Saturday, October 15, 2016

IT IS TIME FOR SOME STRAIGHT TALK and some Honesty in Government.

IT IS TIME FOR SOME STRAIGHT TALK and some Honesty in Government.

kenneth ditkowsky

1:20 PM (17 hours ago)
Illinois is demonstrating that it is one of the most corrupt States in the union.   It is the laughing stock of the Nation, and possibly the world.   The Greylord scandal - wherein a score of Judges = and several score lawyers = went to jail was the tip of the iceberg.   Students of current history have trouble naming the Governors who have not gone to prison and many of our lesser officer holders either are in jail or should be in jail.   The Alice Gore case is a blast from the past.   Not since the National Socialist regimes that gave us the Holocaust has such atrocities been recorded.   The avarice that was required to steal the gold from the teeth of a senior citizen reaches out and grabs the lost common denominator of criminal.   The Mary Sykes case 09 P 4585 demonstrates the level of perfidy and deterioration that the legal system has dropped.

Discipline for professionals has become a joke at the Department of Professional Regulation and the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission.    It has been reported that the regulators (disciplinary) exercise no compliance with the disciplinary requirements placed on all persons in the public trust -- transparency.  The legislative (and the State of Illinois) actually requires disclosure of assets and income sources so that the public has confidence that "pay to play" "quid pro quo" and other forms of corruption are readily apparent to any member of the public who cares to inquire.  Jerome Larkin has made it clear that "he is above the Law"  and I have it from good authority that over at the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation compliance is spotty, if at all.

In other words we have divided the population of the State of Illinois in the elites, the establishment, and the rest of us.   (The rest of us I usually refer to as the "great unwashed")     The elites and the establishment are exempt from our laws if they choose to be and in too many situations literally get away with murder.   Certainly, they are immune from paying tax on the booty that they are able to garner by theft, deception or otherwise.   Only when the great unwashed are unruly and on the verge of rebellion does the media and and other demand accountability, and then only when it meets the parochial whim and caprice.

Every day brings new revelations as to the despicable conduct and activities of our "leaders."   It does not matter what level you look at - one or more of the people who are nominated to run for public office is implicated in some terrible conduct or activity.   The bias of the various medias has a definite effect on which of the perfidious individuals is elected and we, the great unwashed, are told "lump it!"

We are however making progress.   I understand that yesterday there were so arrests in Indianapolis, Indiana of a bunch of nursing home predators who were stealing from Medicare and the USA indicted Philip Esformes for stealing a billion dollars from the Medicare program.   Other prosecutions in other States are also making a dent in the ELDER CLEANSING (and related) frauds, but unfortunately the benign neglect of many years and the 'cover ups' have made this metastatic cancer a formidable foe.   As reported in the AAApg, Nasga, Probate Sharks,MaryGSykes, **** blogs the GAO has provided congress with four (4) reports as the facts of the crisis.    Of course, little has been done and it is anticipated that except for a few platitudes being uttered not much will be done.    Every excuse in the book will be forthcoming and one or more of the corrupt public officials will make the statement as to how he or she is fighting to protect 'social security!'    (who gives a damn about social security when it being paid to the miscreant corrupt judicial and public officials who are stealing it and adding it to the Billions of dollars being stolen from the elder cleansed).

Yesterday both Presidential candidates were exposed for alleged acts of misconduct that should disqualify both from public office.    Yesterday, Mr. Trump was accused of more sexual misconduct, and not to be outdone Ms. Clinton was exposed for more frugality with the truth, more ethically challenged conduct, and of having some aids and people around her that were clearly biased against Christians, *****.    The media and "those who count"  (not the great unwashed) were bombarded from the cesspool that surrounds our electoral process till the stench has become unbearable.   This may be the first election in history wherein 99% of the electorate do not vote for either candidate from the major parties - all votes will be against one candidate or the other based the criteria of which is most unsuited.   No matter which candidate wins the great unwashed are the losers.   

The foregoing notwithstanding we can win the fight against elder cleansing and the stop the abuse and exploitation of the elderly and the disabled.   Health care costs are going to continue to soar, unless the fraud is brought under control.   The enforcement of ours laws is at best token.   The Seth Gillman and Philip Esformes cases demonstrate just how much money is being stolen on a daily basis from the Medicare and other health care programs by the promulgators of Elder Cleansing.   Vigorous enforcement across the board (including the collection of Income taxes, interest and penalties owed by Jerome Larkin (IARDC) due to his acting in concert with the co conspirators who are doing the actual robbery and murder of the elderly and disabled victims of elder cleansing).   Illinois as an example is on the verge of Bankruptcy - collection of these taxes will give us a reprieve.   On the National level we have a deficit of 19 trillion dollars.    The taxes due on 1 billion dollars allegedly stolen by Philip Esformes is a drop in the bucket!   Those public officials who are engaged in the quid pro quo that allows elder cleansing to flourish should also pay their fair share!      

NB.  For the record, the idea for this e-mail came from the Wall Street Journal ARticle, to wit:

The suggestion by Mr. Morrison to Mr. Trump is interesting.   It might even restore the confidence in government that is fast fading.   All Mr. Trump has to do is make a full, HONEST and Complete disclosure.    Ditto for Ms. Clinton!    Emphasis on HONEST & COMPLETE.   Knowing the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth might cause some of us to vote for, rather than against.

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