Thursday, October 20, 2016

Do you wonder why Jerome Larkin and the miscreants got so excited when JoAnne Denison and I called for an HONEST INVESTIGATION OF ELDER CLEANSING?

Do you wonder why Jerome Larkin and the miscreants got so excited when JoAnne Denison and I called for an HONEST INVESTIGATION OF ELDER CLEANSING?

kenneth ditkowsky

5:31 PM (12 hours ago)
A call for an Honest Investigation of the situation in which hundreds of elderly people are railroaded into abusive, exploitative,and over broad guardianships should have appeal to just about every HONEST and conscientious citizen with a conscience.   Indeed, when the facts of the Alice Gore and Mary Sykes cases were made public a hue and cry should have rung through the streets.   Every lawyer who took the "oath" as a lawyer should have joined in the cry!

It was disappointing that the 2nd oldest profession was stone silent!   It was appalling that the American Bar Association went into hiding.    It was quite scary when the media, the political, and the judicial community ran from the scene of the crime and abandoned the First Amendment.   Most troubling was the reaction of law enforcement - ******.

Thus, in spite of four Government Accounting Office reports, several indictments, and a bit of loud self applause by law enforcement as to its merger enforcement efforts it is very dangerous to grow old in Illinois, Florida, ****.    Jerome larkin and his 18 USCA 371 co-conspirators hand in hand with the elder cleansing villains are still assaulting our constitutional liberties and denying the same to the elderly and the disabled targeted for elder cleansing.    The only distinction between them and their ancestors in the 3rd Reich is the fact religion is not one of the criteria for the assault on humanity.

The question that everyone asks is "Why" would the privileged 'elite' of the 'establishment' engage in such despicable and reprehensible conduct!   An infamous nursing home operator informed Alice Gore's family - "because I can!"    

Indeed - no matter how many e-mails I send out and no matter how many others send out reiterating dismay at the assault on America's core values there is a aura of disbelief.    

OK - lets look at a parallel situation.    America's highest ranking officers are historically held to a standard of conduct that is above and beyond that which us mere mortals are held.   A Secretary of State is charged with handling and addressing issues that are so secret and so sensitive that a vivid dream is a violation of the Secrets Act and could cause millions of lives to be forfeit.   The President and his cabinet are charged with being so HONEST that they dare not lie about whether they take their meds in the morning.    Indeed, we - the great unwashed - expect from our leaders fidelity and honesty that we ourselves could never maintain.

With the computer age and modern communications (such as the e-mail) we have discovered that transparency has a new meaning.   It is an action noun!   The idea of having a public posture and a private position that is inconsistent is not acceptable and apt to be exposed.   Such has happened with the daily release of Clinton e-mails. The stated position of the current Administration of absolute transparency is fast becoming a reality.   Asserting one position in public and another in private is exposed as being disingenuous.    

The Jerome Larkin and his ilk previous had to be exposed by painstaking HONEST INVESTIGATIONS and public officials and candidates for office had the tried and true method of dealing with the problem, to wit:  Prevaricate!    Attack the source!  ****

The past days of W-links release of e-mails has exposed the underbelly of hypocrisy and double speak at the national level that we at the local level do not enjoy.   THIS IS EXACTLY THE TRANSPARENCY our National leaders proclaimed that they were going to give us.    Is there dancing in the streets?   Apparently not.   

 So much for transparency!   So much for Honesty!    The First Amendment is inconvenient!    

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