Friday, November 18, 2016

Medicare Scammers Steal $60 Billion a Year. This Man Is Hunting Them

3:09 PM (14 hours ago)
Editor's note: The one positive feature of hunting for Medicare scammers in the Probate Court of Cook County is that you don't have to hunt or "ferret".  Just walk on the 18th floor and you will step on them. Lucius Verenus, Schoolmaster,
The effort that has been expended to avoid an HONEST INVESTIGATION of the systematic isolation, abuse and exploitation of the elderly by officials of the justice system using the guardianship ploy is remarketable.    Jerome Larkin has spend hundreds of thousands of State of Illinois funds in his efforts to protect the health care frauds committed by corrupt judicial officials and their cohorts, and across the USA the toll adds up.

This afternoon I ran across the following article, to wit:

John Mininno ferrets out shady activity by looking for patterns in vast troves of data.

Medicare Scammers Steal $60 Billion a Year. This Man Is Hunting Them

Maybe we can help!    Maybe he can help the FBI in their investigative efforts.    Maybe he can shake the trees in key States - Illinois Florida etc and ******

Illinois is on the verge of Bankruptcy -- I wonder why the Illinois Department of Revenue is not at Mr. Larkin's door.   As a co-conspirator with each of the miscreant applications that he has helped cover up he must owe billions for his share of the Income taxes, interest, and penalties.    

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