Wednesday, September 7, 2016

I re- entered Mexico on August 29

To All,

I re- entered Mexico on August 29, thinking that very possibly the very filing of my human rights petition with the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights might have forced the perpetrators to back off.

I could not have been more mistaken. 

As it stands, I am staying at the Quaker House in Mexico City and am having meetings with lawyers here to see if anything can be done to resolve (stop) the repeated assaults which have rendered my life a living hell.  Katherine Hine has so generously offered me refuge again in UY should I desire it. 

But I don't. Three months of "Anne-Frank-in-the-Attic," which is how I jokingly referred to the extreme retreat from normal life which was literally forced upon me by the continuation of attacks in UY, was enough to convince me that I did not want to spend the rest of my life as a hermit.

Meanwhile, I am moving forward with plans to attend the five-year convening of the Biological Weapons Convention in Geneva this November.  I have already contacted the Quaker House in Geneva and their staff is locating lodging for me with a Quaker family. Hotels in Geneva are prohibitively expensive and this will be a great aid towards making this trip affordable.

As many of the recipients of this email know, it is my contention that the repeated violations of the BWC by the US government point to a likely intent to deploy domestically, and to do so in the near future. Pursuant to this understanding, I have asked New Eastern Outlook to assign a reporter to cover my presentation at the BWC, as the press black- out on my presentation five years ago was a great disappointment (and only furthered the likelihood of a successful deployment). G-d bless the utterly amoral media. You gotta know who they think butters their tortillas.

The IACHR has informed me that they will be sending me a letter very shortly in response to my request for precautionary measures, which included a request for a guard to be assigned to my dwelling in Chiapas to deter further illegal and unauthorized entries into my home.

So---possibly I should have entitled this email "A missive from limbo." Nevertheless, I am attempting to stay focused on what I perceive needs to be done. Someone very smart once said, "When you cannot move backward and you cannot move move forward anyway." Who the heck was that?

Keep the faith,

Janet Phelan

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