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kenneth ditkowsky

11:22 PM (6 hours ago)
An honest assessment of the Clinton e-mail scandal revealed that the 'fix' was in from day one.   The real question was whether once again the Clintons were going to get away with it.   The parallel that many of us faced was the fact that dishonesty was become the credo to the Justice system and lawyers who spoke out were disciplined and intimidated by the attorney disciplinary Commissions.   Here in Illinois the actions of the IARDC and Jerome Larkin were despicable and obscene.   The do not bother me with the facts, I've made of my mind commissions were laughable if the real people were not having their lives ruined by corruption fraud and the fix.   (I've pointed to the admission by Judge Maureen Connors at page 91 of her evidence deposition that she was 'fixed' as an example.   How did Jerome Larkin handle it?   He kept the file out of evidence and more importantly just ignored the 'wiring' of a judge as he cooked the proceedings to obtain results that he wanted rather than what the evidence required). 

Now on the major stage we see the very same scenario - however, there are many = such as the WAll STREET JOURNAL who are not silenced.     The following is an important assessment of the situation, to wit:

Equal protection of the law means that Jerome Larkin, General Lynch, et al are all held to the same standard and the same Rule of Law as you and I.

Unfortunately - the Clinton e-mail scandal reveals that for the political elite we have an entirely different standard and set of rules.    Just like in Russia! 

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When it was disclosed that Clinton surrogate Terry McCaullup (sp) had given $500,000 to the wife of the deputy Chief of the FBI (in charge of the investigation into the Clinton e-mail scandal) suddenly the investigation got reopened.    Now 

Someone is damn mad over at the FBI.     

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