Monday, October 31, 2016

Steve Miller: Why are Jared E. Shafer's Judge Signs Being Removed?

Steve Miller: Why are Jared E. Shafer's Judge Signs Being Removed?
LAS VEGAS - On a recent drive through the Las Vegas valley, I noticed that hundreds of Jared E. Shafer's Signs of Nevada c/o PFSN, Inc. judge signs have just been removed from vacant lots two weeks ahead of the election.

I have long believed that Shafer's judge signs were his Achilles' heel, and his secret method of allegedly bribing local judges to issue rulings in his favor, rulings that removed the civil rights of his wealthy court appointed "wards," and reportedly allowed him to gain power of attorney over their finances and assets.

At a time when outdoor advertising companies are flooding our valley with political billboards, Shafer's judge signs are disappearing. Why? Is he going out of business and leaving town in the middle of a state and federal investigation into his and his protege's financial dealings?

April Parks, one of Shafer's proteges, skipped town last summer with the fortunes of several of her Clark County Family Court appointed wards. Patience Bristol, Shafer's PFSN assistant, is currently serving a 5 - 8 year prison sentence for elder exploitation.

Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson and Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt have told several of Shafer and Parks' victims, and me, that "indictments are expected by November 1."

Is Jared Shafer also planning on leaving town in the near future, hence the dismantling of his sign business in the middle of an election?

Today, I sent inquiries to owners of vacant lots that were previously used by Shafer to advertise the Clark County Family Court and District Court judges he favors, and am awaiting their response. I ask property owners if they have recently become aware of Shafer and his judge's alleged exploitation of wealthy court appointed elderly and disabled "wards," and if they demanded he immediately remove his signs from their vacant land so they would not be inadvertently aiding and abetting him and his judge's alleged crimes?

I will let you know what I learn. ~SM

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