Thursday, October 6, 2016

There is a meeting taking place right now

Oct 4 (2 days ago)
There is a meeting taking place right now with the UN High Commissioner on Refugees and associated agencies. I asked if the meeting were closed and was told, yes it is.

So I did what any desperado would do and planted myself at the bottom of the stairs and waited for someone to come down to use the bathroom. I was fortunate enough to encounter someone working at the UNHCR office.

I explained to her that there are a whole group of refugees---American political refugees--that are being ignored by the UNHCR. She inquired why I didn't make an appointment with their Mexico City office to discuss my situation and I told her that when the lawyer for Sin Fronteras sent me over to the UNHCR office, I was denied entry. And that the lawyer was made aware of this. I also told her that I subsequently contacted the US office of the UNHCR and that a case was opened for me and that from that point on, no replies were ever received by me from that agency, despite repeated inquiries.

She then told me she would send someone down to talk to me shortly, from the meeting. I am now hanging around downstairs waiting for this.

Seeing that I now have a petition with the IACHR, evidence in my room concerning illegal assaults against my persona published book containing evidence of illegal and lethal persecution in the US  and much much more, I am waiting for this meeting with some anticipation.

To be continued.....

Janet Phelan

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Are you finding out anything about what happened at NEO?

Thank you, Jeffrey,


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It was very dismal. I was cordially informed that there are no US refugees and therefore the Casa del Refugiados could not possibly help a US refugee Interestingly enough, I had a meeting on Thursday with an NGO dedicated to protecting journalists in the US and was informed there are indeed US refugees in Mexico and some who have received political asylum.

It is very difficult to wade through all the lies and figure out what is going on and what are the possibilities.  I have filed a petition with the IACHR--
Denouncing Mexico as abusing my human rights, per the OAS human rights treaties-- and request for precautionary measures and am waiting at the Friends Meeting House in Mexico City to see what the IACHR is going to do with this petition.  I cannot safely return to my home in Chiapas until this is dealt with. 

What the heck is going on with NEO? I have five articles in the queue, some there for two months and I cannot even squeeze a reply out of Alex as to whether they even plan to publish them. 

So---in November I am planning to travel to Geneva for the BWC. I asked Alex if it were possible to assign a reporter to cover my presentation, as my last presentation in 2011 at the BWC resulted in a press black out in terms of my specific presentation. In the meantime, I am still paying my rent in Chiapas at a house I cannot occupy as well as rent here in Mexico City at the Friends House and my articles lie idle at NEO. Ouch!!!


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