Friday, September 2, 2016

The fallout from the Philip Esformes indictment here in Chicago is extensive and sobering

Editor's note: This Shark was informed that Alice R. Gore, a victim of "elder cleansing" by the Probate Court of Cook County, was deeply "into" the occult and had "powers".  It is believed that Alice placed a curse on many of the individuals in that court who were responsible for her torment and demise. It was brought to Your ProbateSharks's attention that at least two of the lawyers involved with Alice died prematurely under strange and mysterious circumstances, two probate judges were fired and other's including the Esformes family are in the process of being dissembled.  Lucius Verenus, Schoolmaster,

The fallout from the Philip Esformes indictment here in Chicago is extensive and sobering. Esformes announced that he was suspending his charitable giving. It appears that he has in addition pulled out all stops.

I received a telephone call the other day in which I was informed the Eric Rothman is also in deep trouble. (not the first time I've been so informed - it appears he was a bit frugal with the truth when he talked to the Feds).

As the high holidays are coming, I certainly wish that the miscreants would take this an opportunity to do the right thing and make peace. The exploitation of the elderly ***** ( I've said all of this before)

Anyway - thank you for the article. I'm sorry that others who stand up and be counted have to deal with the intimidation of the Political and Judicial elite - BUT we all signed on for the role and knew up front of the possible adverse consequences.

We are going to prevail! Best wishes for the Holidays and may the New Year bring you and your happiness, health, and all the good things in life!

Whenever any group generates an enormous amount of money, there are three concerns that the group has. The are: equitable distribution - i.e. distribution sufficient amounts to the smaller players so as to not to create a rebellion, 2) paying a little in taxes as possible, and 3) investments in non-related industries.

The investment in non-related industries is very necessary as there are Federal Forfeiture statutes that when a fraud such as the Esformes fraud occurs apply. All the proceeds of the enterprise can be forfeit. Thus elaborate shams are set up to protect ill-gotten gains. In an enterprise such as the nursing home and elder cleansing frauds all health related enterprises are subject to forfeiture. For instance, the Omnicare enterprise was quickly disposed of to CVS pharmacy when it became apparent that the FBI had garnered the co-operation of one of the key nursing home operators and had focused on another. The 12.4 billion dollars was easily laundered and is safely out of the jurisdiction. However, tax auditors will be able to trace it if the cabal cannot *****.

The investment into the Music Industry will be a bit harder to address, as this scam was set up years ago when Draiman and his band disturbed where determined to by the cabal to be the top heavy metal band in America. The entry allowed the cabal access to another money laundering enterprise - according to my confidential source they acquired talent, and copyrights ******

According to another confidential informant it seemed a shame to waste all the clout that was being developed on just health care. Other businesses focusing on municipal and state enterprises thus were target. Again the billions in illegal profits from the nursing home industry could be laundered and political remunerations paid. The red light camera business was just perfect. Not only did it foster relationships, but, a couple of dollars provided cover for major remunerations to significant political people. A witness on one of my cases confirmed that after he went underground so as to avoid certain problems, he was employed by a red light camera operation ******. Sure enough - when I talked to one of the policemen dealing with the red light camera operation we exchanged notes and *****.

Most of what I learned is confidential and pointed out to me in confidence. I no doubt as to its veracity.

Ken Ditkowsky

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