Saturday, October 8, 2016

Of course the Illinois Supreme Court was outraged that an Attorney would appropriately complain of Judicial corruption

One of the big worries that every citizen has is being a target of a Federal Investigation.   We are frightened because there are many laws enacted every year and some laws make it unlawful to not violated other laws.    Worse yet there are literally millions of regulations enacted by government agencies that regulate everything from the color of your clothes to the soft drink you can have a lunch.   More are on the way.     The laws are not uniformly enforced or applied and some people are immune from the Rule of Law.     JoAnne Denison as an attorney under lawyer rule 8.3 had an obligation to report to the legal authorities’ judicial corruption such as occurred in the Mary Sykes case and the Alice Gore case.   She did!     The Illinois attorney registration and disciplinary commission (IARDC) was so incensed by her reporting and publishing the Judicial corruption that they ran immediately to the Illinois Supreme Court and sought an interim suspension of her law license.    Of course the Illinois Supreme Court was outraged that an Attorney would appropriately complain of Judicial corruption and not only granted the suspension, but tacked on another 3 years to make certain that other lawyers do not report misconduct of judges or other judicial officials in Illinois.
Now we have the indictment of Philip Esformes for stealing a Billion ($1,000,000,000.00) dollars from Medicare.    The Esformes family is infamous for their nursing homes, sheltered care facilities and other elder facilities.     The Alice Gore case as reported in Probate Sharks blog discloses the shame of Illinois as it relates to the Elderly and the disabled.      (Probate Sharks cannot be muzzled by Mr. Larkin of the IARDC) as Ken ***** is not an attorney).    An article in today’s Wall Street Journal   if frightening in that it demonstrates just how deep the ‘fix’ can go, to wit:
It has always been assumed that when the full light of public disclosure is focused upon a subject there can be no ‘wiring’ of the judicial process and even the heavily clouted public servant will have to face the weight of the law.    Thus, Dan Rostenkowski even though the Leader in the House of Representatives had to go to jail for stealing $3000.00 in postage.      Apparently situation has changed and the fix can go right up to the door of the White House.
The enormity of the crime of Philip Esformes is measured in dollars.    One billion ($1,000,000,000) dollars from a heavily monitored federal program is an amazing feat!     Pick any other criminal and this feat is unmatched.    However, the billion ($1,000,000,000) dollars is a drop in the bucket as it does not include the money stolen at the very same time from the insurance carriers and the medicate victims themselves.     But, let us go a step further.     This crime was committed by Esformes using 30 nursing homes – the Esformes empire has many more of such facilities all over the United States.     Many are not listed as Esformes facilities and many more are parallel operations operated by people who are so much like Esformes they could be deemed clones.   
The Presidential candidate who is the subject matter of the Wall Street Journal article referred to supra is small potatoes when compared with the alleged Esformes theft.    I suspect that the Illinois Governor who went to jail (Blago) and was tied to Anthony Resko also had some tie=in with this Esformes scandal.   The ‘cover up ‘is well underway.    Will Esformes buy his way out of jail?    Who will he pay off?     How will it be done?     Tune in – we will know all too soon!         Look at the type of media coverage that this Billion ($1,000,000,000) dollar theft received and how delayed it was even in Chicago – the heart of the Esformes enterprises.      The bias (i.e. the lack of coverage) of the media suggests that maybe Philip Esformes ought to run for public office.    His feat of stealing a Billion ($1,000,000,000) dollars certainly indicates that he is a more accomplished bad guy that either of the two major party candidates for President.        
For the record – I’ve called upon Philip Esformes to recognize that the United States of America has him dead to rights.     There is a 99% probability that he will be convicted of the crimes charged and he will spend some time in jail.     As the problem is systemic and the ‘cover-up’ and fraud is nationwide, it seems to me that as this is the time of the year when every Jew looks inward and seeks redemption he ought to visit the Special Agent in charge of the investigation and honestly offer his sincere services in exposing the criminal activity that he was part of and save thousands of hours of law enforcement investigation.    He ought to do this out of gratitude to America for the Freedom and opportunity it provided our parents, grandparents, friends and neighbors.     He betrayed his heritage and as a human being ought to make redemption by giving the United States of America his full and honest co-operation in ridding America of the scourge of “elder cleansing!”      To err is human to forgive is devine.    
Of course I am not so naïve as to believe that Esformes will “do the right thing” when the precedent is before us in

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