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Elder Cleansing and the Blogs MaryGSykes and Probate Sharks

Elder Cleansing and the Blogs MaryGSykes and Probate Sharks

kenneth ditkowsky

3:46 PM (13 hours ago)
It occurred to me after reading the two aforementioned blogs just how broad the possibilities are for an elder cleanser.   The vehicles that are available are almost unlimited, ergo, the number of ways to distract those who oppose the WAR ON THE ELDERLY AND THE DISABLED from their major task is also unlimited.    

The Wells Fargo scandal is in the news because it is so outrageous and generated hundreds of millions of dollars in bonuses for some executives who learned the art of bank robbery without a gun very well.   The Political elite are worried that seniors might be affected.   Their concern is duly noted.   Let's examine what happened.   The 'little people' who serve as the bank officers you and I see were encouraged to get you to open accounts at the Bank.   I personally have at a major Bank: 1) a personal savings account; 2) a bunch of remnants of escrow accounts; 3) a savings account; 4) a safety deposit box.   I also could have a series of loans.    The little people were encouraged to get me to open these accounts at the Bank.  They also would like me to set up a trust with the Bank named as trustee etc.

Is this criminal?   I do not think so.   Why the big fuss?   It is an election year and the problem of elder cleansing will expose certain Judges as corrupt and a horde of lawyers as being oblivious to their responsibility to not only their clients, but their profession and the public.   Also on the horizon is what is appearing as a breakdown in the Justice System.   When judgeships are bartered with gym bags full of cash (see John Kass article in the Chicago Tribune) what kind of Justice can the public expect?    If you read the posts on Probate Sharks you know.   Alice Gore was elder cleansed quite significantly.    The miscreants even took the gold from her teeth (and did not inventory it).   The very same attorney appointed as Guardian ad litem - who orchestrated the great gold robbery - was further disclosed as engineering the theft of a million dollars from a probate estate in Florida.   A Bank pushing its little people to put the 'bite on' the great unwashed to open a checking account that they may or may not need gives organisms to our elected officials.   How terrible says Elizabeth Warren, and other elected officials!  This is the same Senator Elizabeth Warren who ignores the complaints of elder cleansing and has said nothing about the quest for gold in the mouth of Alice Gore.  She needs more detail!

We have complained bitterly to our elected representatives to encourage law enforcement to protect our elderly for elder cleansing.   Granted there has been some progress however, there are still corrupt judges out there who are appointing the cronies (corrupt lawyers) as guardians.   These guardians isolate the elderly victim from family and friends so that systematically the Estate can be liquidated and clouted nursing home operators and similar predators can systematically loot the health care system.    (In the process the civil and human rights of the victim are repeated violated - this to our elected leaders is irrelevant - they are out protecting the social security of the victims so that the miscreants committing the felonies of elder cleansing are appropriate compensated by awards from the Court).

 Yesterday I was amused by the use of the word 'gangbanging' in the MaryGSykes blog.   I envisioned  --- never mind!   The ganging up on a objector to elder cleansing in my 1/2 century plus in the practice of law has never been called that!   The subject matter is indeed serious and does need attention.   The use of Sheriff's deputies to intimidate or participate in a intimidation (or extortion) is the theft of public services in spades!    The actions of Judge Stuart in chaining Gloria Sykes to a chair, threatening her physical presence and that of her service animal was more than outrageous!   I have written Sheriff Dart concerning this matter several times but have not followed up.   

I do know that Judge STuart was frugal with the truth (she lied) under oath at the Joan Denison kangaroo disciplinary hearings and that the unlicensed Court reporter was induced to alter the transcript of the cross examination in which the perjury was exposed.    (When this perjury occurred, Court watchers immediately reported this event so that even though the IARDC has altered the transcripts everyone knows all about it - the cover-up exists = Gloria Sykes' civil rights were violated and she is denied equal protection of law.  But as Gloria Sykes has some annoying habits that offend in the eyes of Illinois Law she is a non-person).    The "gangbanging" that occurred in Judge Stuart's courtroom must be addressed by law enforcement.

The blogs MaryGSykes and Probate Sharks by their existence keep sending out the 'word' and the reminder that Democracy is not a spectator sport.   Each of us has to attack the threat to our freedoms by using the tools at their disposal.   Right now few are listening -  but that will not always be the case.   The miscreants may 'gang up' on us, but there are more of us then them and we have the advantage - We have RIGHT on our side.    Every day Jerome Larkin and each of the miscreants have to live with the fact that he (they are)  is responsible for the elder cleansing horrible death of many Illinois elderly.   He (and the 18 UsCA 371 co-conspirators)  has to worry that in the forseeable future, one of more of the miscreants may get a hold of his body (their collective bodies) , and rob him and his family of their dignity, civil rights, human rights and his estate just as was done to Mary Sykes ******.   

The failure of law enforcement to enforce the Rule of Law equally and appropriately has resulted in 2 kiled on 1 wounded in the battle for Chicago streets!    Death is faster on the streets, but the victims of elder cleansing are just as dead in the end. Killing by the Political and Judicial elite leaves a victim just a dead. 

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Two men were killed and a woman was wounded in two shootings on the Eisenhower Expressway on the West Side that occurred within six hours of each other, according to the Illinois state police.

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