Monday, November 14, 2016

I was listening to the Sunday morning talk shows.

Editor's note: This Shark agrees with K.D. and would request a new A.G. to reopen all the cases mentioned in the last paragraph of this essay. The criminality of the Probate Court of Cook County is so extremely blatant and transparent as to be a harvest of miscreants.  Lucius Verenus, Schoolmaster,
I was listening to the Sunday morning talk shows.   It is amazing!   The pundits are ready to voice opinions on no facts!   A single word is sufficient to generate a news story.   

The Philip Esformes cases is a bell weather.    Here you have a crime of the century occurring and few in the media even gave it a paragraph of print.   The Esformes family has been at the center of most venal Health care fraud for more than a decade. 

The family has been protected in Illinois by the Cook County Democratic machine and from the information that I have been furnished the "residents" of their nursing homes have allegedly delivered to the Democratic candidates at least a 100% of their votes.   The family and its operations appear to have great influence with the Public Guardian, certain corrupt judges, s goggle of judicially appointed public figures etc.  Their coffers are allegedly full of 'elder cleansing dollars.'

The Election revealed that a large number of the great unwashed really want to drain the swamp.   Honest government is something that most of us want.   Honest government means equality before the law and there is NO ELITE.   We all enjoy the same rights, privileges and immunities.   

This means that Phillip Esformes does not get a pass, is not allowed to flee the United States to escape prosecution, and has to appear before the bar of justice just like everyone else.   It does not mean that Esformes is not given the opportunity to co-operate with the Internal Revenue Service and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (and the Florida law enforcement authorities.    It does not mean that Esformes not get something in return for his co-operation.   In fact Esformes should be rewarded for his co-operation as an incentive to come 100% clean.    We want to know just how, why, etc as to the Jerome Larkin cover-up in Illinois.   We want to know who, why, etc as to the relationship with the Public Guardian's office.   We want to know who was paid off in Florida *******.    Esformes should go to jail - but not for life, if he comes 100% clean!   The object of prosecution is not persecution - but justice and prevention.

The object of these e-mails is very simple -- I want to see that HONEST INVESTIGATION that Jerome Larkin and the Illinois Supreme Court are so interesting in preventing.   I want justice for Alice Gore, Mary Sykes, Carole Wyman *****!    I want miscreants such as Judge Connors, Judge Stuart, Jerome Larkin ***** barred from the practice of law and public office.   (Judge Connors on page 91 of her Evidence deposition admitted that in the Sykes case 09 P 4585 she was 'wired!' ).    Honest and integrity in the Law Court is a necessity!    

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