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Take a look at the Probate Sharks blog. The editor is pointing out:

Take a look at the Probate Sharks blog.     The editor is pointing out: 

Editor's note: Esformes' cousin, Mordecai Faskowitz, stabbed his girlfriend, Marge Ivy to death in Chicago. Guess what? No trial. Could this be part of the Esformes "clout" to keep it quiet? The same "clout" that allowed the Esformes clan to loot government programs for years? Lucius Verenus, Schoolmaster,

Editor's note: It was reported to this Shark that the Faskowitz Clan and the Esformes Clan are related as cousins!!!  I wonder if the FEDs are aware of this?  Lucius Verenus, Schoolmaster,

It has been my theory that the Faskowitz fraud in Florida was promulgated by the fact the decedent had a similar name to our infamous guardian ad litem who orchestrated the prospecting for gold in the mouth of Alice Gore.   This fact gave the miscreant the opportunity to pillage a Florida Estate worth a reported 2 million dollars.   As you know, when the AG took a look at the Estate the AG observed fraud.   The settlement of 1 million dollars ended the litigation, but not the fact that a million dollars was stolen from the rightful heirs of decedent Faskowitz.    

I assume that after all these e-mails to law enforcement and all the posting on Probate Sharks concerning this fraud at the very least the taxing authorities have recovered the taxes due on the booty.   Illinois is on the verge of Bankruptcy - it would be horrible if it ignored taxes owed by the the thieves who allegedly robbed the Faskowitz estate.    The proceeds of the theft is ordinary income!   

I trust that everyone is aware that the vulnerable senior citizens in nursing homes are robbed of their assets in many ways beside over=charges, guardians for profit, outright theft and salvaging nobel metals from their mouths.    A number of the victims become so much in love with their captors that they execute Wills.   These wills favor the children of the nursing home operators, the wives of the nursing home executives etc.   Even friends of the nursing home operators become beneficiaries of the nursing home residents generosity.

One of my first blushes with the nursing home industry was when I first moved to my Touhy Ave office.   A young woman came into my office with a Will and a death certificate in her hand.   She explained that a friend of hers in a nursing home had died and left her a legacy - she estimated it at about $200,000.   I was a little surprised that she knew so little about her benefactor and became a little suspicious.    It appeared the the decedent had been a resident of her father's nursing home and he and his lawyer had visited to elderly gentleman.    The result of the visit was the will that the young woman held in her hand.

I did a little bit of an investigation and discovered that my young lady had been named in several other wills drawn by the residents of this nursing home.   The IRS had visited the lawyer who drew the will and he was laying low - an IRS had asked him a question concerning a will that he probated that had a bequest to him.   I managed to locate one of the generous decedents heirs who was rather upset and suggested that a little undue influence had been in play.   I decide not to take the file.   I did discuss the matter with several people I knew in law enforcement and they confirmed that my theory was plausible, but difficult to prove.    (An Illinois will is witnessed by two disinterested individuals and the lawyer who drafted it.   The two witnesses are prepared to swear that the will was executed by a competent individual and reflected the will of the decedent. - it just so happened that the witnesses were professionals - a doctor and a lawyer who just happened to be travelling with the lawyer who drafted the will.   As the heirs were not present when the will was signed etc - *****

The cottage industry of elder cleansing is about as dirty an operation as the 3rd Reich.   As Esformes told the school master when he was asked why with all his money would treat Alice Gore the way she was treated.  The answer - because he could!

It is no wonder that Jerome Larkin and his friends 18 USCA 371 co-conspirators are so afraid of an HONEST INVESTIGATION! 

Ken Ditkowsky

After we talked yesterday, it occurred to me that with the 'fix' in the Supreme Court of Illinois and every judicial official going to bat for the corrupters and the elder cleansers you faced an uphel fight to even get heard.    You said that you were going to file another Motion for Reconsideration.    

In my mind such a motion just eats up your time for a writ of cert to the US Supreme court and wastes time.   However, why not file an original action in the Supreme Court of Illinois.   That Action would be entitled PETITION FOR A RULE TO SHOW CAUSE WHY JEROME LARKIN SHOULD NOT BE HELD IN CRIMINAL AND CIVIL CONTEMPT OF COURT FOR FRAUD ON THIS COURT AND NEGLECT OF HIS ADMINISTRATIVE DUTIES AS THE ADMINISTRATOR OF THE ILLINOIS ATTORNEY REGISTRATION AND DISCIPLINARY COMMISSION.   (nB.  This petition is brought pursuant to Rule 8.3 and under the petitioner's duties as a Citizen of the State of Illinois).

I will send you by a separate cover a draft of the Petition.

This petition should be filed directly with the Supreme Court of Illinois with copies to each Supreme Court justice and to each of the persons named in the Petition including the IARDC.    In addition as a press release a copy should be forwarded to each television station in Illinois as well as each newspaper.   A copy should be sent to the WAll Street Journal, the New York Times, Crains Chicago Business as well.

Finally a copy should be posted on your blog, Probate Sharks, Nasga, and Dr. Sugar's AAApg.

As 18 USCA 4 obligations might be applicable a copy should be served upon the US Attorney, AG Lynch, the FBI, the IRS, and all law enforcement agencies in Illinois.

What is interesting is the fact that not one single political figure including Trump and Clinton are interested in defending Grandma!    I guess Elder Cleansing is so profitable that even grandma can be publicly tossed under the bus, and the scavengers can openly and notoriously open her mouth, and extract 29 teeth therefrom to obtain the few grains of gold to be found therein.    Amazing!    You cannot make this stuff up!

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