Saturday, October 22, 2016

Breach of Fiduciary Relationship is a taxable event

Breach of Fiduciary Relationship is a taxable event

kenneth ditkowsky

Oct 20 (2 days ago)
Watching yesterday’s Presidential debates was surreal.    
A simple question: “what day is it” results in a diatribe on global warming or what have you.    The question that we all want answered is: “why in the hell should I want you to be President of the United States?” is never really answered and the media trots off into never-never land of trying to find out is Donald Trump believes that Captain Hook’s hook is made of brass or pure old iron.    No matter what answer he provides is of course work, disrespectful to women, and off the wall.    The Republican establishment is shocked and the Democratic establishment has horrified.     Everyone knows the drill, and we the great unwashed are believed by the Establishment as too stupid to understand the significance of all we are watching.     So after about 90 minutes of banal avoidance of the issues that concern America the media (who have a collective IQ too small to measure) explains in excruciating detail their version of the non-answers and evasions that we just heard from the two nominees for President we have little if any confidence.
Maybe we are stupid, and cannot present a coordinated plan for universal health care in the United States, but we can answer the question that Trump and Clinton did not answer.      Neither of you answered it.    That question was how do you fix Obamacare.     That question was direct and has an easy answer.     The problem with Obamacare is that it costs too much.   Indeed, it costs too much because it is riddled with corruption, fraud, and corruption.     All health care is since 3rd party payors took over the control of the system.    No longer does the health care professional and/or provider have all the elements of professionalism to deal with – he submitted the proper ‘code’ and the bill that means the government and/or insurance company regulations and payment is really in the mail.
Thus, we have the Philip Esformes scenario.     Philip was able to steal a billion ($1,000,000,000) dollars from Medicare.     He did it with 30 nursing homes.    How many nursing homes are controlled in Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, ***** by Philip’s counterparts and co-conspirators?     It is estimated that here in Chicago, Illinois there are about 300.    Thus, the potential to steal another ten billion dollars without counting the dollars available to be stolen from the patients and the insurance carriers[1].
Neither Clinton or Trump mentioned the saga of Philip Esformes et al.    Why????    If a dummy like me knows about the health care scams, elder cleansings, and pure fraud, obviously the two smartest individuals on the planet must also be aware!     Maybe – they are?    Maybe they are part of the problem?    Maybe they like the system as it is and each has a public posture and a secret posture?
Here is a challenge to both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton --- join the fight against ELDER CLEANSING and the corruption in the health care system, and judicial system that fosters it.    By joining the fight, I mean let us see action.    Words cannot do Alice Gore and the potential Alice Gores any good.    We need right now an HONEST INVESTIGATION and protection for our First Amendment Rights.    After the Honest Investigation, we need prosecutions to be brought against the miscreants (and all of them including the conspirators) that are meaningful and a deterrent to further exploitation, abuse, and mistreatment of our senior citizens and our disabled.   
Yes, I know that an HONEST INVESTIGATION is going to have devastating Political effects and may cause a bunch of contributors to Political campaigns to go to jail and be unable to continue as political activists, but the prosecution of these miscreants will have the effect of restoring confidence in our political establishment.     An Honest prosecution will mean some elite and respected members of the establishment will go to jail – but we should have a consistent public posture and private posture.    Anything less is what we call a LIE!    
Mr. Trump/Ms Clinton – if you wish to garner our votes in your quest for the Presidency and to support your presidency you must do much more than talk.   TALK IS CHEAP!      Let’s see some action.      Not one of us wants to be the victim of ELDER CLEANSING, however, as we grow older each day, the dawn brings an increasing possibility that today I might be a victim!    That prospect is unattractive to me and I certainly would not vote for anyone who is not strongly in favor of my not being a victim.     Jerome Larkin and his ilk have already interfered with my right to Equal protection of the law and my First Amendment Rights.     Larkin’s stooge asked me if I was repentant for writing a complaint concerning the Elder Cleansing of Mary Sykes to the Attorney General of the United States.     Even though the Attorney General of the United States was uninterested in the Elder Cleansing of an elderly widow – I was not the least bit sorry for my authorship and transmission of a complaint letter.    I still am not repentant.

[1] It should be noted that the criminal actions taken by the “health care providers” in their quest for ELDER CLEANSING victims is not limited to nursing home operators and their activities.    The Omnicare scandal, the Seth Gillman (Hospice scandal) and the physical scandals all play a part in creating an environment of corruption, deceit and fraud that is fostered and protected by the Political and Judicial Elite members of the Establishment.    This creates a  700 percent surcharge on health care services.     

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