixed or otherwise being corrupted).    Of course this action was also in the highest traditions of the bar and the reporting of the corruption ethically challenged.

Thank for sending me the article on the GAO report - am forwarding it on to others who are concerned. 

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