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The Total Pharmacy/Omnicare venture referred to supra is a look in the LOOKING GLASS.

The Total Pharmacy/Omnicare venture referred to supra is a look in the LOOKING GLASS. 

The Enron scandal is a parallel to the health care/nursing home situation.   The miscreants are clever and much smarter than most of criminals that the government has to deal with.    The scandal has multi levels:

  1. political.   Key to the operation of the fraud is an alliance between Establishment political people, judicial people, and the multi-levels of the fraud.   Each locality appears to have a similar structure and very strong tie ins to the dominate political party.    This is true in New York - i.e. the Clinton connection that we discussed, In Illinois, etc.    
  2. judicial.   Keeping the facilities occupied and generating money requires tie-ins with corrupt judges and judicial elite.    Here in Illinois we saw how Jerome Larkin and the IARDC react to the call from 'on high'   Cynthia Farenga saw a post in PROBATE SHARKS calling for an HONEST INVESTIGATION and the miscreants prostituted themselves to attempt to stop the call.  The presiding judges closed their eyes and signed whatever orders were necessary to enhance the wealth of the program.   In the Gore case - no depravity was too low for the judge - even an expedition into the mouth of the elderly ward to get a few grains of gold was acceptable conduct.   Indeed, the collection of gold from grandmother's mouth according to Jerome Larkin and his 18 USCA 371 co-conspirators was in the best traditions of the Illinois BAr.
  3. structural.     The subversion of professionals is old hat and as old as the hills.   pass a dollar bill under the nose of some professionals and you own his/her for life.    The miscreants are too clever and they no longer need to use dollars - nursing home beds, opportunity to rob an estate, opportunity to be a guardian of an estate and steal, and a horde of sundry payments, mortgages, vacations, opportunities etc     

A sheltered care facility has nummerous operations.    The facility for instance purchases pharmacuticals.     This - Esformes created TOTAL CARE which just happens to have a monopoly on all the facilities drug purchases.
By buying in bulk for the controlled facilities the price is substantially reduced.   Indeed, with the over prescription of drugs by controlled doctors a medium size nursing home has a higher sale volume of these substances than most family pharmacies.   Indeed, the warehousing of the elderly requires keeping the elderly subdued and quiet.   Thus, linking 30 - 300 Esformes controlled facilities together in a buying group is pure money!

Of course, Esformes is too smart to be openly involved in the operation - thus, the operating partner looks around for a youngster, the more naive the better, and he is lured into the position of Chief Operating Officer.    The swelled head augmented by the flattery, large salary, fancy care etc makes this recent graduate or cultivated fool perfect.   In the pharmacy one of the dupes dispenses chemcials like corn flakes and if the face that the FDA, IRS, FBI, et al sees.   The shares of the company (Total) are in nominee names = by an large - 

Charity is a big part of the issue.   Everyone contributes.   The contribution is to a duly recognized charity.    The Clinton Tax Return showed a million dollar donation to a Clinton Charity.    The Esformes tax return probably shows a contribution to a Esformes Charity.    Funds are disbursed so as to get the maximum personal benefit.    (I would not be shocked to find out that Donald Trumps disbursement was in a similar manner.) Giving makes certain community operations dependent -- (I should not have to explain further)

Each operation works essentially the same way, including management, nursing care, linen supply, real estate management, Utilities, professional operatings *****.     Even the billing is outsourced to a related entity which is independently controlled by Esformes Or some other mogul.   These operations even have independent offices and in many of the situations the CEO or person designated to go to jail is a total stranger to the group.     An O'Reilly being the CEO of an Esformes enron style corporation is not an anomoly.  

The indictment of Philip Esformes found at www.justice.gove/opa/file87o8306/download will give you an idea of what the government investigation has uncovered to date.  

I ran across an early version of this scenario in the BURT MORGAN CASE.        

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