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Honor, honesty, and the American core values

Honor, honesty, and the American core values


kenneth ditkowsky

7:15 AM (29 minutes ago)
The Alice Gore guardianship case was an example of why it is so important for every American to remember the Holocaust and how easy it was for a group of criminals to literally take over a Nation for so that they could exploit it.   The entire guardianship scandal was highlighted by total indifference to an individual's dignity, humanity, and rights as a citizen.  The sole object of the miscreants was pursuit of money.   The avarice was so outrageous that the court appointed guardian ad litem even orchestrated the theft of the gold from the mouth of the victim - Alice Gore.

Good people, pious people, ****** to this day say nothing as the political and judicial elite clamp down on OUR civil and human rights to silence us.   A call for an HONEST INVESTIGATION is to the Illinois Supreme Court and the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission not only ethically challenged, but akin to yelling fire in a crowded theater.   The corrupt political and judicial elite solicit your support for their criminal activities with billions of dollars of campaign contributions and continued fraud and deceit.   The openly defy the RULE OF LAW.

What is disgusting is the fact that these same bastards DO THE DEED over and over again and some of us make excuses for them or otherwise give them cover.   The cesspool that they are creating is expanding daily.   The Alice Gore case was horrendous not only because of the fact that the elder exploitation was so public and so obscene, but because when the perpetrators were confronted by the family and asked: "how can you do something so horrible" the response was "because we can!"   Indeed, they could and did with the fully and complete attornment of the political structure of Illinois.   We've written to the presidential candidates, the local candidates for public office, law enforcement, ***** the net response has been zero.   1.5 million dollars and some grains of Au are the booty!   Object and the establishment will rig up judgments and other punishments for you.  Read about it on the Probate Sharks blog!

Indeed, every citizen who grows old is a potential victim of elder cleansing because they can!       

The Mary Sykes case  09 P 4585 (cook county, Illinois) is also instructive.   I heard an aid to Senator Kirk tell me - "it cannot happen to me - I have a loving family!"   Mary Sykes had a loving family and dozens of friends.   On page 91 of her evidence deposition Justice Maureen Connors tells us how wrong Senator Kirk's aid is and just how complacency is dangerous to your existence as a person.   Mary Sykes was NOT incompetent - however it did not matter.  The judge in her case was 'fixed!'   (see page 91 of her deposition)   She also was protected by the machinery of the Cook County Democratic Party!  Jerome Larkin was out there to make certain that no lawyer (pursuant to Rule 8.3) would expose the plot!   A letter for help to the Attorney General of the United States was deemed ethically obscene and warranting a 4 year suspension of a law license.   Publishing a blog exposing judicial corruption was akin to yelling fire in a crowded theater.   (you cannot make this stuff up - this is exactly what happened!).

Technicalities like due process, equality before the law, ***** were run roughshot over by the corrupt judge, her two appointed guardian ad litem, her corrupt guardian, and a cadre of corrupt lawyers.   The Sheriff admitted in a letter that his office never served summons of Mary Sykes, the close (near) relatives of Mary were not given notice of a hearing to address any incompetency Mary might have had, and in fact there was NO HEARING as to Mary's competency.   Just like the Holocuast victims in Nazi Germany Mary was hussled out of her home and sent to the Elder Cleansing chamber!  She was not taken in a freight railroad car.   We do not do that any more!    When Mary protested, Adam Stern (A guardian ad litem) would appear and silence her protests.    Why were their two guardian ad litem for Mary Sykes?   3 million dollars plus or minus was the booty!    You can read all about this criminal enterprise in the MaryGSykes blog.   (Also Probate Sharks, NASGA, AAAPg and dozens of other blogs expose this criminal activity on a daily basis)

What is being done about it!    Senator Durbin of Illinois sent me a copy of one of his speeches on saving social security!   Most elected officials a dead silent!

Indeed, nothing that I've written supra is new.   Yes, I realize that I am writing to the choir.   so why do I do it?
It used to be one of fascades of political life that the political class attempted to demonstrate to us just how they were men and women of the people by kissing babies and helping little old ladies.   We have a come a long way - today we toss those little old ladies under the bus! and let the brats scream.    Today's Wall Street Journal points out the new credo, to wit:

Indeed -- 

Tonight we start the celebration of the Jewish New Year.   This is a celebration of life and an atonement for our sins.   We make quite a production out of our religious hypocrisy.     The indictment of Philip Esformes for the theft of One billion dollars ($1,000,000,000) from the medicare program is a wake=up call.   Elder Cleansing exists because they can do it to us.   They can do it to us because we let them and we facilitate the election of the "best public servants money can buy!"     We get the government we deserve - let us hope that the new year does not yield all that we deserve!     Allowing the elderly to be isolated, abused, exploited and deprived of not only their property but their civil and human rights is not a fit memorial to America and her institutions!

The time for an HONEST INVESTIGATION of the elder cleansing scandal and the removal of the public officials who foster, cover=up, or participate in the elder cleansing holocaust from public office has arrived !    The Time for intelligent actions to rectify this cancer is NOW.     (I do not have any answers - I hope that you do!)  

Happy Jewish New Year.   

Ken Ditkowsky

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